How can anybody be retarded enough to take her seriously?

How can anybody be retarded enough to take her seriously?
She’s just a child, she can’t possibly add anything of value to the conversation.
It’s gross how the left uses manipulation tactics, like shilling this girl, that provide a shallow message not offering any viable solutions, to promote their anti-freedom hateful agenda.

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It's a continuation of leftist trying to decriminalize pedophilia. It's all about showing a 15 year old lecturing adults about science and trying to convince people if she has enough agency to yell about eating bugs, she has enough agency to consent to getting facefucked.

I'm just a ugly child

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idk maybe because she's incredibly eloquent and a lot of people actually cried during her speech today. Just a thought.

48 pounds of styrofoam will now be burned.

Yes, just all we need, another slide thread on this propaganda child, sage in all fields

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liberals are children

nah. that's just faggot shit

shut up you stupid shill faggot

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>*reads lines*
>*reads lines*
>*reads lines*

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If she can't point at China, she is lying scum.

No matter how eloquent you think she is, her thesis is still “climate change bad”. Like, no shit, tell me something useful for once in my life. The point has been made countless times, complaining about it won’t fix her problems

this child would kick your pathetic ass, OP

you are a huge faget

enough Gerty posting. This shit is making me miss AOC spam

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"Say China, cunt. SAY CHINA!"

Greta: "America!"

Her dad gets shot in the belly.



Snap her collar bone.



Shoot her dad in the head, pick up some of his brains and rub them in her mouth while yelling "YOU MURDERED YOUR DAD, BITCH, EAT HIS DEAD BRAINS!"


greta thunberg needs to get fucked

imagine being in alabama with this preachy prissy mumble munchkin

you pull up to the candlewood suites in a fucking dodge challenger with aftermarket headers and parts that get you 11 miles per gallon

one rev of the engine and she's already getting inexplicably moist in her room from the sound of your massive fuel-guzzling V8 roadboat

you get out and take a minibike running on a lawnmower engine through the parking lot and into the lobby of the hotel because FUCK walking, we didn't invent internal combustion to scuttle around with our dicks on our hands

moonwalk down the hallway to the elevator while turning every thermostat you see on full blast and spraying CFC-saturated aerosol air fresheners everywhere

check your phone in the elevator and hit up your broker app really quick to buy a thousand more shares of exxon, bp, and shell stocks while shorting anything that has to do with solar and wind because solar panels look fucking gay and windmills are for dipshits

reach greta's floor, backflip into her door, breaking that shit down and sending splinters flying everywhere setting off fucking car alarms and barking dogs

her primal scandinavian woman survival instinct kicks in and she immediately presents herself to you from all the viking raping and pillaging burned into her nordic DNA

you put a plastic non-biodegradable bag from walmart over her muppet face, set a cooked rack of barbecue ribs on the small of her back, and go to town, throwing the cleaned rib bones at the back of her stupid cantaloupe head in between thrusts

after blowing your load and covering the room in non-vegan protein, you wipe your monolithic dong on her priceless handmade native american uber-sustainable fairtrade honestly sourced hippie sweater

jump out the fucking window into a formula 1 race car and cover the hotel in black rubber as you burn out and blaze off into another american night

global warm deez nuts, bitch

Today was the first day I’ve ever heard her speak. Comedy gold. Potato face retard.

You seem upset

whats wrong with its head


Probably engaged with too much mainstream media causing her to develop some form of down syndrome


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>tfw a 13 with downs is smarter than you

Did someone say bugs

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How did you feel when Trump dabbed on her

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It's so ridiculous to listen to the mainstream media saying she's doing it all herself, "she's alone" and similar drivel.

Nigger what, she's literally parroting what trillionaires like the Rothschilds say, and countless companies and pretty much the mainstream media of the entire fucking world. Today conformists like her are glorified as people swimming against the current the left has succeeded in convincing people that parroting the party line is an incredibly rebellious act.

It can't recognize or refer to the continents of Asia and Africa for any reason, ever. It's completely retarded

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How the fuck is she 16? She looks pre-pubescent

Another Greta thread


Keep the faith, user

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Hormone blockers, in case she wants to be a man. It also explains the retardation.

She's a mouthpiece being told what to say (and how to say it) by monsters like George Soros, whose agenda won't help the environment at all and will likely make it much worse.

Based af

Reminder that you can leggally eat her with her's parent's permission,16.

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It's just an old propaganda trick. Get a kid putting your shit out there and if people criticize it or insult the kid they come across looking the worse for it to the onlookers. The best thing to do is to let the media continue to push it as hard as they are so that it becomes obvious what's being done to even the most retarded of normalfags.

>"hurr da hous is on fire u guys need to panek"
>"how dare u not eat da bugz. shame on u durr"
Fuck off rainbow flag.

>faggot opinión about climate change
Discarded, next!

>1 post by this ID

>Help her up and carry her autistic body to my place.
>Let her sleep in my sleeping pod as I sleep on the futon
>Deal with her borking when she wakes up.
>Ask her if she's carbon neutral.
>"You don't have to tell me what happened, but you do have to eat this." as I hand her a bowl of bugs.
>Ask if she needs a sailboat home.
>Tell her to take care.

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She is playing the heartstrings of the uninformed... Soros will be proud

Do people, even lefties, really find her that charismatic? The first vibe I get right off the bat is children of the corn.

Gmo baby does what it was grown for

Ever noticed how she looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome.

>how can anyone be stupid enough
You ever talk to someone with 100 IQ? It's like swimming naked through shards of glass. And most people are even stupider than that.

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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this is a rare flag

The left always hide behind children. Usually female. This pulls a lot of women in straight away and why they shouldn't be allowed to vote


i HATE how bad i want to fuck her god damn ittt

I feel kind of bad for her. There is absolutely nothing sacred to our enemy, they will and can use children to push their agenda. Poor thing has been intensely brainwashed and forced into the position that she’s in now. I can even begin to imagine what other sick shit they would do to her and other children to get them to be their talking pieces

Can’t* sorry I’m phoneposting

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>child receives praise
Wise beyond her years
>child receives criticism
Fuck off asshole she’s just a kid

Her head is that of a turtle

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I mean she is a child giving a speech to a bunch of adults in a language that isn't her first. I think she did ok all things considered.

because she can SEE carbon dioxide, bro

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someone please shop a turtle shell on there.

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Never thought about it that way but it makes perfect sense.
Treat kids as pseudo-adults and sexual normalize for the pedos. A kid her age should be playing hopscotch and jump rope, not being paraded around and fed lines on as some kinda globalist prop / forced activist role model for other kids to follow.

So...she isn't old enough to sign a contract, but she and other kids can file a complaint at the UN?
How does that work?

Shes a crisis actor, nothing more.

This is the look I want to see on her face when we fuck

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sorry to ruin your screenshot

you are fishing for, and posting, hate comments about a victim that you play a part in enabling.

everyone here knows it, and the only ones hating on her are your staff, and a few kids that don't know better.

i am your psycological nightmare.
sweet dreams you evil fucker i'm in you.

normies will like whatever you tell them to like. if tomorrow the press says : "greta bad" then normies would respond "i never really liked her"

Is that you Sam

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