>Puts out your cigarette

>>Puts out your cigarette


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Why are Americans so retarded and autistic? I don't like niggers in my country but Americans are even worse

That’s assault

I don't like Americans in my country either.

Wouldn't he be allowed to hit the cunt because of assault?

It's battery too as physical contact was made.

When will the cities be purged?

>durr this is going to bother my patrons
>surely there will be no outrage from people seeing this video

bet his business is already failing and this is his him taking frustration out on those guys

>That’s assault

So is smoking. He is giving everyone around them cancer.

this is what happens when you ban vaping. thanks trump

I would have immediately grabbed the fire extinguisher from his hands and hit him in the face with it. why are non smokers such massive faggots to smokers who are just minding their own business?

He's gona be in trouble
You don't assault people like that for minor shit like smoking in the wrong area

Nah, I'm guessing those guys are homeless. One of them has a shopping cart.... only homeless people have shopping carts out in public.

More like the business owner is tired of dealing with homeless people around his business causing problems.



0/10 bait

The victim lawyered up supposedly. Soon he'll be the owner of that failing vegan restaurant.

so is masturbation but I'm sure you've never gone more than a day without playing with your tiny pathetic cock you faggot




Shut up you aussie faggot before I backtrace your post and sodomize your mother


They are cunts. My father in law is a faggot nonsmoker. He coughs and shit when I come over. Non smokers are the biggest faggots.


>faintest whiff of smoke
>cough cough
>got the black lung now

isn't smoking on a public street legal in literally every single country?

The US isn't much of a country

Good for whitey. Standing up to Jew and Irish Drunk. Fucking homeless faggots ruining the west.

you know what's degenerate? being a balding faggot who sprays people in the face with a fire extinguisher because they're legally smoking outside

it actually increases your T, has a relaxing effect and burns a lot of calories

you know what's degenerate, being homeless and arguing with a guy trying to keep the flavor of his high quality food from tasting like an ashtray and your foul gym socks.
I would have sprayed their asses with a bottle of Glade to cover the smell. Fucking nasty homeless faggots.

He was just doing his part to protect the children from degenerate smokers.
We as aryan men need to rise up and take action! Stamping out all cigarettes in our path until the world is free from the tobacco jew!
Then finally the world will be safe.

Not in Canada
Where I live you can't smoke within 9 meters of a building's windows or doors.

you know what's degenerate? Having bareback sex with a qt3.14 trap and not having the decency to suck her cock afterwards

People can be pretty rude to smokers. That being said, avoid cigarette smoke as much as you can, it is bad for you.

Smoking burns calories?

this is literally overparanoid
I would agree that smoking right next to a elementary school or kindergarten is wrong but 9 meters from a window?
Where do you goys smoke? in the middle of a roundabout?

>wahh that's assault

Listen. Not like you pussies ever got into a fight before, but let me fill you in. Cops don't give a fuck about assaults and fights. You ever call the cops because you were punched, they will just pretend to care than in the car laugh at how much of a pussy you are. You think every time someone fights in America you gonna get an assault charge? Come on get real. The only assault charges you'd ever actually get prosecuted if its a cop being assaulted l

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They made that nice white man who runs an upstanding establishment cuss. And that in and of itself...

quite a lot actually

nicoteen is a usefull drug when uised properly. temporary IQ boost and Alzheimers prevention medication

>citation needed

Your giving me cancer and probably everyone else on this board.

Not bait. Its the truth. Second hand smoke is a killer. Only fags smoke fags.

Thanks nan. I know i'm just a weak little sissy who will literally die from even seeing smoke in the vicinity, this is why i will fight the evil smoker bad men just like the government tells me to! Because i am righteous like the government.

Yeah, it's hard to get Alzheimers when you're already dead from lung diseases.

problem are modern cigs. They contain all kind of shit that is deadly. pure tobacco isn't that bad
t. i'm in the know

Yeah but it's not really followed or enforced.
Maybe at schools, and hospitals are tight about it, but it mostly means don't stick your head out the door and think you're "outside"

The owner is a soiboy with a vegan restaurant. His behaviour and inability to handle situations like a man is representative of his betaness. His actions are reminiscent of antifa fags; fear hiding behind false bravado.

So you're saying it was a jew set up the whole time.

Not only cancer you idiot. When you see the pictures on the packs of cigarettes thats real life and the complications from smoking. Enjoy your cancer sticks.

>citation needed.

ITs not only assault. Its assault with a toxic chemical, he could sue for the cancer risk alone. it got in his eyes and nose and maybe mouth and its all on vid, Hes gonna win so hard. he can sell that buisness for a pretty sum too cuz thoes shitty vegan joints are always right downtown

>but it mostly means don't stick your head out the door and think you're "outside"
hospitals over here have smoking rooms or ashtrays outside of their building

Unironically i agree even though you were probably being ironic.

Wow good prank .

Why are White people abused as children so much? Creates so many psychopaths with insecurities based on childhood trauma.

Look up "boltcutter and monkey wrench" and you'll see you hero is just a hipster faggot.

your clearly a fuckin burger larper cuz people get arrested here for walking on somebody else's fuckin grass

he's going to get nothing. he deserves to be tied to a ponderosa and covered in honey, but that's just the truth.
>jew spotted.

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>The Chad woodland camo Golden bearded Aryan VS the Virgin Balding shitskin.

hope that faggot got charged with chemical assault
anaerobic extinguishers fuck up your breathing. dude could have died if said faggot was any less of a pansy and didn't immediately have second thoughts

>Why are White people abused as children so much?

ask the millennial and boomers.

State education is abuse.

Fake as fuck, you newfaggots are so gulliable.

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because niggers don't have fathers to report the psycho moms to the police.
not that a nigger cop in a nigger area would care.

>my hero
a man who upholds the law and decency in the face of, not one, but two homeless asshole faggots and a woman with a camera?
hell of a better hero than your failure faggot jew ass.

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yeah its so brave when you walk out of best buy and a nigger is standing there blowing smoke in your face and you breathe it in and just smile nervously and mumble hehe nice one bro... and walk away like a pussy.

They are the cancer...or haven't you figured it out yet?

Thats what i was saying. Its also carcinogenic so any judge who looks at the case will have to acknowledge this heinous crime

- based
- chill
- full head of glorious hair
- probably hates niggers and jews

- cringe
- insecure and aggressive
- control freak
- balding in 30's
- will call the police on you if you say nigger

Nice projection there cuck.

the half life if cigarette smoke toxicity is only like a minute. if your outside near him each breath you may only inhale 0.001% of that smoke. u inhale more engine fumes in a city than you inhale others cigarette smoke

Lmao you're getting all giddy over a literal soiboy acting like a spineless antifa wanting to run away after sucker punching someone. How do you even know he upheld the law? The faggot is shitting bricks because he assaulted someone and is being sued, so now he's posting apologies all over his social medias.

Holy fuck you're a faggot. How about you go to his vegan restaurants, get a nice vegan ice cream, then suck his dick?

>probably hates niggers and jews

why is this true? a room of 100 smokers vs a room of 100 non smokers. the smoker room WILL have more people who are woke on the jq

Add to anti-smoker
- literal soiboy vegan
- acts like an antifa fag in a confrontation

>pass out in 12 seconds of no fresh air in lungs

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Yeah but Canada is retarded. I bet even bongs are allowed to smoke wherever and they live in a nanny state.

>why is this true? a room of 100 smokers vs a room of 100 non smokers. the smoker room WILL have more people who are woke on the jq
I'd agree.
Smokers are more down to earth. Non-smokers are out of touch.
If the thought of cancer scares you you probably are pozzed.

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I bet my house this guy is a fucking lefty

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I would beat the fuck out of that faggot non smokers deserve the rope

Although I agree with you. Because I've gotten off on multiple assault charges. It's pretty obvious because of the video. He cant get out of this one. It's all recorded clear as day. And even in the dialogue he is saying that's his restaurant and customers. This is open and shut.

Also your a faggot nigger.

>I realised I'm a faggot so I'm going to post an irrelevant picture calling you a Jew
Keep defending a literal soiboy who DIDN'T uphold the law, faggot.

I bet you wouldn't have the balls to protect your business clientele and would have ran away pissing yourself.
>I'm calling the cops
what a faggot. wearing camo, gets sprayed in the eyes, and
>waaaaaaah, I'm calling the cops!
fucking hilarious.

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>I bet my house this guy is a fucking lefty
He runs vegan restaurants, so you'd win that bet.

maybe its cuz nicotine makes u introspect and think about your life and the world. Ive had revelations just smoking a cigar in the car

Haha true, he should have assaulted him on camera, what an idiot lol!

Kill yourself Shlomo.

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nigga. he got attacked with a cancer causing chemical in his eyes and nose. he deserves monitary compensation for the crime committed against him

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Pic related is every post on this site

Faggot is lucky he got the foam and not the actual extinguisher. I don’t want to be around your cigarette smoke, I don’t find it in any way appealing.

>a cancer causing
>he got
deserves a boot in the ass and a rope on a tree if he doesn't get the fuck off my property.

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Typical soi drinking faggot that probably smokes weed going to bitch about a man's cigarette.
What a little bitch.

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having a cigar while sipping some quality coffee is so good

I fucking hate self-righteous moralfags
imagine being THIS socialized

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>homeless guy who doesn't work for a living and literally scams people with lawsuits
>lowered expectations

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>I don’t find it in any way appealing.
I also dont find the sight of fat people appealing but i still have to look at them. Its called living in a society with other people. your not an isolated species in a vacuum. Deal with us like how u deal with yourself faggot

What a fag

I've only been on pol for a few months but I've been called a kike/shill so much I'm starting to wonder if I actually am