Meme all you want now. In 20 years you're all going to eat shit

Meme all you want now. In 20 years you're all going to eat shit.

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>There's a speech bubble to put text in and you're too fucking lazy to use it
This meme is trash

You already said that 20 years ago.

Lol nope

But we only have 11 years left

>Bottom text

Don't you have some carbon offset schemes to sell someone?

Why do you even care what us plebs believe? It's not like we have any power to stop you.

But ortez says 10 years :(

Lol we'll be dead from global ozone cooling so fuck your smug attitudes

I remember being force-fed articles in elementary school about how the ice caps would melt by 2013.

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This shit has been going for awhile.

Gore said Miami would underwater in 15 years and he bought a beach front mansion there 7 years after his documentary.

Implying we aren't eating shit now and for the last 20 years.


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I don't deny climate change at all; I just don't give a fuck about it. Neck yourself hippie.

we're not buying your "green" products rabi

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It's not that I think anthropogenic climate change isn't happening, it's that I disagree with the left's proposed solutions.
Do you really think China or India is going to fuck themself in the economy over it? If the US and Europe stopped all carbon emissions tomorrow we'd still be screwed.
Start talking carbon capture and I'm willing to listen.

actually according to people like you we are going to be eating bugs.

>In 20 years you're all going to eat shit

>inhumanly stupid climate changers(dem puppets) think theres anything more america can do to stop or slow the process other than conquering china/india or somehow convince them to bow to regulations

I've heard 12 and 7. Now 11. Goddamn I need to know how long I have left to live!

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Will pol tards ever learn?

If cows make greenhouse gasses why do you want to keep them alive

They said by 2020 New York and Los Angeles would be underwater. The climate hasn't kept it's promises so far, why should I believe it now?

the only climate change we are experiencing is a social climate change, and this social climate change is tracking dramatically down a negative slope

>They said by 2020
There's still time user. In this case, I hope they're right.

I mean. Barring outright revolution you're right. Onions green will be real at this rate.

>In 20 years you're all going to eat shit.

What are you in your teens?
They've been lying about it for shekels for almost 100 years.

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That's exactly what you said 20 years ago, treehugging faggot.

Ha. Didn't think it would filter soilent. Today I learned.

Millenial here, in school they told us by the year 2014 most of the world would be underwater. Fool me once shame on you.

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>In 20 years you're all going to eat shit.
Said the climate scientist 20 years ago.

We're still waiting you lying piece of shit fraud.

no one is denying climate change. we deny that man is the cause of it.

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as you meme all you want. You hide behind a child named Greta.
if you had a compelling argument you would not have to do that.

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It's too late to do anything about climate change. When 1b people want to do something about it, while 6b don't give a shit, nothing really matters at this point.

>no one is denying climate change
By using the word deny you are playing into their bullshit semantics. Climate scientists have been predicting armageddon for 30 years. The burden of proof is on them. They are the quackpot, and you are a skeptic, not a denier.


there is no evidence man is causing climate change. there is plenty of evidence the earth goes through periodic changes. we call them Ice Ages. i'm not skeptical; they've presented nothing. the earth has however.

I don't deny it, I just don't care about it and I'm not going to stop consuming and neither will the shitskins you're trying to replace me with. In fact, they're much worse because they never cared for nature.

>Ages. i'm not skeptical
No, you're skeptical of their bullshit science and cherry picked statistics. That's what I meant.

>Science I dont like: false
>Science I do like: Undeniable.

>>Science I dont like: false
You're a retard.

What's going to happen?

the way i see it, i have evidence, they don't.

You WILL eat bugs

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>What's going to happen?
In 100 years, the temperature will rise by about 1/4 of 1 degree and the sea level will rise by 2.48mm per year, which is less than a foot of total.

I was told in school parts of the earth would be uninhabitable by 2010

You do realize that Trump offered to buy Greenland for over a trillion dollars?

>I was told in school parts of the earth would be uninhabitable by 2010
They said many inhabited parts of the planet would be underwater by 2000 in the late 80s.

Where is the water going to come from?

>eat bugs now

Miami was supposed to be underwater by now, most of NYC was supposed to be retaken by the ocean, the ozone layer was supposed to have been destroyed and all of us should have cancer from solar radiation.

Yeah, that's what they told us thirty years ago.

>Where is the water going to come from?
Ice melt. It's not a lot of water. Less than a foot of sea level rise over a century is barely noticeable by anyone. Don't worry.

Case in point - the left can't meme

God I hope so. Humanity could use a massive catastrophe.