On climate change memes on reddit.. they think I’m against coal

On climate change memes on reddit.. they think I’m against coal.

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Well fuck. Now this....

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fuckin kek!

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she understand both meanings or soon will.

Kek. This is what happens everytime lefty shills spam someone/something on this board. We turn it around and do shit like this. Their astroturfing backfires We make the news or something. We continue to control the culture while they get triggered. And the only ones to blame are themselves

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Can anyone explain?

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Post the link so we can upvote.

Make it say Islam is right about women.

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it's just a cute rhyme that also drives home the seriousness of man made climate change driven by (white) oligarchs. basically, it's speaking truth to power. perfect for a wrist tattoo.

Unironically we should be posting this to clueless older leftists' facebook groups or whatever, as they'll probably run with it before someone tells them what it means.

Also, post a link to the thread op

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no one gives a fuck glownigger, fuck off

Post this one.

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i approve
finally a use for the lil aspie bitch

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>Against race mixing
I thought it was a slogan that pretty much points out that nobody pities the problems of a white woman who decided to get blacked?

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