When did Reddit become based?

When did Reddit become based?

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Are most people just stupid?

>Americans will comply with the law
Yea that's something we've always been known for

beto is right, amerimutts are cucks and they will give up their guns.

>i've talked to law abiding citizens and they would give up their weapons
does he really think people are blind to the error in this

why are you on the site to begin with

Can't wait until kikes, niggers, and faggots are disarmed under Beta's gun confiscation plan. My guns will be lost in a future boating accident but thanks to Beta's gun confiscation plan the kikes, niggers, and faggots will be unarmed sitting ducks

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I don’t give a shit about AR15s. Try to take my handgun or my shotgun and you’re fucking dead.

you won't do shit, you will give up all your guns and call it 4d chess.

You're probably right but I hope they prove you wrong.

In b4 a bunch of we wuz colonists mutts who pretend they are in anyway related to the British founders.


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law enforcement would never seize weapons, let alone risk their lives to enact law they wholeheartedly disagree with

the time to use guns was 100 years ago when jews planted the kike bank, amerimutts today have no spirits of their founding fathers and all jews have to do is shut down all mcdonalds and mutts will give up everything.

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You guys a are just as much mutts as we are, stop kidding yourself.

There's 7 billion people alive. Are there more we aren't aware of?

say that again when a zogbot puts a bullet in your family member for being white.

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>I don’t give a shit about AR15s
That is what they are hoping for. "I don't care if you normalize federal, state, and local gun confiscations as long as my glock is safe". Then they will say "You didn't care when we confiscated their AR-15s now hand over your pistols and shotguns"

You niggers will regret giving these goddamn piles of worthless shit a single inch as the niggers will happily take a mile if they see an opportunity to disarm the public

Notice how it is the same goddamn piles of shit who are pushing for open borders and many other extremely radical agendas also want to disarm the population at the same goddamn time

T. Mutt (Spicy Chink Flavor)

be too rawr k

You say that until their goddamn heads are blown off then you will do as the rest and never be heard from again

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Just a few miles away from where I live, some dude got murdered by the cops because his bitch sister got a red flag order on him. They showed up at 5 in the morning without any warning and demand he give up his guns. He resisted and they dispatched him.

Minutely reminder that cops are not your friends. They only follow orders and if the orders are to fuck you up the ass while your family watches in horror, they will do so and laugh about it afterwards.

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i'll say it again now, because i've known over a dozen cops personally.

law enforcement would never seize weapons, let alone risk their lives to enact law they wholeheartedly disagree witj

uh uh nonono you won't, you need the big daddy government, you will never revolt against it, you need them to protect you from evil china, iran and russia.

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Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker

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>isolated incident
>special circumstances
false equivalency

You are mistaken. You are free to give the name and address of the synagogue you attend if you would like to test the waters when the day comes

The difference is I would shoot any faggot who would try taking my handgun or shotgun or die trying. AR15s are fucking useless. The only reason you spergs like them is for the military cosplay factor. I have my high capacity mags. I have my stopping power. Fuck all you nerds with your sopmod-ed ARs you larping cringelords.

>WHITE Americans will comply with the law

red flag laws are causing people to push back, it's a matter of time before you read headlines about it

>two cops dead, four others injured in botched red flag confiscation raid
>'gunman' dead

just leave us the fuck alone

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>muh everything I need to kill is less than 10 yards away.
You are an idiot.

>cumbrain disregards long range firearms

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shills get the rope. remember you were told, you didn't listen.

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This guy isn't american, not pioneer material.

>need to kill
Jesus Christ you should not have a gun

Even a LARPer with minimal training can kill a man standing in the open at 150 yards with an AR-15 or any other rifle. Can you do that with muh pistol? Fuck off dipshit.

You have no idea what responsibility is, do you?

they are. I used to think I was maybe a little smarter than nost people, but nope most people are surprisingly stupid

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I thought they were "useless" but not apparently they're "irresponsible". Make up your mind shill. Are they of no use at all, or are they *too* useful for the common peasantry to own?

what came out of this? he's dead and that was it?

Based (((Dragonman)))

You’re just inventing headcanon as you post aren’t you? You don’t know what responsibility is. That has nothing to do with the usefulness or uselessness of AR15s. It’s you user. YOU don’t know responsibility

Cops and soldiers fire at that range all the time with positive identification. Is there something special they know that a regular gun owner doesn't?

Revolvers were designed for warfare, are they going to be banned too?

>weapons designed for war
So literally all weapons?

You’re still missing the point. Any responsible gun owner would see it immediately.

Christ we can’t even be bother to follow the speed limit. Min 10 over on some roads.

shall not be infringed.

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Think about it. The average iq for whites is 100. For Hispanics it's 95, and for blacks it's 85. Only 20% of blacks have an is of 100 and 50% of them meet the original benchmark for being literally retarded, and Hispanics are probably 35%
Now look at the population. The vast majority of people are below 100 iq.
And you probably have to be 105-110 do do higher critical thinking.

Most cops are npcs, m8
They'll do it.

Probably right though

Although once a few dozen of them get killed in raids watch how fast their unions strike or refuse to follow the orders. It’s all a house of cards man. All it takes is a few people to change the world. I’m mine craft.

This is a ShareBlue Slide Thread #EpsteinForgotten

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Sometimes Democrats say something so stupid that even reddit tards get annoyed.
Don't be fooled though. The majority of reddit would vote for the guy if he were running against Trump.

The Americans who will give up their guns are the law-abiding white ones, which these politicians know. They refuse to even acknowledge black gangs or Hispanic gangs that enter our country illegally—you know, the ones the Obama administration supplied with guns.

Well how about shitting it out for the rest of us retards? This is a fun game, but what's your fucking point?

>not ten guns and a dead body

People who think like that are projecting their own insecurity in handling their own potential violence. They basically don't feel like they're responsible enough to own a weapon and would rather the government house all the potential violence to use when it must to protect said insecure person.
But in order for that to work, everyone must do the same. They don't think in terms of "If I'm armed that means I can take a stand against a mad man who is" sort of mindset gun owners have, they think in terms of "I can't stand up to the mad man because I'm not responsible enough to arm myself, The government should prevent the mad man from ever being armed to begin with.

Their biggest flaw is assuming civil servitude has any form of infallible trustworthiness.

It's pretty clear nobody will comply, regardless of what paid libcuck imposters on this board are trying to intentionally convey. I suspect no law office in the country will either. This is another one of those mindfuck narratives where a couple handfulls of kike slaves and wannabe activists are going around trying to get ahead of the very real fact liberals will try at some point a blanket confiscation, and are trying to save their puppetmaster the political suicide by trying a massive brainwash campaign. The goal is to groom the public by social persuasion that doesn't exist, and are acting like a rebellion that takes every politician of such up the hill.

Ftfy alphabet sphaget nigger faggot

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FYI, feds supportive of the current government coup are in this thread to provoke people into red flagging themselves. That is the entire point of the red flag push.

Red flag laws are the solution kikes were waiting for. You can't protest a threat on constitutional rights without offering threats of your own. It's the same way with sexual harassment, rape accusations, microaggressions, anti-white racism, and climate change -- the moment you defend yourself you trigger life altering consequences for your wrong think. Kikes need the rope.

you are correct.
i, too, will hand over all of my firearms without violence or resistance in accordance with all the laws.
especially, since "violent white nationalists" are now considered terrorists.
no true Jow Forumsack would ever commit violence against their fellow man.
reminder that Jow Forums is a board of peace.

based cumbrain.

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Red flags are already pretty much unconstitutional. The idea of inventing a label or changing a standard of a label to then deprive you of your rights? Wew lad.

It's already happening but they wont tell you in the news.

>if you cant hunt with a pointy stick, you are a bad hunter
Military-Style assault spears are outlawed
>if you cant hunt with your bare hands, you are a bad hunter

Read Aleksandr solsnetysin (get a real name, Cyrillic fuck)
As long as peoole went quietly when the kgb, cheka came, the practice continued, if the agents had to fear for their safety at every arrest it might have been different.
But, surprise, surprise, the soviets had already disarmed the population at this point

It's not that reddit is based, it's just that even the most harden of gun confiscaters say that the idea of going door to door or even starting a war with the American citizen over guns is pants-on-head retarded, and only the most devout of koolaid drinkers, or obviously fake politicians who change their name to appear Mexican, will actually say it is a goodidea


It'd be interesting to see how much of the LEO are SHALL NOT INFRINGE and how many go along with it
Theres gotta be a few based sherriffs around, right?

why don't you retards just shoot anyone that tries to confiscate your guns
you know that police officers are not invincible to gunfire?
just make it one of those "unenforcable laws"



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betomale btfo

I would argue that soldiers have fired and killed, with good warrant, exponentially more valid targets with rifles than any other type of firearm. Are you arguing on the side of "don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes" or are you just.. ya know.. being contrarian for ..(reasons)

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