Stop Blaming Them

Why can't we stop hating and blaming Jews for everything bad?

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fk off meme flaggot
your own kind hates you

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Nice flag there Jew. The goyim are waking up to your global scheme of trickery and deceit.

No. Fuck you. They are evil and want to destroy all white civilization and create a slave mutt race. I hate them and want them gone. All of them.

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Checked. It has, possibly surpassing

jews deserve all the hate that they receive

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I guess you guys don't know about the youth movement.

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what race is the jewish people?

>mutt race

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If Jews aren't evil, than why do they keep greenlighting Adam Sandler movies?

Jump in an oven moshe.

Wrong time line try again in the next cycle.

I'll stop blaming them once they stop deconstructing society and fueling internal conflict.
E.g. sexism, dissolving traditional family, slut culture, migration, pushing LGBT, normalizing immoral behavior and eradicating each and any virtue, attacking culture and identity, and the list goes on.
Each and every "progressive" topic which ultimately poisons society and creates pointless conflict is backed, financed and supported by rich Jews and their corporations. No exceptions.
Honestly they deserve a second, nuclear Holocaust


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You guys are fucking hilarious. I really can't take any of you seriously. I've expected this reaction before posting this. You all are adult-children who are hellbent on blaming one group for American society's problems.

Because they do everything bad.

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Maybe when something bad happens that doesn't lead back to them somehow.


We just accuse them of being jews.

jacob was not born israel, he was given that name.
once jacob got the name israel, that made him and
his offspring, jewish. before the name israel was
given to jacob he was just a shemite like his twin
brother esau. God grafted in the gentiles by giving
the name israel to the non jew. whom are the semites
or shemites.

you're right, they're not jews and the vatican gave them
their power, time to go after the pope.