He’s gonna win right?

He’s gonna win right?

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How no one will vote for this skeletor looking motherfucker

How many of you trans are in the discord rn?
literally multiple threads about this old fuck pop up out of nowhere
Need to be more subtle.Shows inexperience.

No, Hillary is. It's all ordained.

He's too old. He's 78.

Imagine having some 80+ year old prune as president in the White House.

>any democrat in this cycle
Whew lad

Win for sure

Where she at doh

Ma nigga, big daddy practically going to steamroll Biden in the election.

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Yes he will, he's got my vote. Corn Pop story did it for me.

Chillin, keeping her head down until February. The primary debates have been such a joke that she's going to be praised for such a "smart" move by the MSM.

The matriarchy has decided he will not get the nomination. They have decided they would rather lose on principal and nominate Warren.

Hillary is going to win there is a 99.8% chance source CNN

Here's another nasty spill from bestgore

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DJT landslide over warren

Can any Democrat really beat Trump in 2020?

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Hillary had an average of 2-3% difference from Trump in most polls and the cunt still won the popular vote. Biden seems to be much more ahead but there weren't any direct debates yet. Too soon and anything goes really.
Trump's greatest trap is the US debt. Its gonna burst hard on your middle class sooner or later.

Yup, then he will die 2 days into his term and we'll be stuck with his wretched Sheboon VP for 4 years. Get ready for Madam President Sheboon Abrams.

Fuck... thought it was gonna morph into coomer face

No benis,shit

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Maybe running down stairs, that is about it.

>sooner or later
I hear this line a lot. Still waiting