Is it just me, or is “Asian representation the new thing being pushed in the West?

Is it just me, or is “Asian representation the new thing being pushed in the West?
I’ve been noticing a lot of Asians in commercials and shit lately it seems like. Am I the only one?
(Yes, I’m phone posting from the toilet, faggot.)

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asians are already represented in the countries they come from. just say NO.

I know, but in the US I’m saying. Seems like every fucking commercial I see, there’s an Asian or Asian kid. It’s thke they’re trying to pass them off as a minority when they literally are the most common ethnicity in the world.

look at the what commercial is advertising. probably not clothing. probably some health insurance or something. or expensive cars. i read a marketing book that asians make around 150% the average in US per household and are the most affluent minority class and that marketing to them is tricky because of all the different ethicities and superstitions each asian group has having to do with colors, numbers, animals etc.

Health insurance was one, but I’m not gonna lie; I watch a lot of cartoons (even at 23), and quite a few kids commercials advertising toys and such, also. But I also feel like they’re pushing “representation” in movies and tv also. Like just a few years ago, SNL made fun of Asians, now just the other day, they refused to hire a guy for a similar minor Asian joke.

Still sore over Scarlet Whatsherface playing the Major in Ghost in the Shell. But that movie was shit anyways.

What about abos? What about arabs? What about indians? What about europeans? What about latinos?

migos: “ride in a coupe with them chinks”

lil pump : *using ching chong as an rap adlib

songs go to bilboard but libs dont give a shit

but one actual crime stat chart and the whole crowd goes wild

It should be more like ‘fuck niggers’ man

Based roof asian

whites are actually cool most times

except the obvious neckbeard cucks yelling konnichiwa to every fucking gooks, people have decency

niggers are the actual problem

think about it

‘major media’ is mostly black and jewish

just like lil pump yelling ching chong thingey

and jewish hollywood wanting that chink sheckel

we dont want country singers or rockstars to do kung fu and shit man

just fuck niggers

oh and fuck affirmative action

niggers btfo from ivy league

the koreans have sick fashion sense and look beautiful as fuck

>niggers are the actual problem
I agree 100%
So are you saying Asian “representation” isn’t being pushed?

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It's even worse here in Oz. You have no idea.

no I think the whole ‘representation’ is retarded

black, asian, whatever

and well, since I’m not related to the entertainment industry so I can’t be sure

but if it’s actually pushed/forced rather than individuals just being themselves

then its double nigger

end of story

and ‘being themselves ‘
I dont mean eating your neighbors dog or some shit

I mean within the boundaries of the law

Funny thing is these asians demanding "representation" are the most racist motherfuckers I've ever seen. they actually openly hate whites.

My asians only make up 5.6% of the population. The liberals are pushing "muh representation" to try to lure in asians who are too busy to care or vote.

just like how (((white))) goyboys are (((represented)))

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How do we cleanse the 깜댕's?

When are the latinos going to demand equal representation? If any group has a reason it's them. Are they really so chill that they don't even care?

Articles like this are retarded. It puts the blame, somehow, on all of us. Hollywood is a profit and propaganda machine run by Jews. If they think they can make money marketing to American Asians, they will. Many movies have already been altered to appeal to a growing Chinese market.

>watching tv ever
>watching internet ads ever

I have no fucking clue what commercials are like op

n o they don't

Stfu weeb

Korean men look like women

>Is it just me, or is “Asian representation the new thing being pushed in the West?

This is the dumbest bullshit from white people I have ever heard. Asians make more money than whites in the US, we outnumber you 3-to-1, we our less progressive than you, why the fuck would we need representation

asians are great in entertainment.

good at 3d computer ching chong shit, storyboarding, art, acting

someone wont let them in though...

This is just perpetuating the myth that Asians aren't white.

We should use Asian representation to edge out nog and spic representation. But, of course, the (((owners))) of the media are just going to edge out their fellow white people.

asian here. asian representation is the last thing i want. i like flying under the radar in this country as far as racial tension goes.

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Their next host is China
Chella man
The whole package all in one that (((represents))) you
This is (((their))) turf goy, (((they))) will swallow you whole

With how close elections have been over the past few years, a few percentage points here and there from Asians can swing things to Democrats. That's why you are seeing the blatant patronizing from the left.

Expect to see (((hate crimes))) from the right against Asians in the next election.

Moar minorities
The moar the merrier

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>he thinks all Korean guys look like kpop faggots
You're retarded m8, but it's ok because I'm sure somewhere in the world some retard thinks all American guys dress like emo rock star faggots or w/e the fuck is popular in music right now.

The truth is that East Asians are better actors than Jews and this terrifies the Jew that controls Hollywood. Thus, they are deflecting it to Asians conflicting with white people in Hollywood and dumb faggots itt are falling for it. The truth is that the Jew already pushed white people out of Hollywood that don't play their game. Hence why Mel had to go independent. Don't fight their game for them.

Hollywood is a rotting carcass anyway. Their time of cultural relevance is ending, and they know it.

Yup. Another will step up to fill the void.