Woah. Are they really going to do this? Freshmen dems in swing districts keep coming out for impeachment

Woah. Are they really going to do this? Freshmen dems in swing districts keep coming out for impeachment.

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Who cares it’s all theatre. Trump would never defend you. Just keep that in mind

The left is filled with women and beta males. Do you really not expect them to indulge in histrionics?

Things are about to get dicey.

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The best thing they could do to help Trump is impeach him on some made up bullshit. Please do it, please.

I hope they do it, Democrats are about to commit political suicide if they try to impeach him.

This is all an extremely late, last ditch to try to stop Trump before the very juicy DOJ investigation into the FISA abuse is released soon. That's what all of the recent shill shit has been against.

Cant wait. Impeachment will be the death of the Democrat party. Nancy knows it, but she is screwed. If she doesnt move for impeachment after all those she baited into supporting it, she's in trouble. If she does it, they're all screwed. Either way, dowwwwwwn she goes! I wish they would hurry up

her strat is the same. have jerry have a mock impeachment in the house so they could try to have it both ways. they tell moderates that they didnt impeach and they tell the resisters that they did the best they could toimpeach but those damn repubs obstructed their efforts.

she might green light another vote to vote to start an investigation to see if preimpeachment inquiry can begin.

Who cares?
Senate won't take it up.
Just a show.
Besides, what is the impeachment offense?

House is basically a hamster on a wheel at this point.

I always wanted to watch Political suicide happen, and the democrats might deliver on that promise.

>impeach trump
>make him a right wing martyr
>doa in the senate
>trump wins in a landslide next year

Wow good game dems

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Impeach first figure out why later

Literally he wanted Ukraine to investigate actual corruption by Biden and his son. Same as when Hillary has her emails hacked

>don’t worry about the mass corruption in the dnc these emails uncovered, the problem is some foreigners got them!

That isn’t how it works tho

This time he'll be impeached, for sure!

The polling probably came in and they found out its not getting traction. So expect a pivot or change in messaging and tactics. Going through with impeachment is a pipe dream. It's political suicide.


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no one expects him to actually get impeached, but the hearings will wake up a lot of americans to how terrible of a president trump has been and will help get dems some votes

Forceful statement is the new sternly worded letter.

Of course they are going to do this. It'll be going on until election. It's their last play to get Trump out.

That's retarded. If it didn't work out for 4 years. WHAT MAKES IT WORK NOW.

Idk what you're talking about 2018 had historic turnout. It did work.

If it doesn't work, you have nothing to fear. :^)

I think he drew a dickbutt on a weathermap and they dont like dickbutts

>Besides, what is the impeachment offense?

He made phone call. I kid you not.

The horse is out of the barn

Depends. If it was a quid pro quo investigation then it's an offense. If it's just a suggestion to Ukraine it's nothing.

Nancy Pelosi is only good for her tits.

You mean he leveraged a nation reliant on US aid to investigate an already investigated son of the most popular alternative presidential candidate. Why does he believe the Mueller report to be a closed case while another person's isn't?

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Do it.


Joe Biden fucks children

Based Nancy. Get that kike out of office before he does irreversible damage.

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Probably. And he's corrupt and has likely had illegal dealings. Trump is in the same shitboat

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Theres no evidence of a quid pro quo. The dems are in full panic mode.

This. Makes me think he is really /their/ guy

>Senate won't take it up.
Why wouldn't they?

Pence is a career politician, and far more predictable/controllable as a party incumbent than Trump is.

>trump is a bad president so the democrats will start bogus impeachment proceedings to prove it

If anything that makes the democrats look like idiots

It’s already been reported by multiple news outlets the ‘whistblower’ was not present during the actual phone call. The press takes the shot for now because they’re utterly incompetent but my money is on rogue intelligence agents. Who has more to lose?

>impeachment in an election year
I’ve never heard of a more desperate ploy

It has been nearly 1,000 days since Trump took office and even before Trump step inside the White House the Democrats have said they had everything they needed to impeach Trump

Why have the Democrats waited until now to impeach nearly 1,000 days since they promised the country they had enough to impeach Trump? Put up or shut up

The same reason Adam Shiff kept saying he had conclusive proof of Trump and Russia interference. Never did show us the evidence did he.

Probably not. They are still a long ways off from 219

Is Trump fucking retarded? He literally beat the media and Dems with their accusation that he colluded with a foreign power to rig the 2016 election, and a fucking month later he tries to collude with a foreign power to win the 2020 election.
This would be like if OJ killed someone a month after winning his murder trial.

Go big or go home! The liberal salt will be delicious when this attempt ends in failure.

Well considering he tried to block investigations into crimes he didn't commit, yes. He's a blithering moron that keeps stepping on his own feet. Also, he wasn't conspiring with Ukraine.

Please do it. When your fucking pets have been so fucking brainwashed you commit a live televised political suicide because some Reality TV star blew you to the fucking moon in 2016.

I'm almost there

Trump is very popular within the GOP. You're going to piss a lot of mother fuckers off in your own party.

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The Trump cult is totally ignorant of the precedent being set here. If Trump has absolute impunity, and checks & balances no longer mean anything, what happens when a Democrat regains the executive branch and both houses of Congress?

They're hanging to her knees now.

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Man, you can’t be a little less transparent?

You shit is all retarded.

Hey Dems.


Do it motherfucker. I can't wait to see you hang for your sedition.

>drumpf is finished for real

at this point it's like watching that old Monty Python skit with the Black Night. "It's just a flesh wound. Have at you!"

>what happens when a Democrat regains the executive branch and both houses of Congress?

how's it going glowing one

Doesn't matter. McConnell wouldn't even bring it to vote. Plus impeachment means nothing, next you have to vote for a removal from office.