I'm being investigated for sexual exploitation of a minor, should this affect my chances of being a teacher?

I'm being investigated for sexual exploitation of a minor, should this affect my chances of being a teacher?

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Why though, shouldn't it only matter if found guilty

>I'm being investigated for sexual exploitation of a minor
story time

Allegedly I was buying pics off of teens, and they think I abused my nephew

>I was buying pics off of teens
how old?
>they think I abused my nephew
why do they think you did that?

Well were you, and did you? If both are true it should not only end any hopes of becoming a teacher but you should probably consider dying in a fire.

14-17 for the pics, 4 for the nephew
And a lot to do with this pic and some other marks

Bump for expansion

Just the allegations only are enough for people not wanting you next to their kids

why'd you post a pic of yourself here? are you retarded?

Why what's gonna happen?

Tell us what happened

doxing is gonna happen

if you are charged, it will affect you. You'll lose your fucking life basically until you are found not guilty.

And after that even so.

Change your job you filthy fucking pedophile. Don't get chummy with people either or someone will break your face.

You posted this to /b/ as well, fuck off

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Tarl Sargent?

Not from a picture

tarl sargent of glen ellyn Illinois

are you sure tarl?


>post a pic of someone you want doxxed/pizza'd
>imply it's you

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Watch The Hunt

Doxxing ain't gonna do shit to someone who is already having his life ruined by pedophile accusations.

Stop it guys, so you found out my name. Time to stop

Fuck you Tarl Wana be!

Tbh dude, if that id you, you look like the type of dude who would molest children. You should just kill yourself, it is probably the greatest good you could ever do for society

I hope the hive fucks you sideways

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You deserve to be shot and tossed into a ditch if I was in charge of things I would have that done to you.

don't put your face on the internet tarl

Not that I believe this, but:

Why do you want to be a teacher?

Starting to scare me, please don't post info about me

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Tarl is a stupid name


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>same image used in May of 2017 on cuckchan before
Kill yourself LARPer

Teaching is great, and kids are fun and exciting

A bit late for that Tarl.

Knock it off. I just wanted advice not harassment

Hahaha fuck this guy, only a moron would post that shit to Jow Forums

He gets what he deserves

fuck off tarl

Charge your battery and OP glows. Use your head.

Teacher here; worked in "right to work" and "union" states.

If you've ever been charged, no admin is going to risk hiring you.

Personally, I wouldnt even consider you regardless of your story. The allegations alone is going to kill your chances IF AND ONLY IF the entire situation has been documented and recorded for anyone to read and review such allegations even if you were found "not guilty" or "charges dropped".

If you do decide to go in this profession, please fuck off. You have not explained the full story. You will eventually be a liability, if you actually intended to buy pictures from people under the age of 18.

If you are truly innocent, and nothing has been recorded of the allegations, then you can easilu lly get away not sharing any information on the job applications, and never speak about the situation with anyone ever again. put it all behind you.

If youve been charged and processed, even though youre found not guilty. Find another profession. Your finger prints and background check will not come clear.

OP is playing a prank on his teacher because he gave him extra homework you sub 80 IQ retards

Who keeps calling me?

It’s someone impersonating him for shitty giggles. OP is most certainly not LEO

his teacher should change his name to something less stupid then

It's going to be on your record, and that record is something employers will be looking at if you're applying to become a teacher. Next time, maybe don't diddle kids and you won't have this issue you fucking disgusting faggot.

Isn't this off topic anyway?

>The justice system is always right

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You're a grown man. What is it about children that aren't yours that is so great? What is exciting about children?

Anyone replying to this and believing it is the pedo user in the picture is double digit iq stop fueling this fucking larping thundercunt

Not a pedo but that is me

Laws are being changed. Age is just a number. Just how faggotry got accepted, so is fucking lil keeds. San Diego state already teaching pedo acceptance and as another formn of lgbt. Get with the times bigot

Ruth BG jewess already talked about it.
The question left is how low are they going to lower it.

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post proof please! Timecard and anal cavity for id

You live in naperville by the highway
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Every single day Tarl
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Idk if I'm honored or worried

I have your address

1. ? Is it true?

No. Your safe, then fight the charge.

Yes. Then GTFO! And stay clear of any children!

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And what do you plan on doing with that info

Good night tarl

he's gonna arson your house tarl

Just trying to scare me, probably live far away

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Nah, nobody gonna do anything. Just posting shit to scare me

I am aware of that user, compelling evidence of this was posted earlier in the thread

Everyone I've been with has consented

nah you're gonna have an interesting couple of days ahead of you tarl

kids can't consent tarl