What happened?

what happened?

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then nogs

then spics

There's some OK parts of LA, mostly near Malibu and in majority white neighborhoods.
But it makes me so sad to see this city get progressively worse.
The only places to live that are nice if you aren't a millionaire are Santa Clarita and Simi Valley.

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I want a time machine bros.

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Which were brought by the Jews.

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looks like a mario kart level

Jews happened.

Not even 100 years ago.

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The Great Filter aka Juden.

>tfw just watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
>Sharon Tate is so full of happiness and life
>not a minority in sight

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Hi, I'm professor goldberg, phd political science. Let me tell you why your pic related is actually bad and why diversity is a strength.

what really upsets me about these images and movie shots from that era (both fictional and real super 8 film) is how fucking *crowded* it is. Even in the 'glory days' of the 1950s and 40s. It's a fucking bug infestation of people, no space to enjoy yourselfe whatsoever on those beaches.

Yeah it's better if they're all white, but whiteness is supposed to be about space and all that shit. I'm looking at that shit and get the exact anxiety I get around the modern version of them with those hoards of plebs swarming like insects.

Whites sold themselves out for some choice entertaimnet

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What town is that?

all of these.

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jew+niggers+beaners=total destruction

>what happened?
California decided to be gay and force the rest of us along with them.

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jews have always been in whatever town that is
what changed about jews suddenly in the 60s

Fucking selective history, give me pictures of the subhuman mick Irish slums and the dirty Wop Italian ghettos and then get back to me. Fucking subhuman Irish/Italians ruined the US.

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Manhattan looks better now.

that's cascade mountain town in alberta canada

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You want to go back to the 1950s?
Negroes had to take the gutter if whites were on the sidewalk.
Women didn't work.
If you weren't Christian, you were shunned. Saying you were an atheist would get you fired.
Being racist was not just acceptable, it was REQUIRED. You didn't want to be a "nigger lover".
The US cracked down and deported over 1 million illegal aliens back to Mexico, which was basically all of them.
Being a Homosexual was outlawed.
Being a communist would get you fired from defense contractors.

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You know what? That was a great time to be alive.

all of that stuff was isolated to new york and chicago
southern california was clean

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f, s, and tpbp

Take me back

Now I really want a time machine

Jews happened. There specifically.

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>happy pagan icon, native sprite of europe, being used as the very symbol of evil
what level of cuckery is this

Jew detected

>even the niggers and NEETs dressed nicely

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it's just a symbol, it's obviously meant to be a jew

>being part of a culture with every possible mechanism in place and active to preserve it
gosh, imagine

Simi pride

Sounds lovely, where do I sign up?



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Crazy theres a black guy there and theyre not beating the shit out of him before hanging him... Apparently the Democrats entire version of US history is a lie


>it's just a symbol, it's obviously meant to be a symbol
yes i get that
imagine pasting your own face onto your enemy's to make him look bad
it's ass backwards


Jews, then niggers, then spics, then Jews again


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You know, race mixing was against the law in most states and shunned even in California back then!!
And men could and were expected to support their families on their one income.
Women were expected to meet you at the door when you came home and treat you like a... bread winner!

yes actually


When you see these old shots from the 50's and 60's in America, never forget that the prosperity you see was paid for by the blood of the brave German nation... the only nation that had the courage to stand up and fight back. America was only rich due to betraying and ultimately murdering Western civilization on behalf of the Jews. What happened is that the Jews paid our forefathers their thirty pieces of silver, which they used to eat and drink and consume and be merry. They spent the silver and now that they're mostly dead, we're left enslaved, dispossessed, and without a future.

Based and redpilled

Manhattan Beach is really nice to be perfectly frank and honest, family. You wanna do a "what happened" thread, use Inglewood as an example. Or Santa Monica. Or, you know, any place that actually turned out worse instead of better which is literally all of LA except for a few select places along the coast.

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gosh, just how in the hell did they manage that without hitler or stalin's help?

Kike, holes getting the vote, niggers and spics.



>We're left enslaved
>We're left dispossessed
>We're left without a future

Speak for yourself you defeatist faggot

>everyone posting the exact same thng without reading the thread
high quality therapy- i mean discussion we're having here

This street is still in one of the nicest parts of Los Angeles.There are no vagrants in Manhattan Beach. You're not getting in there for less than 2 or 3 million.

The American dream came true.

Horrible time to be alive. You'd get married and you could expect your wife to be a virgin!
Marriage was for life, you had to have cause to be divorced, she just couldn't move in with some guy and get the kids and half your income.

Yes, the 1950s weren't perfect and I don't miss some of those things. The problem is that there are too many people in the US and they're all crammed into the coasts and a few inland cities. Those areas are unlivable when they were okay as recently as 1990. We simply have taken in too many immigrants and the population has doubled since the 1950s. Moreover, many of the immigrants have been much more culturally dissimilar to us than eastern and southern European "Great Wave" immigrants were from the northern and western Europeans already here back around 1900. Our social capital is extremely low and we don't trust anyone, not even those who are most like us. I don't know how we right this ship.

>what happened?
We fixed it, we progressed.

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In the 1950s, in Glendale, you could make the buyers of your house sign a paper saying they wouldn't sell to niggers. Actually before segregation ended you could make all sorts of stipulations based on race. A magical time for sure!

also, "spousal rape" was considered an oxymoron. Marriage was considered consent, and refusing sex grounds for divorce and she'd get nothing.


i've got you senpai

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>Camping in back of your car instead of in front of it on a public road

Must be outta their damn minds

A little faggot named Reagan came along.

That looks like Chicago O'Hare.

not the american dream.
the current nightmare is a concoction of the 20th century.
the american dream was cancelled ages ago.

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WTF is that at LAX? If so they made that tunnel waaaaaay longer now.

Communism was defeated in the 90s so the rich stopped leaking some of their funds in order to make the lives of your everyday person better, as they no longer had any use for it. This is the true face of capitalism friend, thats what happened


>No German flags

Yep, that's the 50s

>the rich stopped leaking some of their funds in order to make the lives of your everyday person better

I don't think you know how being rich works. Or how anything works for that matter.

Its amazing though, when you look at any number of "slice of life" pictures from the 1920s all the way through the 1960s, its almost impossible to find a single obese person.

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MB is not really that nice on the weekends to be honest. Filled with ghetto trash niggers. Lived and worked in that area for years. Still nicer than Hermosa Beach, but definitely not what it used to be even 10 years ago.


>what happened?
Our 'strength' happened.

The population has artificially increased by like 30% since the 80s due to beaner immigration. In the 1800s this would have been less severe since we were an industrial superpower. However in this time we are a post industrial society. Such a society needs a declining population to create labor scarcity and upward pressure on wages like japan. Funny thing is, trickle down economics would work if americas economy was a closed loop system. For example, look at the duesenberg brothers. They were a small business and built the most beautiful and cherished cars ever created. When a rich guy bought one in the 30s the money went into the pockets of the workers who made it. If that same person buys a bugatti, that money goes to every country involved in production, none of which are america. When you look for a white collar job today you are not only competing with your local countrymen based on merit, you are competing with the entire world including rajesh patel who will work for $10/hr. End free trade and globalism.

i would jokingly propose that it were a conspiracy, but that particular advertisement you just posted obviously would have been staged to avoid unsavory imagery. not that the real thing would have been far off.

Ghetto trash niggers? Where do they go? There aren't really any places for them (by design). It's been about 5 years since I've been there.

absolutely nobody is embarrassed to say it was jews. you just look awkward. this strategy has never worked.

>Price of that same Bugatti goes to $10,000,000 for being made entirely in the US
>No one buys it
>Rajesh Patel wins

Alright Shapiro, go drink out of your tumbler.

You’re correct, I will not go to the beach in la county on a weekend. It’s disgusting. I drive to Orange County and just look at the young white families. I have a young white family of my own so it is nice not to feel like a zoo exhibit for a change. I live in a small Foothill town in the San Gabriel valley that is like an oasis and even then it’s nit more than 75-80% white. God deliver us from niggers.