Diversity is our strength

The less we have in common the more united we are.

Prove me wrong?

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Niggex is how the trans-racial community like to be referred to so this was very progressive of you, thank you based Dem.


see? Jow Forums is united

So that is how you like to refer to yourself?


No, because I'm not trans-racial. I wish I was though! Those cats can really fuck white girls.

This faggot again. Are you going to talk about the wigger's dick again or post your gay "fitty cent" lyrics, you fucking faggot?

aha yes i am the epic no u man mmm yes aha no u get it aha joe mama

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So you really lurk here constantly.

This is your life.

You have no job, no family, no friends.

Lol at your life.

OMG those trousers make me laugh so hard, what the actual fuck, this generation can't even pull their fucking trousers up, they are literally fucked in the arse. I want to know what Greta thinks of these two dumbfucks in your picture OP

They are my friends you moron. Show some respect.

niggers perform a service. they either entertain or create jobs by overcrowding the prisons and welfare system, they are starting to become more useful.


You were openly salivating about your faggot friend's dick last time you were on. You are a wigger homosexual.

Why the fuck would I want to do that? They can't even pull their trousers up? They look dead behind the eyes. You have never met these particular retards in your life.

Incorrect. I know both of them personally. ESPECIALLY the guy on the right.

Why? You post these two retarded faggots every time you post here, talk about how you love their penises and money, and brag that they are your friends. Why should we be impressed by your butt buddies?

Yes, you implied last time that you'd had sex with him before you started babbling about "grabbing checks"

Watch the video I posted earlier. Then you might figure it out. And don't insult them. We both know you'd never say that shit to their face.

If you knew who I was this would be hilarious. I would cripple your faggot ghetto filth friends in front of you. What video?


And no you wouldn't.

Yes, I absolutely would. Your faggot friends can't fight. I'm a fighter.

The one that's HIV positive, not looking good at his age and that's excluding those funking stupid trousers.

You didn't even watch the video.

And you're not a fighter. FUCK you faggot. I'd spit in your face if I ever saw you. Go fuck your mother.

Who are these faggots? Are they your friends? Hahaha

I see two standard negroes.

Oh, I'm a fighter. And spitting at me would count as an assault on my person. I guess I would be forced to use my training to defend myself.

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I watched the video. I saw a couple of wiggers who look like they have AIDS bitching about if anybody had questions for him, then two scrawny blacks standing with them, one babbling gibberish. Each of them weighs maybe, what 90 lbs? They're all woman sized. Which one are you?

then unity is our weakness?

Move out of the way donkey your time is over

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From what I can tell, they're part of a 4 "man" interracial polyamorous homosexual daisychain group from Utica.

Nothin irks me more than seeing white ppl act black
My god that shit is so infuriating

Im sure you're not supposed to wear trousers like that

They do it to allow guys easier access to their butts.

such style

'm aware of this but still don't they ever look in the mirror, can't they see what utterly foolish submissive clowns they look. How do they not trip over with their pants around their ankles? Why don't they just wear kilts?