Lets settle this right now:

People on the left are saying climate change is real and the right is doing nothing about it. The right is denying their claims as a push for more control.

Where is the truth in this? I hate the little autist girl as much as the next person, but can anyone say one way or another the reality of this? At least with things like gun control, it is very clear the logical side in this (the right). The issue of climate change seems much more difficult in doing this.

What should I believe on climate change and why?

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The whole theory is based on the idea that CO2 is pollution. This is all you need to know to figure it out.

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"Climate change" is a criminal scam, the data does not add up and the model is wrong.

>Liberals may literally cause the death of our species.
Liberals are actually a death cult.

Yes, this is what is repeated. I'm asking why.

The common rebuttal to this I hear is higher CO2 levels = higher greenhouse gases, which will globally increase the temperature, melt the icecaps, raise the ocean level, etc.


This guy is perhaps the greatest living physicist.


Trust him, not the media.

The climate change criminals want to con our government out of tax dollars by scaring NPCs into supporting this Greta creatura, who is, by the way, the child of VERY PROMINENT EU officials.
It's all fake news, a scam.

Climate change is very real. The climate changes at least 4 times a year. Now i need more taxes and i need to restrict your liberty for a completely natural thing.

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I guess what confuses me with this is: If it is that simple, you'd think saying these few things would disarm the entire argument. Instead, you have Bill Nye and other paid talking heads producing graphs of data, ocean levels, etc.

It for the conspiracy kooks to explain their conspiracy. But I can assure that CO2 is not pollution and more CO2 is good for the planet.

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>Bill Nye and other paid talking heads producing graphs of data, ocean levels, etc.
This is what is called 'bullshit' fren. It's spurious data meant to confuse and confound people who are prone to making emotional decisions.

Thanks, this is helping.

So is this the major disconnect- what will ultimately be the effects of rising CO2 levels? Judging from your infographics, it seems that the plants will serve as a counter-balance (while being healthier), and lower the CO2 levels again.

the truth is that we are all going to die.

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Incredible amounts of clearly quantifiable harm is being done to the environment, and it has nothing to do with global warming, and mostly isn’t being done by white people

Global warming is made up to pathologize the existence of whites and weaken our nations, because without it it would be impossible to deny that nonwhites care far less about the environment

They want to tax us to bring third world countries “up to speed” on technology, industry and consumerism so that they’re all completely immersed into globalist schemes and making them more profit for a few elites

Obviously atmospheric pollution can be a problem but there is no real clear evidence it is, this boogeyman of carbon gasses and global warming just seeks to equalize the immense harm done by nonwhites to the environment with the little bit of harm done by whites by saying there is some massive existential threat constantly looming on the horizon and it’s all our fault

12 years ago they said it would be 12 years till the end of the world from global warming. Now they’re saying it again. It’s fucking bullshit

the truth is, The climate is changing, we dont entirely know why and there is nothing we can do about it even if it is caused by CO2

Not that I dont believe this but, is there a source for these?

Plant a tree.

I consider myself a climate skeptic. Not denier, but skeptic. I get the basic concept; that CO2 in the atmosphere traps heat and warms it up. It's the reason Venus is hotter than Mercury despite being farther away from the sun. The basic concept seems plausible.

The problem I have is that I'm 30 years old now and I've been hearing that the world is going to end since the 90s. Back then, it was all about the o-zone layer and trees. In fact, the reason plastic became so prevalent is because liberals demanded we move away from paper to save the rainforest. Now, they're bitching about plastic and want to go back to paper.

I also remember the whole "X city will be underwater by Y year" argument. Let's use Miami for example. I remember hearing that it will be underwater by 2000, then 2010, then 2020, and now they've pushed it back to 2030. As we get closer to the target date and nothing happens, they push it back another 10-15 years.

I've also heard the argument that "it's already too late!" and we're doomed no matter what we do. I've heard people use the argument that we're already set down an unavoidable path and even if we 100% stopped all CO2 emissions today, we'd still be screwed. Yet, they turn around and demand we do so anyway. It's weird. If we're screwed anyway, then why bother?

Finally, the last reason I'm a skeptic is because none of the proposed solutions would work. Electric cars don't help. Batteries are toxic to produce and toxic to dispose of. Planes require jet fuel. There is no electric plane. It just takes too much power. The liberals also seem to LOVE a carbon tax. Oh what a surprise. The world is ending and the solution is another tax. How convenient!

Of course climate change is real you troglodytes. This is a done and finished discussion.
What people don't understand is that global warming will be our salvation.
>Planet warms up
>population boom in third world
>Amount of livable space, arable land will dry up
>mass migrations to West
>massive nationalist revolts from plunging life quality, immigration

Boom, there's your ethno state. Now go buy up that fucking oil you niggers.

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I don't care Op I don't CARE. Let the woodlands turn into a desert I don't give a FUCK about gay mother earth

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Who is arguing higher CO2 levels would make the air unbreathable ? . They are saying that it will increase global
Temperatures which could drastically change the landscape of the planet.

So what do we do? Plant trees?

Pretty much my stance on it. I was a big environmental nut when I was younger and I'd hear all the same shit. They just kept changing the time or the years or whatever and parrot the same arguments. It made no sense.

The truth is, the climate has always changed. The earth is indifferent to it's parasites. It will adapt and continue to live regardless of what us humans do. It's humans that are fucked...and that's a good thing.

Yeah, this was posted on reddit not too long ago. It is a graph of CO2 levels worldwide. Now granted this picture was taken at night when most people were asleep in the US and awake in China, but still overall China produces much more. Here is an interactive map of it:


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At 150ppm all plants die off. Shortly after this happens all mankind dies off. Just ask yourself, wouldn't you like to get a little buffer away from a real end of our species. More plants will definitely "green" the Earth and plants will also produce oxygen and habitats for animals etc... There will be no warming of the planet from this, since CO2 is suck a tiny part of the atmosphere.. Even if... even if, warming happened, it is better to have to build walls to hold back the water and move a little inland than have to fucking plants. It is lunatic level conspiracy shit.

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A little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. Both sides ain't really doing shit because they're operating in the foundation of what got us here in the first place.

Not saying we should become cave men and eat bugs, but we ain't using an aspect of the mind we ought to be using because they both are operating within the confines of the system that got them here in the first place. All held together by beliefs.

Shhh he's not ready for this one.

>the reason Venus is hotter than Mercury despite being farther away from the sun
any atmosphere would warm Venus more than Mercury. Venus is 97% CO2. Earth is .04% CO2

Good post. You describe my basic problem with climate issues: none of the proposed (((solutions))) seem like they’re even attempts to address the (((problem)))

Thanks user.

Try me. Is this about the poles shifting?

The point that confuses me the most is the fact they want to get rid of coal, gas, AND nuclear energy. It also doesn't factor in power demand increasing year after year.

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the conspiracy lunatics do not even believe their own shit enough to take action. The only action they approve of is taxing big oil.

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>The problem I have is that I'm 30 years old now and I've been hearing that the world is going to end since the 90s.

That's the fault of the media and journalists. The actual climate science has been fairly consistent and reasonable, however, the journalists like to exaggerate things to absolutely ludicrous levels of fear. That's why you hear shit like the "world is going to be underwater in 12 years," but the actual rate of sea level rise is only 1-2 foot per century.

Truth: Climate change is real
Truth: Climate change has been happening for billions of years
Truth: There is no evidence to support man has any impact on Climate Change
Truth: America is one nation and even if everyone turned into a hippy over night it would change nothing while places like China still exist
Truth: Politicans will use both sides of this argument as leverage to gain power
Truth: Humanity does not have the power to meaningfully harm the planet. She was here before us, she will be here long after we've died out

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here is the why

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Me again. I thought of another reason I forgot to mention. It has to do with "muh experts" or "scientific consensus". I'm in the field of software engineering. Certainly not a hard science by any means. But I've seen "the experts" say fantastically stupid shit. I remember OOP being hailed as the savior. Then it was design patterns. Then ORMs were supposed to make using databases easier. Then dynamic typing was the one true way. Then it was Agile and TDD. Now it's "AI" which for a lot of companies, isn't really AI. Machine learning did actually pan out to some degree. Image upscaling via machine learning turned out a lot better than traditional methods, as did image recognition. However, most of these things were just fads. Every few years in computer science there is a hype fad that all "the experts" agree is the one true way and you're not a REAL professional if you don't hire expensive consultants to teach you how to be a real software engineer.

Go look at the people who develop safety critical software; the kind that kills people or costs millions if it fails. That kind of software runs airplanes and operates the Mars rover. You think the people writing code for VxWorks fell for any of this shit? Not a chance. Hell, their development method looks a lot closer to waterfall, which all the experts agree, with broad consensus, is the "wrong" way to develop software. Yet oddly, it seems to be the way people writing systems which really matter have been doing it for decades.

The world is going warmer with or without humans
Humans are helping accelerate this process
Any faggot that tells u otherwise it’s just a fucking faggot

Yea pole shift catastrophe, I was fishing.

Look at the solitopns proposed.
If the left leadership truly believed in climate change why would they be enforcing carbon taxes, caps, etcs that only move production to chyna and increase emissions? If they dont believe it why should you?

>Finally, the last reason I'm a skeptic is because none of the proposed solutions would work.

Ok, so the reasons it seems like this is because ACTUAL climate change occurs on a much longer timescale than the current fear-hysteria has lead everyone to believe. The currently proposed solutions seem weak, but they are actually completely appropriate to the science at hand.

the climate changing is a basic fact. The liberal "Climate Change" hoax has nothing to do with the normal movements of the planets temperature and everything to do with the misclassification of CO2. It is the same way they mix immigration with illegal immigration. Always just word games and more taxes

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Not really. Why does co2 lag temp and why does co2 forcing only increase logarithmically with concentration? Even the principle behind blaming CO2 is shoddy.

Is this the arctic sheet? And it is receding?

I'm pro anything that makes leftists kvetch, so I'm pro global warming.

no correlation between CO2 and temp

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That's yet another faulty premise. CO2 isn't a strong greenhouse gas.
Water vapor is.

Let me put this another way:

1) What scientists say: Sea level is rising 1 foot per century
2) What alarmists believe: Sea level is rising 1,000 feet per century

This fundamental disconnect is causing a lot of chaos and miscommunication.

check out these failed predictions - they were all accompanied with bills for more taxes

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Well short term graphs have a lagging correlation, even then, this is backwards to the claim. Higher temps seem to allow higher co2 not vice versa. But yes I'm familiar with ice core graphs breaking this correlation as well. Just more evidence against blaming CO2 in the end.

Cooling used to be the scare tactic

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Taxes make sense if they're targeted at changing the behavior of large corporations that do most of the polluting.

What's more damning than anything is that we've had decades of agitating on this and as far as anyone can tell the companies are doing almost exactly the same shit they were doing before anyone got worried.

If the change is real and the politicians do actually care about it, it seems none of them care as much about that as they do about re-election.

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Yes alarmists aren't helping by exposing ulterior motive, FUD manipulation certainly takes away from the seriousness of any discussion.

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its not a left v right issue you brainlet

It's like the non-religious version of "the end is nigh!".

Wonder where they learned that one from... oh wait.

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The glacial maximum is coming. This age of rising temperatures will end within 100 years.

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That's why you get some climate alarmists saying the world is going to end in 12 years, at the same time other climate alarmists are saying that we have a 50 year plan to reduce carbon emissions.

The climate alarmists are basically falling for their own hyper-propaganda and this why nothing seems to make sense right now.

The climate changes since the earth existed. It's natural.
0.038% CO2 is in the air; Nature produces 96% of this, the rest (4%) comes from man. That's 4% of 0.038%, or 0.00152%.

Every device or living organism produces CO2. What their agenda is trying to settle is; that every lifeform is usually seen as "problematic", and that generally "there has to be something done about it". It's a massive social conditioning in which "taxing" and "controlling" life itself (one way or the other within their stupid mindfuck) becomes a "necessity".

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You know how if you have too much water you have a flood. Think of it that way and less as your nebulous definitions of pollution you have in your head.

>The point that confuses me the most is the fact they want to get rid of coal, gas, AND nuclear energy.
As well as animal power, hence the push for veganism and urbanization. They cry that urbanite vegans have a lower carbon footprint than your typical rural resident, and that's probably true (though it ignores how urbans contribute to the urban heat island effect). But they completely ignore that the difference between those two is microscopic compared to the difference between a vegan urbanite and a meat-eating, horse-and-buggy riding Amish. If they actually gave the slightest bit of a fuck about their carbin footprints, they'd destroy their iToys, burn down their Starbucks, and tear up their concrete jungles.

the rhetorical slight of hand they use is to conflate "climate change" and being caused by man
the climate is changing, it has always changed, but that doesn't mean we're responsible for it or can do anything about it
if you deny the man-caused part, they label you a "climate change denier"
no, sweetie, i'm just denying we're the cause of it

go clean your room Mathew, it is a school night


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if you believe in ice ages, you believe in climate change. there's plenty of evidence supporting this. there is no evidence man is causing it or can do anything to stop it. all we can do is adapt. the Neanderthal couldn't.

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climate changes
it always has
there are a dozen documented ice ages over the last several million years
Milankovitch cycles: the earth is not a perfect sphere, moving in a perfect orbit around a perfect sun. the whole thing wobbles, it moves in ovals. most of the time these changes are tiny. there are yearly changes, known to the average person as "seasons". then there are the bigger ones ranging from decades to tens of thousands of years. fun fact for you, the earth is actually CLOSER to the sun during the northern hemispheres "winter" but because of wobble its at a bigger angle.
Then you have sun spots. giant magnetic storms on the sun. when they flare up, the earth gets a tiny bit more energy that heats things up. of course there is the opposite. when the storms die down, so does the energy
Space is not empty. there are things out there. energetic particles. dont fret too much. earth has a force field to protect us. the Magnetic Field. those Northern Lights? yep, shields working. problem is 1) shield isnt always at full power. 2) some places in space have a whole lot more particles than others. normally not a problem but the shield is cyclical, several X100 thousand years or so. and well, the power levels are dropping pretty hard right now. and earth just happens to be moving into a pretty nasty space neighborhood at the moment
throw in some volcanoes spewing ash. snow reflecting light. cloud cover
what does this mean
sometimes you get a warmer year here, a colder one there. over time however, the changes can pile on top of each other. add up. next thing you know you get an ice age. but cheer up. then things happen and they warm up again
none of this is to mean its a good idea to dump toxic waste into the ocean, or burn down forests, or leave your lights on 24/7, but the idea that earths temperatures are man made is absurd. but worse than that. people who know are using their knowledge to scare monger people out of choice, money, and their freedom

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Well I'm using an analogy to dumb it down for you but considering it went over your head, I'll have to dumb it down even more. Earth blackbody, Earth Open system, Earth retain more heat from sun due changes in the make up of the atmosphere.

I want to watch it burn if it gets rid of all these fucking liberal parasites

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Climate change is a natural occurrence and charlatans are trying to profit from it the same way they would an eclipse 1000 years ago.

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this would be a huge improvement

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this is a very clever/accurate analogy. stealing it.

Do you know how much radiation forcing CO2 has?

It's pointless to even talk about it. Sure, the climate is changing but you literally can't do anything about it. Do you think China and India will stop their factories? They won't even stop polluting the fucking ocean with all their garbage.

Basically with all the CO2 humans added to the earth has had the effect of adding the equivalent energy of a castle bravo going off every 15 minutes.

>Where is the truth in this?
Simple logic would dictate that our atmosphere and current climate would be drastically altered, one way or another, by substantial emissions from man-made structures. Leftists focus too much on the horror stories and doomsaying and the right constantly uses to deny environmental impacts (the snowball in the senate, etc.) It's a political issue because environmentalism is traditional seen as a leftist platform and industrialization a right-wing platform, for reasons you already understand. Environmentalism means more government control over emissions, permits, etc. while republicans are traditionally for small government and limiting federal powers. There's also the fact that the vast majority of CO2 emissions are produced by liberal cities and states and that making unilateral rules that kneecap more conservative states by damaging local coal mining and oil drilling industries would. To say nothing of the ridiculous new trend of blaming cattle farms for methane emissions because admitting that LA traffic emits more greenhouse gasses at rush hour than a cattle farm could produce in its entire lifetime would be pointing fingers at liberals for fucking the planet up.

Leftists, as usual, can't argue their point and fail to see the bigger picture. Greta doesn't care about putting thousands, if not millions, of Americans out of a job in a failing job market. She just cares about polar bears. Climate change is an important issue, but it demands a lot more than liberals telling spooky stories about global floods and a new ice age.

That said, the feds were retarded for not letting California set its own emission standards. That state needs it the fucking most.

Liberals have been preaching about catostrphic climate change and how it's the developed world's fault for literally decades now and the climate is still doing just fine. They just need some just cause to fight for; it doesn't have to actually be true. Like blacks/women being equal or comminism not being absolute trash. What's important is the shared beleifs giving a sense of belonging and purpose, not the beliefs themselves. It's why they constantly forget all their retarded bullshit and move on to the new hot stupidity. Remember Al Gore's claim about disappearing ice caps? They're still there. They shrink and grow every single year and a couple years ago they were bigger than they had been in decades.

Remember when they were freaking out about the forest fires that were going to destroy the entire Amazon rainforest? This was recently. France's obviously gay and totally not a globalist puppet president even threatened Brazil over it. Well that also turned out to be a bunch of hogwash. The farmers in the amazon use controlled fires to clear land for their livestock literally every single year, whih was why Brazil's non-retarded president wasn't doing anything about it; because it wasn't a fucking problem. They'll cocmpletely forget about the whole thing by next season when it happens again because Trump will still be in office and they will still need to find bullshit to fill a "slow" news day.

Stop listening to the left. They always look for some problem to bitch about. The left is currently going absolutely insane because the world is just fine. The only things they have left to fight for are things no one actually wants anyway, like letting trannies play hide and seek with toddlers in the bathroom or forcing everyone to eat bugs.

do you get your "science" knowledge from a retarded 14 year old girl? This might be the gayest statement I have ever heard.

25 holocausts

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what retards today don't understand is that climate change is real but who cares, it's not like earth has had the exact same climate for billions of years. we are literally doing nothing, yet everyone keeps blaming everyone because they can't find a valid reason for the earth doing whatever it is doing. magnetic pole changing? it has been changing for fucking millions of years. polar caps melting? you're telling me they have always been there day fucking one? weather having spasms? you mean weather was always this fucking perfect? it's getting hotter? you mean the earth has never seen temperatures this hot before ever? global temperature rose by 1 degree? did you expect it to stay the same the entire fucking duration of this solar system? are you guys fucking out of your minds? and what's worse is people moaning about it and thinking we can do anything, if we did create this to the catastrophic level you morons are so worried about, we're 100% fucked regardless. also have any of you pea brains ever heard of adaptability? sure 90% of species might die but we won't. BUT MEH SPECIES bitch please what about all the mass previous extinctions WHICH HUMANS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH? care to explain to me how even more species came about? every time i hear people talk about climate change and how humans are accelerating it or have caused it and how we can fix it i just wanna sock them in the fucking mouth.

Well why the fuck haven't we bombed Antarctica yet?

>oh no trust me the oceans will rise from one degree
The Obama's just bought a multi million dollar beach front property. Suck. My. Dick.


UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

Fuck this all makes so fucking furious.

I usually love kids. This is one kid I hate.

The truth is that the climate is behaving in certain regions outside of the standard deviation for what is normal. Also that the datasets are incomplete the models are flawed. People are trying to exploit fear and panic to push agendas and make money. It is also true that human pollution negatively impacts ecosystems

>People are trying to exploit fear and panic
As always.

solar intensity, study it
co2 = plant food and it’s effect on heat trapping is not a linear curve, it’s logarithmic (diminishes as levels rise), study it.

I’m all for stopping pollution, but co2 is not pollution and our effect on climate change is minimal... plus the plants love the extra co2, it’s what plants crave,

I’m more worried about the herbicides these leftists have no problem spraying all over their lawns. I was right on flouride in municipal water .... just saying.