Blind Racial Solidarity

This special kind of stupid would get most law makers thrown out of office, but not if your black.

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This retarded nigger has a say in your liberties.

kim jong un would like to give that hair an award

Gorillas belong in zoos

As heavy as 10 moving boxes and as long as 2 washing machines. And! the .50 caliber bullets it shoots go faster than a blender! That's way too fast! And scary! We need to set bullet speed limits!

People want representatives who are like them.

Thus violent animals like Sheila Jackson Lee and Elijah Cummings.

a .50 cal, that would be something. knock down a damn plane

We need a exodus like how the Mormons did it or the great trek

More like the Trail of Tears.

How are you NOT scared of weapons like this?

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is that your homework?

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The founding fathers intended us to have these, not assault rifles.

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Go fuck yourself you

ass stinking, bath needin,

chicken eatin, grape drinkin,

seed spittin, police victim,

water proof Afro poof,

gold toofs, fat hoofs,

wide nose, hammer toes,

chalk board stain, fake wood grain,

rent to own, low rent home,

section ape, crime scene tape,

Safari land mother fucker.

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>founding fathers
>shows pic of standard issue wwii US assault rifle.

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.50 cal is for pussies

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Didn't she want hurricane warnings to be read in ebonics?

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i live in her district and will run against her next year

>> racial solidarity
>> kill 500 of your own race per day

Lol what a fucking pussy

>> fittin' to do

Its "fiddna doo"

And founding fathers wrote on pen and paper and information took forever to spread. They didn't intend for the tv or the internet, guess we should ban twitter and cnn

solidarity in voting and in acceptance of violence

that's fucking hilarious.
>Da Stom iz cummin and is a chonk nigga for realz tho. holy sheeeieiiiiittt yall niggas scat like the popo be on yo ass! wipipo did dis, we waz kangz an sheit.

>we waz kangz an sheit
The official name is "Congressional Black Caucus."

I want you to win, but realistically you are fucked b/c niggers will vote for gibs.


Too bad we can't combine our high-IQ with extreme solidarity.

Is this bait?

M-1s and M-14s are functionally the same as an AR-15.

She eats Vitamin Stupid pills like popcorn.

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Go gators

I surely can't do worse than this bitch last time around. I'm gonna go all Tom Wolfe, white suit, just be a caricature of a politician for the kekz

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Treat it like comedy, the world is a circus so be the clown.

When are they going to fly over mars and take pics of the flag for her?

She's better than the black dude who asked if an island would tip over

More fun than a barrel full of monkeys

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can you imagine if we had a Jow Forumsack in the House?

>calling anyone stupid
>"not if your black"

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Pretty sure she handled the most pimped out .50 cal AR which spooked her

>.50 cal

Wait I'm from bongland where we don't even have guns but isn't .50 cal like a really heavy machine gun round you would use against armoured vehicles?

yeah, vehicles, aircraft, buildings, shit like that

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>we let chimps into our system of governance

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My customized AR shoots radioactive slugs.

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