Jake Jepson: ANTIFA Portland Arrest

This Portland ANTIFA was arrested in by Portland Police. Look at all of the shit he had on him. What's the Gorilla Glue used for?

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Mug shot.

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Post bail Malone.

Maybe the try to get in peoples eyes to blind them.

>Maybe the try to get in peoples eyes to blind them.
Maybe. Any idea what that is above the hammer - thinking it might be a switch blade?

Super glue can be used in a pinch to seal up small wounds/cuts. I imagine he had it for that. Or for pranks or some shit.

Super glue bonds almost instantly on skin. Squirting it on somebody could really mess with them. Another shitty non lethal way to fight people in a crowd.

Definitely a switch blade. Also what does 161 means?

What's with the ziploc baggie over the hammer?

Below the Gorilla Spray bottle on the left, it looks like OC spray / pepper spray.

>what does 161 means?
Anti-Fascist Action

>What's with the ziploc baggie over the hammer?
Police evidence, I assume.

must have already used all his tampons

Anyway, I just pulled these from someone's Twitter I was just looking at. Andy Ngo filmed it, but I can't be assed to hunt for the video.

>what does 161 means?
>Anti-Fascist Action

WHOOAAA, they have code numbers like the 1488 and stuff

In case he has to stop and put together a model airpplane, to win the favor of a difficult child at the protest?

>must have already used all his tampons
I'm amazed one of these cunts hasn't killed someone yet. Surely it's coming.

Sheeeeyit I remember these things, they were made and advertised for strong independant wimmin who wanted something other than a rape-whistle for their false sense of security.

I'm not surprised in the least that an antifa had one of these on his keychain.

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Lel, and they want to fight people who own and know how to use guns.

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He's getting a drug charge for the pot pen

Also, can you imagine if it were a White nationalist who had all of this shit on him when he was arresetd? CNN would be all over it. The guy would be doing 10 years - or more? - in prison.

>WHOOAAA, they have code numbers like the 1488 and stuff
Yeah. Cute, eh.

To glue people's assholes shut.

He looks like he is very intelligent and knows a lot about politics


THC vape cartridge and pen

I see he has spray paint for huffing.

>bingo markers
clearly a wholesome member of the community

looks like a good way to break your fingers punching someone.

that is the most bedlam loadout I've seen in a while

door locks too

So if they hit someone with it, they can take the bag off to hide to remove the blood. Obviously.

>that is the most bedlam loadout I've seen in a while
I wonder if it's his daily carry.

Jesus, sick. The bag is the most sinister of it all.

>So if they hit someone with it, they can take the bag off to hide to remove the blood. Obviously.
Damn. The way their minds work. Wasn't obvious. Sounds like you have some experience with that.

My dick is thicker than his neck

>he doesn't carry glue and spray paint to huff after bashing the fash

>My dick is thicker than his neck
I wonder whatever happened to that New York ANTIFA with the long neck, that cuck. What's his name. I think they called him Giraffe Neck.

I love when people brand themselves

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Area code?

1=A 2=B 3=C 4=D 5=E 6=F

We should meme 161 to mean something having to do with fascism

Beautiful lel

Glue is for sabotaging shit and first aid

Exactly what I thought. Have seen all sorts of shit in the ER so my mind works into these shitheads motives.

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The Gorilla glue is to fill your pee hole with. We squirt a steady forced stream into your pee hole while we hold you down. It’s incredibly painful. Burns like a blow torch and is impossible to remove without more pain and discomfort that lasts for months. :)

Want some u fascist pig?

>What's the Gorilla Glue used for?
Glue is for key tumblers.
Tape on hammer is for fingerprints. Bag is for blood splatter.
Interesting to know if the brass knuckles are allowed without a CCW. I highly doubt it.

under rated

Onions neck

>bind wounds
>seal door locks
>disguise fingerprints from id

Is that thing above the hammer a joker otf knife?
What went wrong with this guy and traitor white males like him?
Dumb brainwashed beasts like this loser are irrecoverable.
Let's throw 'em to the niggers and be done with these cocksuckers!

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I’ve noticed that everything in that photo could be rife for sticking up ones ass. The majority of those have specific contours for doing so as well.

The numbers add up to 8, maybe try to convince people the 8 is for 'H' as in Hitler, and it's a double-secret dog whistle to infiltrators within antifa's ranks? Like the two ones are surrounding the six (million?) as a sign they want to turn antifa into fascists themselves; the two incorporate the six into eight. Shouldn't be too hard to sell if they're really gullible or you have enough cred with them, 88 being a thing for white nationalists is something they already know about. Getting them to start second guessing their own symbols would be hilarious.

Anführer Adolf

lol he has drug charges now too hahah

rubber gloves blackened form fingering his prostate, for health reasons of course

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guessing the hammer and plastic was to attack people, and leave the evidence on the plastic, its obvious but still

>everything but a gun

Fuck these cunts

these guys get their medical advice form the trailer park boys.

I'd be worried if he sticks the kitty knuckles up his ass. But he's an antifag so who knows?

fucking lol


This is what weed does to the brain
Take note, pot heads

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Huh. I realized that too. It's kinda weird that it isn't obvious to everyone.

Drugs and weapons...

It can also be used to plug locks or mask over finger prints

Nope, it's a thing.

It's bad advice, too. The fingerprint thing doesn't work, and binding wounds is bad because superglue contains cyanide. That's why I recommend it.

No, I'm pretty sure it's for sealing someone's butthole shut during the afterparty

I was gifted one of these. Not practical but I guess if it’s all I got

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That fingerprint thing doesn't work.

i had no idea super glue was used for anything other than getting high while building plastic tanks

This is my riot kit. I dont riot...

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Enough of the Cosmic craft memes we all know its a honeypot and it has been for over a year

jeez these people mean business


He probably was imagining himself gluing an unconscious mans eyes

So Pantyfa is actually just a bunch of mall ninjas

It's used as a battlefield trauma treatment to close lacirations quickly. Super clue in cut, add accelerant, no more cut.

He's expecting a fight to get bloody.

I like how they've subconsciously (or not) put the literal folder knife in a semi-obstructed position, and just above a larger, more prominent weapon. This is despite being more dangerous than anything else on that table x 5

Erm g..guys is noone going to comment the ears and nose.

Prove it.

>The big book of things that literally never happened

Keep crying you homo

>What's the Gorilla Glue used for?

They use it for sabotaging locks.

The hammer is more dangerous than the knife by far.

No chance. You can see it coming for a start.

You're the cnut larping that you use glue in urethas. KYS.

I don't think you've ever been around violent protests before. Nobody walks around with their guard down. Hammers are multitudes more dangerous than knives.

No I'm not you retard. Are you unaware of IDs? The hammer is far more dangerous, not that I'd expect a bong conditioned to fear knives to understand. You won't see it coming because the hammer is going to come at you out of a crowd of faggots already mobbing you, and it will do a lot more damage than a knife, with a lot less skill required to do that damage, and it will be harder to defend against. You don't know fucking anything.

lol you assuming faggot. having your guard up means shit when there's dozens of limbs and projectiles flying.

>A blunt object that requires force and timing to maim someone is apparently more danergous than a razor sharp blade that can be used almost as fast as a punch.

Ok, sure.

Haha he lives in a condo or a very affluent apartment building.

Guys like this would never throw down, that’s why they carry all these weapons. It’s a psychological boost. At the first sign of trouble his legs would get wobbly and he’d forget about everything he has in his tactical belt and probably go for the one thing he’s most confident in, which would probably be the pepper spray or the hammer, but any hammer takes quite a bit of forearm and should strength to use properly and he doesn’t look like he has any.

Anyway, mommy will post bail and he will do community service because he probably has a university education and has never been in any real trouble. A guy with that many weapons on him and a record would’ve ran and tossed it all when the cops came.

>bagged hammer
That must be a felony or something, tell me burgers.
Still they hippies got nothing on our niggers. This is a proper DIY weapon.

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You're a kid, arent you?

>What's the Gorilla Glue used for?
Gluing car key holes and locks

Lock jamming


>get stabbed dont die
>smashed in head by hammer knocked out get hit more

no wonder you faggots wana ban knives