Where Did “Greta” Come From, Anyway??

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It's just pedophrasty-
Fuck off glownigger.

ask ur mom

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absolute dead ringer

2003-2019 = 16.
greta thunberg age 16

>Where Did “Greta” Come From, Anyway??
This woman's cunt:

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She's a victim of Jewish paedophiles definitely and should be investigated by a security agency.

McCann was a hoax, if she provides a DNA sample you could correlate it.

Katy Perry is Jean Bennet-Ramsey

grain alcohol and inbred eurotrash

You have face blindness. She looks like her father anyway.

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That filename the new Apple naming convention you retard

this is worse than a straight to dvd movie

>new Apple
>calling someone else a retard

Cuckanada everyone!


Hey you leave Steven Seagal alone!

greta looks like she was born in a laboratory

Her handlers are the ones spamming these threads. Who's that girl she's always with? Some Soros connected kike.

Soros was a huge kid fucker back in the day.

the virgin greta vs the chad bolsogirl

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Greta has no cobaloma or whatever the eye thing Madeline & Soros have.

Wouldn’t this be a better age progression picture for Madeline?

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Laurinha a fraquejada

wat? they look nothing like each other.

no. mad had a rare eye condition, that's why she got taken in the first place. go puke elsewhere

vosmece quis dizer Carlos*
Laurinha the unbound, the keeper of morals and last of her clan.

Bump this shit, lets make it happen

Watching Jow Forums grasp at straws is hilarious.

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Slithered out of a dumpster somewhere.