"Yes" memes thread. Anyone got more?

"Yes" memes thread. Anyone got more?

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Lmao bump Yes.

Most of Irelands youth are Atheist, the Northern Ireland conflict will make zero sense in a few decades
Combine this with the sea of foreigners that Dublin invites and the Ireland of Irish nationalists dreams will finally be destroyed once and for all

Anglo rigged the game

>Yes we are idiots who need to be told how to behave"
Well. There you have it.

these memes are incredibly based

>>Yes we are idiots who need to be told how to behave"
I'd say there are billions

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Erm. The Northern Irish are far more based than the communists on the left of that potato wasteland.

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Thats quite based to admit that but why every religion is filled with paedophiles

This isn't even possible unless men are all sharing the same handful of sluts which is even more degenerated.

>Thats quite based to admit that but why every religion is filled with paedophiles
And atheists and pagans are pedophiles. It's a longstanding human issue.

This is why religion needs anime Loli.

based meme

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Not by the rabbi standard.
Pedophilia is okey in kike religion and muslim and quite sure in Christianity at least in the past they just cover that up.
Yet i dont say its only in religious shit but still saying you are man of god and raping a child is kinda sick and hypocritical.

Explain low crime rate in atheist Baltic nations and West Slavic nations, dogmatic retard

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>lefite memes

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Most Whites were secularist republicans. Same goes for Russian nationalists in year 2019
>abrahamic gods

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>only things expressed in under ten words are true
Well if that's the case...
God is definitely totally real and christfaggotry is not at all a kike demoralization psyop which has the highest number of dead whites out of any ideology

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Lmao all of those on the right were caused by the declining of morals and religion. Never once were gay or trans people tolerated when Christians had power

>you don't agree with Judaism 2.0
>you must therefore agree with Judaism 3.0!

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>give an explanation that doesnt logically or realistically explain the situation
Why do you do this, Why do so many "lefty memes" do this? The first one was less than 5 words and it explained the images as to what it was. The paragraph you posted didnt even explain how it correlates to the previous image and statement. You are even ignoring the fact that the images in the second dont happen in strictly religious countries.

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>Christfags have gone from 82% to a jewelry 70%
>this is why there's degeneracy
If your religion requires 100% allegiance, then it's a woefully inefficient basis for staving off degeneracy. Maybe try the free market instead.

>to a jewelry 70%
ESL fag pls

Measley, not jewelry

Free market actively pander to faggots and have a month dedicating to show how tolerant and supportive of them they are. Besides where are the prominent atheists that are vocaly against degeneracy as well? Never heard of a single one

>muh brevity!
How about this Christfag
>religion still much big popular
>muh ad hominem
If 70 percent of your fellow caved in head christfags voted dem, would you consider that a valid attack on the truthfulness of christfaggotry? Somehow I doubt it, alinskyfag

This does not make much sense you stupid homo

Dedicated* but you get the point.

ESL pls

No. Women are all inherently capable of being thots, it's a man's job to thot patrol and tell that bitch to fuck off and go be a whore somewhere else. We need to police ourselves. I hold men to far higher standard for this than women.

99% of people are idiots who need to be told how to behave themselves and kept in line with the threat of the wrath of God.

Religion is the glue that binds a society together and western society is falling apart now that this glue is being removed.

Ok I laughed. ESL fag.

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>This isn't even possible unless men are all sharing the same handful of sluts which is even more degenerated.

They're called whores and courtesans. They've been around for hundreds of years. An integral part of any healthy society. Women don't have a sexual drive, therefore they don't truly need to be allowed sexual relations outside of marriage. However, a man has strong sexual urges, and forbidding him from other women creates a strong disincentive for marriage and places undue stress upon any marital bond.

It's a simple explanation for why women need not be allowed to sleep around, but men must. If they weren't, marriage wouldn't be an appealing prospect.

>state-merged corporate spooks celebrate faggotry
>government will kill you for ostracizing fags
>muh free market did this!
>muh atheists bad
>therefore judaic fairy tale real
Not an argument chaim

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>identifying as a rape babby

>reading comprehension 0
>calling a Malaysian christfag
>ESL american.
Wew lad. I'll pray for your improved mental health. Since, I'm sure that would just piss you off more.

absolutely not

KEK. But also hits me in the feels

>If 70 percent of your fellow caved in head christfags voted dem, would you consider that a valid attack on the truthfulness of christfaggotry?

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>Women don't have a sexual drive

I know this is Jow Forums but don't be retarded. Have you never been around a woman in heat?

>rape babby

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Oh no! Some faggot loser moved to Asia to teach English will talk to his imaginary friend while some anonymous nigger on a Chinese cat-skinning forum lives in his head rent free! You wouldn't dare

closed borders

satanism doesn't count

Reason government is like that in the first place is because of secularism that allowed the tumor to grow in the first place, btw it's a well known fact most atheists are die hard liberals

But lying to goys is commanded in the Talmud.

Then you're a bad Christfag who belongs in hell according to the bible.

>mental gymnatics the post

god hates:

fucking your own body up
idol worship

You could read that in the bible

and no worhiping science will not cure cancer or get you into space nor will it bring peace and nor will it creat nice cities

this is why I laugh at athiests.

There shouldn’t be any whores, prostitutes or anything of the like. Both men and women should not be having multiple sexual partners and should not be behaving like hedonistic animals. Men need to be setting the example for society and control women on how to behave. Your attitude a reason why this civilisation is failing, THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY WHORES.


>9 posts
Jesus loves you user

which proves that White Europeans can behave morally without religious guidelines

Kol nidre is the Jew tradition of annulling all promises for the next year

Nah, only you think that way.
I'd be correct because all evil and insane groups vote left. They'd be wrong and heretics.

Tons of degenerates are catholics though. I'm not sure where people get it from that trannies and the like are atheists.

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>ad hominem
nigga thats literally just statistics, do you even know what a logical fallacy is?

What the fuck is Slovenia ? Nigger what ? i'm Mctriggered

No, you've just forgot how to use the vagina and just fuck your women in the ass instead.

Finish what you were typing.

He's a gaytheist of course he doesn't

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>woman in heat

It's all about attention. Women want to feel desired, they want to feel wanted. That's why they ever independently feel the need to have sex. A man can make them want to have sex, but to be honest, there's no underlying and natural need there. There's no overpowering sex drive that isn't forcibly generated by a man.

Men and women aren't equal. What's good for woman isn't good for man. The "no whores" argument comes from a false premise of equality. We don't have to "set an example" for women if they'll simply be left to starve or be killed in the street when they defy us.

Of course, endless and constant association with whores is dangerous and distracting. But a quarterly or even bi-monthly visit to the brothel? Not wrong. Even healthy.

>most of the world are satanfags
Nice cope
Nice goalpost shift. So you admit it's not a free-market phenomenon and your original argument as to the efficacy of christfaggotry is invalid?
Not a surprise. He never had a girlfriend. I'm sure the fables about him getting killed for blasphemy were really just his friends running cover for him being a homo, like every Christfag.

>getting this mad
C’mon nigger

>Bosnian Egyptian
Fucking Kek

Lotta Balkan deep lore here


that is my favorite part too desu

its an ethnic conflict


Lol, this atheist faggot doesn't think he's on the side of the trannies. He doesn't think. Don't argue with those trips

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What is the free market doing to prevent it or discourage it you mong? They could have stop it from being normalized while the tumour was growing but they did almost nothing about it and are now embracing it. Show me one major company that is actively against degeneracy

Dats rite and this shits gonna burn lol

Was it made by a Macedonian or Croatian?

Jewish free market shills are retarded.

pagans can't meme

The bible demands faith. If you questioned the bible because biblefags were leftist, you'd be committing heresy as per the bible. There is no provision in the bible allowing you to claim it's untrue as long as its followers disagree with you politically
It's an ad hominem you retarded zog mutt. An ad hom is when you attack the person rather than the content of their argument. When you say that atheist arguments are false because atheists suck, that's an ad hominem.

Is this North or South?

This is the best one.