Go home white man. Where?

As a white american born where am I supposed to go? My ancestors stole this land we don't belong here. I have no french blood so canada is out of the question. I'm too far removed from my european heritage and europe isn't allowed to be a white homeland anymore.
Russia? I hear that is like 20% muslim and rising. Is there no place on earth where I can live as a white person without guilt or shame? It's so frustrating, everyone else can be proud of wherever they came from but you can't use the words white and pride in the same paragraph or your life is over.
Now that people realize trump isn't going to do jack shit, where do we turn next? Is there any hope for our people? This is legit I'm not trying to troll or stir up shit. I don't want a black/brown genocide, I just want everyone to have a home that they can be proud of. So where is mine?

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What am I looking at here?

america, you fucking retard. go to wisconsin or maine/vermont/new hampshire or north dakota or montana or some shit and start a family. it's the last true refuge of the White Man.

I agree.

wow ease the fuck up there anti semite. you dont deserve anything at all. the future is diarrhea colored white man so stfu and work your fagget slave factory job and pay your taxes until you die from heroin. you piece of shit

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it's going to be a white christmas
that I can promise you boy

It's a picture.


Maine Vermont votes blue ?
now that mexicans don't require a visa to come to canada, its easy for them to cross the border

Hey white man, don't listen to the niggers and corn niggers. You were born in the US you're a US citizen. People who point the finger at you for the problems in their life are making themselves feel better for their short comings. You belong exactly where you want to be, and its okay to be white.

Love from a Vietnamese man livin' down under.

Your folks flee the commie invasion? Actually quite a few of yours in Western Montana, some ARVN colonel moved there in the 70s and had a million little gook children in a valley, basically has a whole town of his own descendants.

Just some random pic I found I'm pretty sure it was just a creation.

Check your genetic %, maybe you are part Native American, which would then qualify you to stay. Otherwise, looks like when the ice melts, Greenland may be the new colony.

new england states are last resort, they vote blue because they're like 92% white and don't have bad experiences with nigs/spics yet.

midwest is still based as shit, i live in montana, 90% white, dirt cheap land, guns, low taxes, white kids everywhere, absolutely gorgeous landscape. you're always welcome leafbro, as long as you pump out white babies.

If you're white, you go wherever you want or stay where you are. Claim it and kick out or kill the people you don't like. It's the natural order. Or be a pussy and run away.

Ya no my family were just poor farmers from germany ireland, pretty sure we never amounted to anything since the dawn of time. I'm 70% german 30% irish but my family has been here since the 1800's so I have zero connection to either country. They never kept anything from the past all I know beyond my grandparents is when my great great came over here thats it.
But I have watched the city that I grew up in go from being 90% white to I would guess close to 50% non white. More often than not anyone I see is going to not look like me. I don't hate other races but it's alienating when you go to the store and everywhere you look you see people that you have nothing in common with. I see so many women with headscarves you wouldn't believe. And I am in the midwest, they are everywhere.

Off yourself, whiney faggot.

Go to wyoming, idaho, or montana. Seriously.


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There's like 200 million non-hispanic whites in the US lol.
Move to fucking Oklahoma or something.

>my ancestors stole this land

You should go home and put a bullet in your head, commie nigger

that's not even the right map if you're doing the whole northwest front thing

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This land is your land
This land is my land
From the California
to the New York islands
From the Redwood forest
to the gulf stream waaaaa-eee-aaa-o-ters

Fucking this
Lived in Wisconsin and you'd find whites everywhere but Madison and parts of Milwaukee.
Come and shoot some shitty deer and get drunk while fishing for some Northern.

Look and the ground faggot, where you stand is where you can live without guilt or shame. Take pride in your heritage.

Simon Stalenhag, amazing retro-dystopian art

Another reason is all the colleges.

"America" is a dead concept. Most of the people flooding into this place do not care in the slightest about this country, its ideas, or "to the republic for which it stands." They're here to steal shit, make a bunch of money, colonize, or otherwise fuck things up. It's basically MadMax. Your sole goal shouldn't be to preserve this place because it's beyond preserving anymore. Your goal should be to obtain as much from this place as you possibly can, take whatever you can get your hands on, and enrich yourself and your family to the best of your ability. Stop relying on any concept of a state or nationhood to define you. It doesn't exist. We're transitioning into post-national anarcho-tyranny run by an international clique of oligarchs that hate you and want you dead. Your only interest should be in resisting them, not trying to prop up decrepit poisoned ideas like America. Even if you do absolutely nothing but totally blackpill and drink for the next 30 years, America still won't exist by 2050. We'll be a single-party Latin American Marxist narco state with zero rights within your lifetime.

The only good news is that eventually this country will become so ethnically corrupt that laws will increasingly become unenforceable. Imagine trying to keep this place afloat without the blood and muscle of white men holding it together. Imagine an army of fat Hispanics and Shaniquas trying to fend off ethnically homogeneous nationalist China. Not gonna fucking happen.

We aren't going anywhere.

You know what I mean, I don't believe that but that is what you are told on the tv/news/social media/school. I'm just sick of the cucking, you can't stand up for yourself or you are a white supremacist nazi and they try to take your job and life from you. A black man robs a store at gunpoint and gets shot by the police and the entire black city riots. But white people can be openly harassed and abused for being white and almost no one will stand up for them.

European butt-plug architecture.

stay where you are and COOM

We didn't steal this land. We fought for it and won. And we built this nation. The natives barely had civilization and would still be living in teepees if it weren't for the white man. So stand up and be proud. And also stand up and fight.

The usa
Obviously you nigger

mein neger. simon stalenhag has some great work. buying some of his prints to hang up in my new house next month

non-hispanic "whites", pic related.

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Why don't all you non-pozzed whites just take over a US state?? If millions globally just show up, the white non-pozzed Americans will have your back. Jobs, places to stay. Then secede from the USA and go from there.

Blackpillers get the rope first

When did that happen?

You are one bluepilled motherfucker.
Learn some self respect before you come home.

Bantus genocided and expelled millions of native Africans. No one tells them to "go home"
Arabs exploded out of the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century AD, genociding and expelling millions of native Syrian and African Christians. No one ever tells them to "go home"
The American Indians genocided and expelled each other to the point where no one knows who originally owned what land. No one every tells them to "go home''

ONLY White children are told this. ONLY White children are expected to be ashamed of their heritage.
White children are told to GO BACK TO EUROPE! by anti-Whites in America. In Europe, we're told to GO BACK TO ANTARCTICA!
Nowhere is safe for us. Nowhere is sacred.
It's time to stand up and say NO. This is our home and we intend to keep it. In fact, we are determined to keep it and by God, we will send anyone who tries to take it away from us straight to Hell.

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I remember a radio talk show guy talking about doing something like that back in the early 2000's I think. something about moving a bunch of people to a northeastern blue state to turn it red. Feels like it would be next to impossible to organize that many people though. I think we have just gotten too apathetic, when you hear this shit day in day out you just tune it out eventually. I did all I could, I have a girl doing all I can to set her on the right path but it's hard. I just want her to have the chance to enjoy the country as much as I did when I was a kid.

They sold us the land. For basically nothing. This shows how little they valued this beautiful land.
Red men had never even heard of America because White men told them about it. They had nothing to do with the creation of America and if they had been left to their own devices, America would not exist.
America belongs to us. We built it. We defended it. We poured our hearts and souls into its creation.

And we have a right to defend our homes from invasion and oppression.

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really like 160 million "white" people in america

that's the whole point of the new awakening

>sick of the cucking
>cucks for the "white man stole the land" meme


Faggot, you mean conquered

>be driving
>see that giant H.G. Wells shit
>SLAM on the brakes and peel out in the other direction

Everyone will return to their homeland soon.
Americans will give Original Americans their choice of their population percentage match of the continent, plus growth room.
This will happen relatively peacefully, but AFTER a violent worldwide rebellion against pedos, which includes most of government and money.

You'll get to choose your own level of participation and whatever consequences, but in the end, the people win.

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This. I like the Luther Pierce reference

>demoralization thread
>"we stole it so we dont deserve it"

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Should be also remembered that alll other races are even more cucked to begin with. For Northwest Europeans all problems are easily solved by removing foreigners and getting rid of all those obnoxious degenerates.

In shitholes like South America, Southeast Asia, India, China simply removing some ethnic groups and a few degens is simply not enough.

I know it seems impossible, but we have been into the breach a thousand times before. Name for me just one nigger that ever conquered the known earth, name for me one mestizo who has ever so much as conquered a continent. I do not fear them if we are outnumbered a million to one. We were forged in the frost of mother Europe, and all down through the ages our predecesors have overcome seemingly insurmountable onjects, we crossed oceans and explored continents and we didnt even have electricity. In our genetic code burns a raging inferno. How can you watch "The triumph of will" and not understand what uncle Adolf is taking about. All this degeneracy, all this weakness, IT WILL CONSUME ITSELF. Nature despises and destroys that which is an anahema to it. Does any of it seem natural? Do you really think trannies will explore the stars? Like a steaming pile of shit (that it is) it will spontaneously combust! We dont even have to lift a finger, but we should, just to draw the line. The degeneracy will not last, it will collapse, nature despises it. The failed social policies of the late twentieth century are already being discussed openly. It either alters itself, or the world will burn, and either way, whites will come out on top. We are the only ones with the balls and the brains to pull it off.

Name just one nigger, arab, chink or mestizo who ever conquered the world. Europeans were forged in war, we grew up in it, its in our blood and our bones. Every major war in the history of this planet has been won by us. Inisde every one of us purebred son of a bitch

You could emigrate to Germany or Ireland if you really wanted to, and eventually try to naturalize, and try to help make it a white homeland it is meant to be.
If you choose that route you could be happy in the long run, but it is a very long and arduous process to learn a culture and language from the ground up, but at least you'd be accepted and fit in eventually.
Stay in America if you're looking to make a lot of money since there's less economic regulations, and in most European countries you basically need a license to sneeze.
If you're looking to have kids I really don't believe America is a good choice though, not for finding a wife, or raising the kids. American women are shit tier, and the overall future of America is looking extremely grim.
Not saying I know for sure what the best choice is, just saying to think long term about this kind of stuff, and consider the potential costs and consequences of your options.

Agreed, brother.
It's not that we're outmatched by the invaders. We're not even outmatched by the jewish oligarchs and their obedient slaves. It is only a question of will power. We must rediscover our souls and then we will win.

And we are not dying out. We are in fact the cutting edge of natures design for the future of humanity.

I have a theory. Its always easy to pick the winners. The future is forever at war with the past, and one only needs to determine what the future is to know the outcome of any given battle. Thismay seem like a simplistic view, but like m oldphysics instructor used ot say "Simple is beautiful." [the simpler your design, the lessmoving parts etc, the better and more efficient it will function and the harder it is to make it better. So you wont lose your patent because someone built a better mousetrap]

So all you have to do is ask yourself, "What is the future here?". Does anyone here really think shitskins are going to mars? That niggers are going to explore Jupiters moons? That faggots are going to build the first interstellar ship? Its just not happening. Humanity is going through some growing pains. We are experiencing an abundance of food and energy and resources for the first time in the history of our planet, and we, like the children we are, are blowing it all at the candy store on the most ridiculous shit imaginable. This development phase is not going to last. The only reason niggers are breeding is because Whites are throwing food and medicine at them, and of course the only thing they know how to do is fuck and kill each other. The minute the resources get scarce, the gibs end, the whole of Africa and Middle East will collapse faster tinfoil vaccuum. Its only a matter of time when in such dires times technocratic and merciless class of rulers will emerge in Europes superpowers that will come to a simple conslusion: "getting rid of the genetic out-group on the planetary scale is the only solution"

Whites are the future, its as obvious as the sun in the sky. So live love and laugh, rejoice. 1000 years from now, we will all be White.

Nobody cares about 'belonging' somewhere. It's about winning the demographic race. If you become the majority and enforce your group interest, it's your homeland now.

I think your best bet at a white homeland happening is in eastern Europe. The chances of the EU dissolving in a semi-controlled fashion are much much greater than the US splitting up, because the latter will never happen without a brutal civil war. A recession is all that's needed for the gibs to eastern Europe to stop, and as soon as that happens those countries will voluntarily leave the EU.

You would be welcome in eastern Europe if you don't act like an obnoxious American.

Nice Roentgenium (unununium) digits.

Gold destroys the fed. Beautiful!!!

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Alaskan tundra my brother. Our ancestors were forged by the cold and none other is more capable of being comfortable in it, it's in all of our DNA.

>I'm White
>Born in South Africa to Rhodesian parents

I truly have nowhere to go. Florida is my home now. I will make do with it what I can.

I won't let my genes go to waste though. I'm White, have light brown hair and blue eyes, I'm 6'4" 210 and Jow Forums, and have a bright future ahead here. I'm doing everything I can to not squander it.

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>Name just one nigger, arab, chink or mestizo who ever conquered the world
Genghis Khan

But yeah, you're largely right not to fear the brown hordes. They ain't got nothing on us snowniggers.

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and (parts of) Massachusetts is more white.

>My ancestors stole this land we don't belong here.
We fought multiple wars for hegemony here and won, fair and square. This nation is ours by right of conquest. You need to stop internalizing kike propaganda.

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>Genghis Khan

>conquered a few steppe goatfuckers and a bunch of Slavic city states
>global domination

But also far, far more liberal and loyal to the federal government

There are miles upon miles of open US wilderness. Go out there and start

The white pill we all needed.
Move to the rural central areas around Lake or Marion counties. The cities will starve themselves out during a massive catastrophe.

The ones the land belonged to are mostly gone, so you might as well make their deaths worth something and kick out thise destroying the land and subverting the people.

Nwf are fags, Cascadia is White Man's grey havens

Hi rabbi, ask me how I knew it was you.

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>being scared of a stationary structure