How can I go back?

I wish I never swallowed the red pill. How can I leave this place?

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you're here forever friend

Why would you want to go back?

STFU bitch, it's called reality.

Sorry bud. You can't get off mister bones wild ride.


>he posts, from Serbia
I figured you would all be pretty redpilled by default. What would you be going back to?

Show us your balls then click your heels three times while saying “I love cock, I love cock, I love cock”
>it really works

I'm sorry good sir there is no anti red pill

Lobotomize yourself

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>1 post by this ID
Is actually a quite reasonable start.

There’s no going back

Get a Twitter account and follow all the recommended follows. Go on Facebook whenever you have a spare moment, Instagram too. Watch a LOT more TV and make sure to tune into the big new prime time network shows. Pay attention to funny commercials and laugh at them and take the humor to heart. Buy things, talk with others about what you've bought recently.

You have to go forwards to go backwards.

This...or accept...

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why are you pretending there's an option out? There's not

You cant.
You were born with a sense of reality.
Accept the reality but do good.
You will be fine.

No leaving, you just go further and further down the rabbit hole as you slowly 'advance' your theories on how things really operate. It gets uglier and uglier unitl you kinda hit a wall.

Make money fren and have children. That's all that matters.

death, or metaphorical death like lobotomy or drugs, is the only exit
Gnon is cruel

The sad truth

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Cypher : You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?
[Takes a bite of steak]
Cypher : Ignorance is bliss.

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But he never escaped
he only attempted to, like faggot OP

Just jump off a balcony faggot. This tread have been gay since 2008. Kys or fuck off already

Been here since 2008 and still act like a teenager. You kys.

No, you.

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>faggot kid shit comeback
Act like a straight adult male

Liar, I just tried

go suck black cock and you'll be right at home in the blue pill, cut off your dick while you're at it. get beat up by blacks when you pretend to be a girl and they see your mangled pussy. this is the advice of the blue pill, red pill says lift weights, buy guns, name your enemies and be a man. do you not want that?

Have another beer and keep clicking, cuckboi

You can't leave. You just have to accept that some days will be dark and that the bright days will be fewer and less satisfying from now on. You went looking for the truth and you found it.....You didn't expect that there would be a price to pay? At least it's only your peace of mind, right?

Have a family, form a community with like minded people.

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