Ask a Finnish soldier anything

Ask a Finnish soldier anything.

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Are traps gay?

Post RK

Do you have good a recipe for pannukakku?

Why are you guys so ebin?

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If I redpill normies about the Jewish question through the words of Henry Ford, would normies accept these teachings without resorting to call me an antisemite literally Hitler?

coup d'état when?

Mi wife? She's in grease in a warehouse.

Why does Finland have no car makers?

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>Ask a Finnish soldier anything.
Why is the writing in English?

Fake and gay.

How it like being the descendant of Atilla and ghengis.

I'm literally fed up. I'm ready. Let's go!

People are ready - they know.

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What’s the recommended distance to keep between yourself and another person when you are stood in a queue?

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Soumi? :DDD

Onko se?

>cars powered by energy drinks

coz of the polution

oh its you again
why dont you fix your nails

Patria makes heavy vehicles.

Do you want war as much as we do?

Do you think murder is cool or is it something you’re reluctantly willing to do for your safety and the safety of your brothers?
Why am I CHECKing this post so hard?

Nice; the first kike to tease. You know more than half of people hate you already?

Fix your flag kike.

YES! I want to liberate Finns fro Slavs.

you kike enablers murder people, not us

Thats the fun part.
More then Half of the people getting mad because of 2 blue triangles.
And i just needed to post.

Let's hope that both of our countries will have a chance for a fair war then.

yeah it's because of your flag, fag

One Finn equals tenns Russians. And this comes from from a pro-Russian.

You aren't good at teasing or shitposting finfriend

I'm pretty sure it's not just triangles.

I know I suck at it but I'm still doing it

BTW, the Nemo Mortar System tested really well at Fort Benning in its evaluation trials. Expect to move on to Phase II, Finns. You're likely going to be selling the US a lot of them (or license to an American contractor).

I wish you russkies wouls know better of your history, that's all i have to say to you

cut your hair you fucking faggot

Fine, 3 triangles, including my nose.

What's it like knowing that one Aussie shitposter could take on your entire country of cucks?

I was designing NEMO and other mortar systems


Is finland REALLY the best country in the world?
Why are the women so promiscuous?
Thoughts on nordfront.
Should I immigrate or will the country go to shit? My mother was born in Finland, you're the first cunt I've seen with hair/eyes identical to mine, but I don't have the caveman look going on.

Last war we had was 80 years ago, your info might be outdated.
Also, what can you tell about your weaponry, iirc there is some sort of an called "valmet" or something like that.

instant (you) flag. its like having a super power

You're the drunk tweeker user that sorta looks like his dog? How is she doing BTW?

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The Forest Elves get their magic powers from their hair. It is said if you can make a Finn laugh, it will grant you a wish, but since no one has ever been able to do that, we don't know if it's a myth or not.

Look bro, I literaaly hate our hatered amongst us being same white finnic people,imagine me being there trying not to cause troubles

You cant take on bunch of emus mate better alone you can take on a country of cucks

She's sleeping in the balcony

U too u fucking kike what the fuck did us finns do to deserve this shit

Were you around when they switched from foot-cloths to socks?

What did he mean by this.

Well thank you learned to hate kikes since a seocond

Finns made you. YOu're a finn, maube part slav,but Russia is still mostly Finnic.

No one can take on emus
Not even the Jews
They're immune to subversion

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Greater Finland when?

when will finland make darude sandstorm the national anthem?

Jews are immune to gas.

You do meth, if I remember correctly. I'm NEET and I'm at the end of my rope, something has to change and fast or I'm going to kms. Do you think I should try it to give myself a boost to get my shit together? Also what do you do for a living?

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Do not joke about Maamme.

Never done meth, but math.

Keep talking user

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Long hair on men is alpha as fuck.

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Do you guys use 7.62x39 or 5.45x39? Or something different? In the US you guys have a reputation as skilled wariors.

Really? I could've sworn the last time I was in a bread you started you were saying you've been starving yourself for a few days, only drinking and tweeking. My bad.

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they tried once

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fuckin based hair

They will call you a racist even if they believe as you do. My parents are redpilled but still cringe. They think I'm the Hitler from the school books even though they believe everything I've taught them. Don't bother.

There is no such thing as "Russian genes" now, thanks to commie, but there is more important thing called "culture", that is the main driving force behind any sacrifice made in the name of Russia, this is the only mindset that will allow country to expand it borders and receive more than you lose.

What shit?
Living a normal life in a modern and also a cozy life in the north?
And then i ask why your suicide rate is so high.
Couldn't understand you, sorry.
>mostly finns
Russians nowdays are mixed from all former USSR and ofcourse mostly russians near peterburg and north east euro place are mixed with finns...
Try a rifle and a scope rather then spraying it with mgs
Thats a myth sir, we just wrote that we were gassed and went to the usa

It's sometimes fun how the ytrie to tell how GROWI NHAIR IS FE ININE,

Oh my goodness, I remember you from years ago.

I can like a jew, but i desipise jewery, can you get that?

Yeah I've been away and it's fun to be back.

There is more to the seal of Solomon. It's two correspondences, one from above (macrocosm), and one from below(microcosm), superimposed upon each other to bind them together.

7.62x 39mm in the RKs.

What's your ideal solution to the JQ and do you think you'll see it in your lifetime?

Just to expose.

Do not say "kike" or "rot" or anything just say JEW.


If there comes time for a new "White Death" soldier to arrive, will that person be prepared to shoot for the future of the Finnish race or for whoever his government tells him to point his shooting stick at?

Simo said: I did what I was asked to do and I did it the best I could

Yea i know what you mean
But dont exclude that other people cant be greedy and rat like.
Kikes tend to be in places of power and your "ancestors" are to blame for letting jews handle the money of others.

And just like that an Aussie stole the thread from a fin

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How often do you see the Finnish swastika?

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I have defended jews before,but I wont JEWS as in the sense of their believes

Every day.

Try me Gordon. We Finns are very hard headed and will kck you yo if necessary.

Yeah they never say they're Jews they always say they're Jewish. Jew has such a visceral meaning.

Is "rot" slang for Jew in Finnish? In Polish "parch" is slang for Jew and it means "rot" too. Which makes sense since that's what they are to societies.

Rot like in röd, or roed, i didin't mean like rot löl

Are you in Satakunnan Lennosto? I really like the black canton on that lippu.

It has alchemical meaning as well. I made an oil pastel under the influence once involving alchemy and didnt realize the implications until long after I had given it to someone else

Everyone's talking about the Jews.

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No I'm in Karjalan Lennosto

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Absolutely this and no water...

I still blame jews mate.

Ah, Lapin Lennosto is the nicest one in the summer, The view from Rovaniemen lentoasema is scenic as fuck.

Words have meanings, like swan is a wllbeing but yet it attacs

Maybe it will hurt a disapora jew but they aren't jews in the first place so when you say it they feel exposed to the truth that they are a greedy pieces of garbage.
Jews here always mention when they make a "jew" move or win free stuff or for not being a sucker and brag about it so please dont spread shit before you checked it.
You watched too much stupid shit on youtube and drunk.
Before you judge others, check the matter personally on the religion part
Jews shit on muslim and Christian religions
Christians shit on jews and muslim religions.... Ext and its a vicious cycle of hatred without reason(i am not Talking about the "kikes" who have Jewish last name that rule the money and media shit)
I also hate the bad stuff in religion and wont take it as practice if its not moral and other things and only take the good things from a religion.

Do you hit the pip?? If so, how much for ya half points?


It's not so nice wile being there for three weeks in -20-30 degrees for two weeks

Literally a car from year 3005