Stopping circumcision by calling it antisemitic

Follow me on this one, how many of you cutfags actually had a bris? None, right? Then that is how you stop infant boy mutilation in hospitals.

Follow me with this, there is absolutely no deeper meaning behind secular medical snips. You don’t require someone heavily versed in the Scriptures to perform the ceremony, it’s just a boring sterile act that has no deeper meaning to it. If anything, Jews should hate this. They should hate that a sacred ritual is being done so flippantly by the goyim! They should hate how this ancient rite of the CHOSEN PEOPLE is being dished out to any Tom, Dick and Harry born, regardless if they are even of the Tribe! It would be like if Goyim started doing Mitzvahs or made a parody of the Passover Seder! Oy gevalt!

And that’s truly the brilliant part, they can’t argue with a ban on circumcisions done in hospitals by doctors if it stays only with that. If you couch it in how you want the band to preserve the “holiness” of the bris ritual, Jews would play along. And then it would be isolated in their communities. And once it’s isolated, you can use it as a yellow star self-applied. And they will be trapped, because playing to the Pro-Jew angle allowed it to be used for an Anti-Jew end goal

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So hurting kids

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All of europe agrees circumcision is unnecessary,
so we should respect the jews and not engage in cultural appropiation and preserve the uniqueness of jewish culture, after all who are we to so casually do it. Show your support for israel, don't circumsize.

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Circumscision seemed like a good idea hygenically if you can’t shower everyday like folk
Some 2000 years ago. These days circumscision is pointless as everybody showers once or twice a day. But circumsized guys last longer because there is less sensitivity. So from what I’ve gathered women like circumscision but if I had a son idk if I would circumsize him because I will be able to provide a shower soap and water so I’m sure he would be fine. Idk how I feel about it. I’d rather not circumsize a son but given good evidence of a benefit I may. But not based on 2000 year old bs advice.

Why do you care so much about someone else's penis?

True unless it’s ur kids

it's cultural appropriation

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Everyone who has been circumcised should
DEMAND that they be counted in the torah, which means you have to be set free of taxed labor (slavery) and all debt.

Plus, start wearing hats and going to synagogue, never know what you might learn from loose lips and observation.

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So what if jews want to chop off their baby's dick and pay their rabbi to suck up the blood with his mouth in a religious ceremony. Dont be antisemitic.

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Exactly, going after the religious ceremony is a waste of effort because they can just claim “you’re being anti-Semitic” and the discussion is there. However if you play with that and use it to get rid of non-religious circumcision in defense of the ritual, they will play along with it and you will get rid of the non-religious circumcisions while also making the ritual far more obviously wrong

And then what will they do when it becomes something disturbingly only found among one group of people as opposed to something every boy of every race gets a few minutes after birth?

The only people who give a single fuck about this are the ones who haven't been circumcised and are just jealous cause they dicks is harder to clean

Most men are personally afflicted by this practice and don't even want to talk about it.
Think of your sons though.

so we meme Bill Gates as anti semite?

Routine infant circumcision is very plainly an act of mutilation done for profit. Foreskins harvested from infants go for sale (around $400) to the beauty industry, and for research because of the fibroblasts and stem cells they yield. You as a parent will not be informed by any medical personnel that studies pertaining to circumcision's health benefits are subject to obvious errors in methodology and all but conclusive. You also will not be told that more legitimate studies (like the famous one in Denmark) have found that circumcision and autism are significantly correlated.

Personally, I think circumcision will die out on its own (especially as whites become the minority in America and Mexicans become the majority). The only way to make it faster is to spread the word in a very obvious way about how evil it is (and I very rarely use that word). Talk to expecting parents you know and redpill them. I once asked an acquaintance whether she would put herself at risk in the effort of stopping FGM in progress, and she said absolutely. When I asked her if she would risk anything at all to stop a circumcision in progress, she looked at me like I was insane until she realized the stupidity behind that. Then while she was doubting herself, I talked about all of the real data. That's the kind of approach we need to make sure that no more of our sons are subject to this disgusting ritual. We can be strong men that create the good times.

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oy vey

Think of my sons? Why do you think this idea is brilliant? It will spare them because the ever lawsuit hungry Jew obsessed with fighting Anti-Semitism will do anything to shut down medical circumcision if you get them to consider it anti-Semitic and everyone will bend over backwards to do this.

So if an autistic guy that was circumcised has a child that he doesn’t circumcise, does the child not have autism?

time to go jerk my uncut cock in the shower fuck you faggots

Please excuse, that was directed at other readers,

I ask women this a lot (i work at a bar) and like 95% of girls prefer cut guys. The other 5% don't care. None have actually said they prefer uncut out of the hundreds of women I've asked. Common responses are: its unsanitary, it looks weird, they are fast shooters, they think about sex too much.

Autism is unlikely to be purely genetic. It's also likely a collection of multiple behavioral/developmental disorders. This is probably the reason behind autism diagnoses in such a wide range of cases. To answer your question though, it's not that concrete. It's -less likely- that your child will develop autism if he is not circumcised at birth.

(Also side note, you might as well have a natural/home birth. Hospitals do all kinds of shit to fuck your kids over)

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Is there a worse fate than ending up to be a circumcised coomer? Most of your sensation was viciously stolen, so you're like a thirsty man all the time, never being able to quench your thirst

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Jews love this actually.
It's a life-long reminder that from the day that you were born, all the way up until the day that you die, we own you.
You'll never get that foreskin back, my friend. We own you.
t. Ashekazi

and you may get herpes and die

Slaves have to be circumcised.