Women in the military

Is this redpilled or degeneracy? There are many examples of women in history that fought in wars, does it show patriotic fervor or is it just a glorified sex and welfare program?

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absolute whores

Women in the military tend to be unattractive, and the biggest sluts around. Avoid at all costs.

comfort battalions are a necessary part of warfare

giving them other easy jobs and letting them think their "freetime" isn't part of the mission is just a good grift.

It's completely retarded and they'll pay for it if there's ever a real war.

It weakens our military

If you've ever actually met a military woman they're disgusting. Usually have tattoos all over, a horrid drinking problem and are the biggest dikes around. Joining the military is the single greatest way a woman can ruin her life.

>tfw no conscript gf

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Women in the modern military are bad news, at least in the more male dominated MOS.

>wanting a polish gf
Yikes cringe bluepilled

Degeneracy. Women are more violent though. Superior strength and capabilities were given to males as a way of keeping equality. The female mindset and behavior when paired with male brawn is essentially a capable sociopath.
Women don’t have rules or codes. Men do.
Women don’t make up and hug, become friends and brothers for life after fights. They hold grudges and plot revenge. Sports studies show this, where males are more likely to become friends after beating the shit out of each other. Women make enemies or fake friendships where they undermine each other and cultivate gay girlfriend groups. Of course this is the female weakness. Men are better at joining together and suppressing women than the reverse. Women aren’t naturally good at being allies with each other (except in “victim” bonding), they’re too violent and sociopathic to accomplish this kind of social organization. Their social IQ is higher, but it’s most used for manipulation. Women will never compete with men, ultimately, because they don’t have a complete soul. The world is going to see the kind of hell they are capable of bringing. And they will realize that female physical weakness and disempowerment was a blessing—because this species is propagated by the basest of humans, and men will always be closer to the universal source.


Most male "violence" is really just a Monkey Dance. There are rules and limits and you're more competing than fighting. Females go straight for causing as much damage as they can.
This is also why niggers are dangerous. They have the highest estrogen levels of any man yet still have the strength of a man. Result: Random serious violence. Sheboons have the highest T levels of any female which has a similar but lesser effect.

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All early religions and ancient human wisdoms understood that women are closely tied to the material universe. They are inherently materialistic. Their lust informs the male lust for resources as well. Male greed is a function of the male desire for reproductive desirability/status among women. The most perverse of male wars (for materialism) are feminine in nature. A purely masculine war is where men fight for some abstract concept of honor, enlightenment in a feminine/material world (materialism is feminine), going to Valhalla, or reaching some enlightened state through rebellion against the feminine universe.

Women are closer to animals, and don’t fully understand any of these things except for their own personal needs and base narcissisms. Many of the human existential problems arise from the fact that the species is propagated by a being that is spiritually close to the material world. All ancient knowledge is aware of this.

Also, we’ve done this before. Women did supplant men in society.
That society fell and it was so terrible that ancient societies became heavily masculine for thousands of years after. Everyone in their ancestor memories knows that women are latently evil and femininity is a meme created by men who wanted women to be good (because they’re pretty). But most ancient cultures recognize that goddesses are often sociopathic hunters, or goddesses of death and destruction, and fertility goddesses are frequently associated with violence and destruction, while male gods were violent and sometimes petty, but were more likely to feel things like guilt, genuine compassion, unconditional love, loyalty, honor, and all the higher virtues that make humanity unique. Women are actually just animals that create men.

That's because testosterone aromatizes into estrogen.

>tfw no barracks onahole

Barracks whores are the best.

they are good for having sex with but they shouldn't be in combat roles

have sex

>redpilled or degeneracy
It's people making a fucking living, stop with this fucking naive worldview you little child.
Some are cunts, some are whiny, some are cool, some are whores.

Women make good nurses and secretaries and such. Besides, gotta give the men some comfort when they get back to base far from home and risking their lives every day.

I did, its overrated

They easily avoid getting deployed to actual war zones by just getting pregnant. They are all there for the fucking, to get pregnant they just stop taking the pill for a month. Then they get even more gibs, so it is just more winning.

They should be in the kitchen preparing food for the husband and kids

Material and maternal have the same root word, so of course.

Oh and everyone should read this book, it's a very no nonsense book about the mentalities behind violence. It doesn't teach any martial arts or anything, it makes you mentally ready for causing severe pain and injury if needed.

If they are not there to:
a. suck and fuck
b. cook food or
c. dress wounds
then they have no business being anywhere near a uniform.

Gaia is the “earth mother,” but she is depicted as a sociopathic schemer and breeder of monsters in many Greek myths. The ancients were redpilled on the fronthole question.

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Until women are just as likely as men to die in combat women in the military are nothing but social virtue signalling.

Outside of Europe, there is a wealth of ancient wisdom on this though (from Mesopotamia to American Indians). Even jewish mysticism is aware that masculine energy is ascendant and more developed. Female energy is a lower vibration more connected to its narcissism, needs, and it demands death in order to replicate itself (the quintessential Kali). Goddesses of fertility are frequently also goddesses of destruction. The female ego demands destruction, especially when exacted by males on their part. feminine societies are inherently materialistic and spiritually dead.

But we don’t really need the wisdom of the past to know. Observation confirms it. Women are the largest consumer groups of useless trash in capitalist societies. They are the neediest. They are the largest consumers of social media. They are the most motivated by status, greed, and comfort. They are the most schizophrenic, as evidenced by how they will complain about the “patriarchy” and advocate for “environmentalism,” but really it is their economic “liberation” that is destroying the earth at unprecedented rates, and giving the wrong men power over the rest of humanity. They reward the most spiritually feminine men who create abominations of societies, where consumption, greed, and entertainment are the highest virtues.

We need a truly masculine revolution, a true masculine return to truth. The earth depends on it. This dark age can be avoided.

The US military isn't for war fighting.
It's a jobs program.

75% of them are abject whores.

Male leaders are constantly at risk of being hit with a SHARP (sexual harassment/assault) complaint. Even an unsubstantiated rumor initiates an investigation. Being investigated gets you flagged. Now you can't promote/PCS/get that assignment you want.

And they are reliably not at work (just like 40% of the nogs) because they always have a medical appointment for some reason.

Fuuuck I hate women in the military. Not to mention the ever decreasing standards.

except the attractive ones are also huge sluts and fuck hard and thorough

Where did you learn this? Also are you Muslim?

As a military man I can confirm. Women flock to the military these days because it’s the easiest time in history ever to be in the military. They don’t do it to protect their country they do it to get sheckels and to get to college free on the GI bill. They are always drinking and whoring around and getting inked. Hardly any of them will ever EVER see ANY combat. Fuck even marine corps whores are there to push pencils and get all the benefits that men get. They are all NPC’s a lot of them are lesbians/bi(though every lesbian is bi for an alpha enough man) and are here just to break the stereotype of women being the caretakers of society.
And yea there getting plowed left and right by all the men around here. So they are basically comfort whores. For only the roughest and the toughest and most roided up of us in the military.

the reason women are there is to fuck the soldiers and keep them at peak condition.

it's antithetical to basic human nature

>glorified sex and welfare program
It would have been better if it were just that. But it's more of a subversion campaign to demoralize the military

Every female in the military is fucking useless. They don't work and never want to learn. Every deployment every single female taps out by getting pregnant and taking paternity leave in order to dip early. A huge waste in taxpayer money. And they are absolute whores, in the Navy they are called ships bicycles for a reason.

I hear ya.
Fucking Christ all mighty all the god damn “don’t rape me!” Videos get on my nerve around here. PC culture tries to bash into our skulls that it’s bad to generalize, yet they seem to at the same time pound into our heads that men are rapists.
They give you all these hypothetical scenarios of men raping fellow military women and how it effects the mission and shit.
And they just keep telling men to keep it in their pants...
Well men will be men unless you castrate them!
We all know the whores love the rape.
Maybe this is why back in ancient times the number of females in the military was extremely limited and they were segregated from men big time. Only being around to be nurses or caretakers for wounded soldiers. Because trying to pretend like the genders are equal is an obvious fucking fail.
Can hardly focus on the mission in the front lines when all the men are competing for all the pussy there is in the trenches with them.


Absolute truth, ive seen so many people get kicked out or worse happen to them because some slut got wasted and fucked half the crew.

Pretty sure they have eliminated qualification criteria and lowered standards to accommodate women.
No more grenade toss, women can't throw.
No more pull up test, women have no upper body strength.
I'm sure there are other examples.

Not sure where to begin. How familiar are you with Old Norse, the Eddas, Aryan shamanism, the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Greek mythos, Tibetan religion, stoicism, Shintoism?

> Also are you Muslim?

They should not be firing weapons. There's plenty of other things they can do but combat is a mans game.



Everything is evolutionary. Females did not evolve to commit warfare. Not even Boudicca.

some women are natural shield maidens, but they are few and far between

don't let go if you bag one, they're worth their weight in gold and diamonds

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If they want to be clerks or service (ie cooks, storesmen, etc) I dont usually mind, it's when they get into combat roles that it fucks everything up. I had 3 in my platoon on basic, all 3 were massive whores. 2 were at least army hot, the last one was fat and couldn't even do 2km of a 13km forced march, still graduated cause you cant fail the female troops or there'll be a huge investigation as to why you're sexist. One of my buddies was fucking one, and on the second to last day at our course party was getting reamed out by a Sergeant cause he caught them fucking in a tent. Buddies there with his ranger blanket around his shoulders, I guess trying to use it like a poncho but had his dick hanging out. When the sarge is done all he can say is "but sarge i love her". Shit like that fucks with unit cohesion

>She'll make tax-free bank on the side, if you know what I am saying.

How do you feel about Muslims in Europe? Honestly I have nothing against you all but lots of people here are extremely against non-white immigration. How do you ease that hatred? How do you justify many attacks from Muslims against Europeans?

Also what do you think of black people?

Do you think white people deserve to be a majority in their countries?

I’m for one am for it.
The more women in police and military, the easier it will be to return power to the people.

A male sailor can fap in a sock while underway, but was does a female do to relieve sexual tension? I find it hard to imagine them manually stimulating themselves or bringing a vibrator aboard, but maybe I'm wrong?

They fuck the dudes dude

When real war starts, women out, or we lose.

Woman in anything today.
In my experience and witness perhaps 10% of woman actually have any real interests in attempting to do their jobs.

The other 90% are there to date the supervisor or to get store discounts.

No woman alive can beat me in a fight

>Women are actually just animals that create men

so men are not monkeys that fight petty status battles for dominance and access to reproductive opportunities?

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They're dead weight if they're not a glorified sex and welfare program.

they can, by getting another man to do it, it's called shame

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Marines United. Just saying.

Well. Fucking. Said.

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on one hand they have every right to be patriotic and die for their country, but on the other hand, they don't need to. I'm honestly conflicted, I don't think its really an issue but at the same time it can be.

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Militaries have been degenerate throughout history. Most women perform clerical jobs and other non combat roles. It's not much different from single whores following marching legions of troops which has been normal for millenia. They fucked the men and served minor roles helping out in the camp.

>No woman alive can beat me in a fight

>Marines United. Just saying.
its a pity these groups were closed

It's an abomination. youtube.com/watch?v=VtSv33MyYZo

Do people still fail for this honey?

Whiskey Mikes

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A lot of them are furries

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Women in war either get raped by the enemy or their commanders

(Couldn't help it seeing you meme flag)

I never go into a fight not attempting to kill my opponennt. At the very least they get the shit beat out of them. I put one guy in intensive care for threatening me with a gun.

>Is this redpilled

Redpilled af.

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They're useless, they can just get prego and get out of combat at any time....and it all of it will be paid by the government. Can't say I blame them though.

Why did he threaten you with a gun?

What was he supposed to do, threaten him with a fork instead?

As a Turk i dislike arabs even more than Europeans, if you converted the whole country of Egypt to Judaism overnight I doubt it would change that much culturally. The west did a lot to destroy secular culture in the Middle East to prevent the spread of socialism. But its also in the genes of arabs to be violent and barbaric. Your asking how a feel bout muslim attacks in europe but the same thing is happening in Turkey with Syrian migrants (while both being muslim) indicating its not Islam, but clearly a genetic difference in life philosophy.

Like I said the problem is arabization/africanization not Islam; if every european converted tomorrow the left would be eviserated overnight, globohomo would stop within the year and within 5 years all the brown ghouls would be driven to the sea (there is not a single Islamic nation that is not to some degree nationalist (like Turkey) and almost no Muslim nation outside Africa itself tolerate ghouls). Within 10 years all jews woul either be dead or deported to Israel. Birthrates would skyrocket and feminism and the female spirtit would be annihilated. Elections would be confined to heads of households even if they happen at all. 95%+ white in a generation. O white guilt.

Now of course an indigenous ethnic faith would be preferable for whites, and even some trad Christian sect could do the same, but you get the point. It would be very hard for the clique to counter this and they would have to openly just come out and say they want whites dead. At which point millions are redpilled anyway and Pewdiepie gets another 200 million subs

>inb4 but we'd be muzzies waaaaa!

Its not Islam that makes the middle east shit, its the shit genes of Arabs and african ghouls that make anywhere they live shit

If Darwin, Hitler and 99% of other scientist in secret are right, and they are, then the issue will always go back to genes

why do you think the EU passed the UDAR Africanization recommendations and preemtively

Guy was a nut that heard voices. He came up and told me heard I wanted to kill him.

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You're right but you're still going to be ethnically cleansed. Because it's in our White DNA to do so.

>user, you don’t have a problem with women in the military, do you?

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>I’m so excited we have patrol duty together, user!

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you'll most likely die fighting for Israel

II already did my time in the Army, now I'm too old for that shit. Seriously you need to go back before Europe breaks the leash.

As expected from muttland. The feminization of humanity began in earnest with the advent of agriculture and the transition to sedentary societies—as opposed to hunter gatherers that were more spiritually masculine. The decadent power structures you see today are feminine in nature. The wars that had men killing each other over status, material resources for women, and protection of domestic women were some of the most brutal, wasteful, and violent witnessed in all time. Spiritually feminine wars in spiritually feminine societies, lead by faggy lords embracing the feminine instead of the masculine connection to truth.

The only age that lived in true harmony with the earth was a masculine one.

this one has benis

Europe isnt 'one' as Americans make out to believe. Especially Belgium which isnt even a real country, there is no unification or nationalism or brotherly love. Lots of youth are turning atheist which means more individualism instead of collectivism. There is no bond here for anything to break loose

Just like the Weimar Republic was...see, you don't really understand us whites. We're like popcorn, it takes some intense heat to make us pop, then we turn white and lock together. Otherwise we're just a bunch of loose nuts slipping around off each other.

Nothing wrong with women in the military. They just shouldn't be in the infantry. When the person in front of you weighs 220 pounds and is carrying 60 pounds of gear and gets shot, you need to be able to grab him and go.
Very few women can do this with any amount of training. Most men can with enough training, which is required.

Someone has to fuck the niggers, and it isnt going to be me....

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Women in military are cringe as fuck and unnatural besides certain medical roles

>medical roles
They're good for sexual emergencies.

women are whores and not loyal to the tribe. even if they become soldiers they'd eventually submit and mate with the opposing tribe. read up on war brides for further research.

The ones in the ADF when I was in were all cute outdoorsy types. Like most Aussie chicks. Military doesn't really draw any specific types here. It's just like any other job.

The moment you try anything kikes will shut off water cranes and you'll all betray eachother