So are we just going to let kids tell us what to do from now on?

so are we just going to let kids tell us what to do from now on?

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If a single person falls for this the entire board is dead

The problem with Greta?
People shes trying to get to support her have been told all their lives the climate was going to kill them 25x's over.
>boy who cried wolf syndrome

the fact that you think anyone could disappoints me

Gretta can see Co2

Baby farts are a greenhouse gas.

>Not a black baby
Bunch of goddamn racist

Coal burning is bad for the environment.

none of this shit has to do with climate. they want to tax our carbon footprint and want us to become weak and feeble with bugs. literally something out of that movie with christian bale where you take meds to remove emotion and just follow orders.

Only when they are smarter than coal shilling boomerdads, which is clearly the case with Greta. Probably even that infant.

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I feel bad for her. Her parents, society, and (((big money))) are grooming her for a life built on lies and hysteria. In a greater cosmic sense what kind of life is that? A negative life, a sick imitation that is doomed to endure a scarcely understood emptiness inside them.

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I love you, you magnificent faggot.

Wow is this real??? How does a baby talk?

don't be autistic

through the mother, it seems

Did he end up eating it though?

arent all the kids being told what to say by boomers though? the kids didnt just spontaneously get upset about climate change on their own.

>Had to throw in some anti-vax crap
And disregarded, come back when your IQ is in the double digits.

how was that article anti-vax? the baby said it loved its vaccines...

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No. They spend their entire lives studying data at school, and all of that data that isn't propaganda from the people with vested interest in coal and petroleum say that the planet is dying.

The planet will slowly recover over millions of years, but we will be long gone.

There will still be human life in 100s of years to come, just not necessarily crops. Not chocolate or coffee or honey, and entire nations will be swallowed by the sea, along with many other shitty outcomes, like the collapse of civilisation.

drama queen. how about you stop being a weather crybaby

The collapse of nation states like the US is guaranteed, so you may want to consider more carefully. You probably don't give a fuck about humanity, but many of us want it to continue and thrive.

We are right near the greatest source of energy ever discovered, the sun. Instead of using it and electricity to full effect, we are relying on the dug up bones of ancient fossilized creatures because it makes old billionaires richer.


I don't get it? Libtards do in fact think that kids are little adults.. That's why they want to give them voting rights, sex education and so forth.. And if the meme is directed at right wingers, then why in the fuck "Greta Thunberg knows what's best for the world" - cause no fucking right winger thinks that.

even if there was a problem, it would be population, dipshit. stop propping up the populations of 3rd world shitholes.

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Pizza and hot dogs for everyone, even if your parents say no.

We probably should. The alternative is a failed experiment.

white babies are racist.

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>so are we just going to let kids tell us what to do from now on?
so what happens if they tell us to fuck them??

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>so what happens if they tell us to fuck them??
then we dont listen



Just cause they're both cute doesn't make them the same person dumb dumb

Double dose, you say?

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>Believe us this time Goy.

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A double dose. Ong I love that author Brian hahaha

im sorry, the same people that want to kill them

Its part of the slippery slope. Treating kids like adults. Leftists are sick perverts.

Is this Babylon Bee, OP? They've been doing great work.

I know right? A Democrat baby that didn't get aborted? Very easy to spot this fake.

>every white person looks the same

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>over population will spread worldwide
well yes we're starting to see that
>peak oil
Well oil will eventually run out. Who knows when? not me.

>that movie with christian bale where you take meds to remove emotion and just follow orders.
"Equilibrium". Literally how do you remember that that movie was a thing, but not remember the name?