I am eagerly awaiting a false flag attempt involving this vehicle in the next few weeks

Pictures were taken (not by me) in Webster, New York, today Monday, September 23rd 2019.

Possible setup for a false flag attempt? seems to align with the many sticker bombed vehicles of the last few false flags.

The democrats are getting desperate, and a false flag would seem to align with the recent Ukraine Whistleblower

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That’s just fucking ridiculous. No one would do this to their care because it would get constantly fucked with.

always keep an eye out for the unknown user the truth is stranger then fiction thanks for thread

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What did he mean by this?

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communism is the corrupt wild vine user.

they do this all the time. pathetic

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That guy probably needs a few more assault rifles.

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There's no way this isn't a plant. Guess they're getting bored of shootings

Caesar Sayoc has escaped from prison!

>holocaust sticker
the madman

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>foreigners don’t know about our schizos

These pics are all the proof you need to see how mentally unstable Trump supporters are.

Someone email this faggot

>These pics are all the proof you need to see how mentally unstable Trump supporters are.
Pic related, it's your average leftist.

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You've clearly never seen a Bernie Sanders supporters car user.

These pictures were shared on bergbook, what peaked my interest was how the stickers were placed upon the vehicle, they follow the same sort of pattern that

license plate is Jer 2:21

Jeremiah 2:21
I had planted you like a choice vine
of sound and reliable stock.
How then did you turn against me
into a corrupt, wild vine?

idk what it means but I found that interesting. Also this guy is probably schizoaffective or something. The only people who plaster messages all over their cars are schizophrenic but this guy seems at least somewhat functional despite being poor.

People that have schizophrenia don't drive around in cars and put bumper stickers all over them brainlet

>t. license plate
>Jeremiah 2:21 New International Version (NIV)
>I had planted you like a choice vine
> of sound and reliable stock.
>How then did you turn against me
> into a corrupt, wild vine?

Not sure if trolling or if you're genuinely that stupid.

>You've clearly never seen a Bernie Sanders supporters car user.
To be honest, I haven't.

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now THATs a glow-mobile

Spoken like a true zoomer cuck.

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See something, say something.

Good post user. I think it's worth keeping an eye on. That vehicle is beyond over the top. Even by boomer standards.

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That's just old Joe
Calm down

That reminds me of something.

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Just looks like someone went on tightrope records and ordered every bumper sticker they could, except the actually offensive ones for some reason.

I don’t spend my entire day watching over my vehicle, it is often unattended in parking lots.
I don’t need to be replacing all my windows every fucking time I go for groceries.

This is why I hope whites are replaced by Hispanics.

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...because they spend all day in their car?

Could it be the reputed atomwaffen dirty bomb false flag?

Articles have been planted claiming (falsely) that the alt-right has been itching for a bomb--plus pic related. The only other FF involving insane bumper stickers was that Florida van guy; they've never used this tactic with a "shooter."

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Nigh-incoherent, visually unappealing, questionably sincere and tactically unwise, but still based.

seems pretty normal.

rebel flag
american flag
SS - Nazi Germany - Eagle up top
Iron cross
hate drugs
Coexist - with the swastika
and/or etc

nothing devil kike / devil jew type realm that I can see for now.

he's normal to me in views.

OP definitely foiled some plans today.

countless lives have probably been saved.

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he's got the devil jewish bolshevik kike antifa stuff on their though in this one. so guess not that normal of a person to me.

brought in the synagoge of satan alone in that situation then.

yeah that looks dodgy

Slap gps tracker on that bad boy

says 'antifa' on the hood lel

I believe it has a middle finger in front of it for "Fuck Antifa"

Love it

Why would you think he is poor?

Some people have a small house for their car, its called a g-a-r-a-g-e