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God's "God"....Duh

God always was.
The Universe was created in the Big Bang like Father Lamatrie said.

If God was subject to time, space, and matter he wouldn't be God.

Time exists only where matter exists. God is a purely spiritual being and is not bound by time. God is eternal, and has no beginning or end.

I'm crying.

God doesn't have a creator. He exists without beginning or end. He just is.

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God will be created by the Singularity.

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>something had to be made for it to exist
>t. retard that thinks what ever theories are published are facts

Damn son

I know that this is bait, but i'll bite. For God to be God, in the Christian worldview at least, he must be omniscient, omnipresent, and all-powerful. Thus he must exist outside of space and time and not be bound by energy constraints.
TLDR he's not IN the universe.

Holy shit

Why is Atheism + so retarded?

Every major religion is a re-telling of the Egyptian sun god; who if he actually existed was in all likelyhood aliens fucking around on earth

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>TLDR he's not IN the universe
Or the universe is in Him. He has an idea and it become real for us. Could we not be in His mind?
Are you not just an idea of God?

God is, by definition, eternal. He created the very CONCEPT of time.

>God doesn't exist within time and space
So then does God exist at all? Also checked.

Unmoved mover. If there isn't one, then it's nothing but turtles all the way down.


Until the big bang occurred, the laws of physics and time didn't exist. It was only God. If the big bang happened, which it did according to Hubble, then there was a singular starting point: God.

Wouldnt the universe being in an eternal cycle be more logical?
Less leaps than god

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The Unmoved Mover.

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If all motion is relative, what would the model of the universe look like if Earth was held motionless?

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The principle of sufficient reason says that God is a neccessary being. Brainlet atheists don’t understand they’ve been BTFO for centuries. Look up Leibniz’s formulation of it that posits two different kinds of truths – necessary (like God) and those that require a sufficient reason to be true and not otherwise (contingent truths like the existence of some given object that implies no contradiction whether it exists or not)

How retarded.

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Deus Digits.

There were religions prior to Egypt, so your argument doesn't even make sense.

>I don’t know what happened
>therefore we can rule out the existence of deities
Imagine this train of thought actually resonating with you

Sorry big G, you the man

Ok, now this is epic

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Literally kabbalism for fedora-tipping atheists.
Checked and praised

Amen brother.
Confirmed by everyone.

God Himself confirmed it

The big bang was just God rippin ass. That's why this time line is going to shit!

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Gorgeous and truly Devine engineering. VS the vomit that occultist science tell us is up there

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A cycle put into motion by?

Let Chris Langan elucidate here.

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>if humans don't live in the sea, where do they live? t. Fish

religions began in Egypt during the Hyksos dynasty (circa 1700BCE), prior to that belief systems existed, and yes they are two different things.


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Quiet, memeflag, men are talking.

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God has existed forever, since before the Big Bang, before everything

Seems Jow Forums is plagued tonight with retarded, ignorant atheists. Seems they think the fairy tale for atheists, "evolution" and the pronouncement by their Saint Dawkins has put the entire question of God to rest.

What a bunch of retards.

God is confirmed.

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Okay this is epic

Checked. God created the ability to 'create,' no one created him, he simply is, and always was, and always will be.

Love and creation are the two ways mankind should imitate God.

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It is in perpetual motion. Always has been. This is beyond our understanding. You can't explain this by all known laws.

See how dumb this line of argumentation is? This is what Christcucks draped in the cloth of apologetics sound like.

It is true by normal logical deduction. The simple answer is that we're probably thousands of years out before understanding anything remotely related to our/the universes creation. Faggoty christfedoras will agree with science when it suits their purpose of spreading alt-kikery but shun it when they don't want to comply with the scientific method of understanding.

It’s easy to mock Christians for this point about God. But before the Big Bang was also forever, FYI.

God is a title, a multiversal actor created the Universe

Multiversal circumstance created the multiversal actor. If you're so pressed, pray to God to ask who created him.

Ok...last time I’m gonna try to educate you fucking morons. First, there is a infinite number of universes where all possible realities are experienced. Physical laws can be different in these universes. In this particular universe that you & I exist in, the physical laws are such that there is no need for a God to create anything. The physical laws in this universe allow for something (our universe) from nothing. The “nothing” is actually something...dark energy and dark matter. Everything you can see in this universe, matter in other words, was created from quantum fluctuations in that “nothing”. Clear homoz? No? Your brains are to tiny and limited to grasp these concepts. Go back to masturbating now.

I love seeing good philosophy amongst crap. Although the necessary being is kind of iffy territory. In the most basic terms though, a beginning is a necessary quality of the universe, but not of God.

>not confirmed

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Blessed post.

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Egregores and the creation of them has been around for a long time.

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Rarted. Evolution is God's pruning shears.
Perpetual motion which emerged from the non-mass and non-time ?before for what reason?
>acausalism is the scientific method
OK nihilist

we don't know

>5 lines
>pic related

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>This is beyond our understanding. You can't explain this by all known laws.

>5 lines
Small monitor or phoneposting?

>I don't know why the universe exists for sure right now
>might as well functionally be an atheist then
Stop being a hedonist

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Stop shilling your fucking discord.

>Let me educated you by first saying anything is possible
>In this possibility I am correct
>See how right I am?

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Maybe he lives outside the simulation, or in one of the other multiverses, or whatever scientific hypothesis you want to pick.

>Ok...last time I’m gonna try to educate you fucking morons
>Ok...last time I’m gonna try
>Ok...last time
>last time
Much appreciated.
There is no proof of the multiverse only indication of possibility.
I do not accept your dogma.
What facilitated the quantum fluctuations in the dark matter you suppose manifested all of life?
Oh. You don't know. Fuck off Rabbi.

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Phonefagging, before I wipe. I can only assume it's more pathetic on a monitor.

>might as well believe in a sky daddy and a kike on a stick, because reasons

>I don't know why the universe exists for sure right now
>might as well believe in an all-powerful being and assume it did it

We did

Holy 7s doesn't afraid of anything
Pretty cool guy.

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>God doesn't require a creator even though our claim for a god is that everything requires a creator...because...


God is the Universe, dumb nigger.
I am god, and you are god.
Technically I'm calling myself a dumb nigger.

At least I'm not a dumb nigger though.

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come

>I don't know what happened
>therefore God


The big bang created the ability to "create"

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>So then does God exist at all?
No, he just does not exist in time and space

>Be 2019
>Can't conceive of infinity
You must strengthen your mind

baaaaaaased 777

>I have no argument besides because I said so, therefore I am

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Do you believe in zero? Do you realize it is also one?

Op post is approved by satan.

>can't comprehend the strength of that argument

You asked a question; I delivered a response from the bible. The answer is no one created God, he simply is.

You don’t understand the concept, god is more complex than you can comprehend. You can do your best to try but unless you understand the 11 dimensions you can’t understand god.

And even then it’s a small system trying to understand an infinite system, it’s not possible with your current equipment.

It’s possible it will be revealed on your next transition,but there is no current proof of that.

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>infinity means god
Invalid argument.

Wouldn't it represent the premier composite representation of lack of one?

>can't comprehend the idiocy of thinking that is a strong argument

>my lack of proof is my proof
Hahaha get wrekt bitch. You've got no good argument.

I cipher it would be the most valid of argument while simultaneously the most romantic. If you hold dissent, elaborate.

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>For god so loved the world.

>I said so
One day you too will grow up.