User whoever you are that revealed abc posts led this thread on 9/14/19, the truth of Tesla, Trump, JFK, Nixon etc...

user whoever you are that revealed abc posts led this thread on 9/14/19, the truth of Tesla, Trump, JFK, Nixon etc. You posted in the thread if BDAnon, I personally thank you. This to me is proof that Trump is an aberration if Truth and Honor.

I could say a lot more but user thank you so much, Trump is a serious badass! BDAnon you said he was the smartest person in the room, I believed it before you said it, I believe it more now!

Anons post your best!

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Well I was just trying to thank an user for posting a fascinating thread, tell me retards, how is that Jew related? Seriously you have a mind warp and really should do something about that before you fall off flat earth


now thats baddass...well done

Trump 2020, awhooo

if larp, you wouldn't exert so much time and effort to discredit it
Thats what makes it obviously true.

So badass I was amazed. The user that posted it was willing to share. Too bad it took me so long to read it

>how is that Jew related?
It is always a Jew thing.

Hey Ghostanon, tell us more please

Are you Jewish? That would make sense

>Are you Jewish?
I am /pol.

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I did not say you were a Joo.

Are you Jews pretending to be anti Semitic so you can reinforce a stereotype and blame others for your low self esteem? Especially when no one mentioned Jews at all, and wouldn’t even think about it? Mossad is that you, too bad you didn’t read the thread before you started pointing fingers.

>Are you Jews pretending
No and no. Because I am /pol man

Ok got it, you’re passive aggressive just to be passive aggressive, good for you. Btw how does that feel? It can’t be comfortable or even optimistic; wouldn’t it be nice not to react to nothing? I was sending a thank you to an user and you come in and shit up a nice gesture of gratitude!

This will be archived soon, but I really appreciated the person that gave me that thread-whoever you are

So many assumptions from so few words.

Thank you user, it was eye opening, sometimes we’re not able to put the pieces together, but this really helped.

Yeah Trump 2020, he will win by a landslide and no one can do anything about it

tldr bots fighting. Must be worth a read. And it is.
Forecast more flak.

I thought that was a lot of words

Bots fighting, they really haven’t learned much have they?


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>I thought that was a lot
6 posts. Longest, 8 words.

Well the bots must be colluding, asking each other, what did we miss, because it’s been quiet. Wait for it, wait for it. Ok the Jew word is coming back, or I’m a /pol man! Seriously wtf is a /pol man.

Now you’re criticising how many words i use? You’re not exactly verbose bots

What in the fuck is this entire thread I'm actually afraid to check the link with all the fuckery going on in here

Yup. Lots of spiritual things going on the last few years wrt unexplained connections, like even the Barron Trump book. Definitely an anointing of some kind considering the forces aligned against him and the Teflon repellant to all attacks. Uncanny.

Thanks for the thread link. I like the historical stuff.

>wtf is a /pol man
He is not a Jew.

Me too and I created it to thank an user. Just battling with bots

The link is about Tesla and Trumps connection really fascinating thread

>criticising how many words i use
I criticize all the assumptions you made from so few words from me.

>I created it to thank an user.
This started when I used the word Jew.

>if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
Im thankful for the Clinton's helping prevent global warming by murdering so many people.

You’re welcome and I agree, I’ve thought for a long time, “who in God’s band could go through this and still be standing”. Plus his sense of humour is just hysterical, I don’t know how people don’t recognise it. But I guess there weren’t many funny presidents

Kek, that’s just horrible

Good for you

>Good for you
Thank you. /pol man out.

Are you sensitive to assumptions, sorry are you or aren’t you a bot?

Ok I braved up and went to it and my PC didn't explode it's just like a 45,000 word essay but it looks silly interesting so I'll go ahead and read it

Good it was well worth it abc listen to the recording if talking about Trump befriending Nixon after he was forced to resign. The guy amalgamated a lot of research and it was actually an easy read.

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the amount of autism in this enormous theory is pretty impressive

ok give me a QRD on this rambling, is this thing implying donald trump is a time machine or something

He's an ausfag he's probably still dead for the night

You are trying to collect IPs, so very jewy.

Definitely a wicked sense of humor.


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original threads

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post some caps from the chat
i'm bored

Can only stay a bit tonight. With the Democrats going hog wild into an impeachment frenzy and a part of the deep state joining up to take Trump out, Hillary is on the move and is gearing up a bit quicker for her 2020 run. She will still fuck Warren in November and complete her destiny to lose a second presidential election and destroy the Democrats for a generation. The folks in Justice are finally about wrapped up and expect some explosive releases this week and yes McCabe is still going down. On the international front another meeting has been set up with Kim shortly and the meeting will be either be in Washington or N. Korean. Huge progress has been made on that front. The Iranians have become aware of some of the technology they are facing through no small effort of these posts to educate them and there is a 50% chance the Trump will meet with Iranian officials at the U.N. I suspect someone here from 4 chan has been putting together the murder of Epstein and Rich and has been investigating the property angle in Israel. Keep up the good work you are close. Of course the murderer is safe and grounded in the desert of Saudi Arabia. Have a good night and thanks for the kind words. Still a lot I cannot say, but this whole business blowing up on Ukraine is a reaction to the fear some folks have of what is about to happen. Took a Washington Post article today of Jennifer Rubin and put in in my parakeet`s cage and he would not shit on it and kept screaming fake news. Smart Bird. Glad to see people picked up on the Buck, Schiff connection. Schiff is a homosexual and likes little black boys, can`t comment beyond that. Good evening.

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Oh and by the way, Trump is sitting on files that show Diane Feinstein and her husband have been selling out the country to the Chinese for a generation. So far it has been determined that the two of them received over 250 million dollars in bribes over the last 24 years.

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Well it takes a few days. Had to get them made up. And shipping and all of that. Stay calm.

Hello to you.

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is Q real

God bless you sir, can we look for Di Chineestein to "retire" in the coming months?

Hope I like my shirt.

>her destiny to lose a second presidential election
lol she done that already, if you count getting the ass reaming Obama gave her in those Dem primaries, so long ago...
she wants to be a 3x loser? nahh...
she's terrified of prison or worse, and thinks being the opposition candidate will give her room to project some retard defense like "something something to your political opponents..."

Amazon you ain't.


Who read that Snowden says in his book that he scoped CIA data to "satisfy personal curiosities and is claiming there is no Government knowledge of ET life forms or contact therewith.

I need to leave this alone and simply say I do not know. I do know where this is coming from but I am concerned about what the interest of folks who have a least to me a troubled background is.

she is at the top of the nominated list for whose next (after Biden, of course)

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Q is real faggat, how many times you gotta hear Q+ say tippy top? WTF

Really the two of them should go to prison. They were involved in the wholesale transfer of ballistic missile technology, along with the Clinton`s in the 1990`s to the Chinese.

Hello BD! What's going on in Saudi? Still wish you had those fingers for your collection?

I really believe she is fucking crazy. Some of her phone conversations are not to be believed. Believe I mentioned that her private server in her toiled was the cause of multiple deaths of foreign agents both U.S. and particularly German and Chinese.

That information is not held in the CIA database. There is a group above the CIA and other government agencies that handle this. There budget has been in a black box and has run in the trillions.

We can only hope all these criminal pukes rot in prison.

That is funny. Thanks this has been a long day.

Is the DNC encouraging her to run or is she self-motivated?

Have we reverse engineered ET technology or were there ETs that explained the stuff to us?

must be some interesting "alternative funding sources" paying for this.

Still a shit storm. Well the fingers. Well I did retrieve a present. There is a diamond mine in Saudi and my friends gave me a few samples for giving them someone to work on. Those boys are very, very good.

We really appreciate your coming by. Get yourself a nice Margarita and orange juice.

Love your effort to help inform us.
Who is a good lawyer to represent a whistleblower? thank you-

According to the phone taps it is the Soros group. They are trying to reestablish their long term efforts to destroy the american government and establish a global state. Hillary doesn`t fucking care she just wants to be President. A lot of dark money from all over.

They might make up into a very nice bauble for the lady/ladies in your life. Just don't tell them exactly how you came by the diamonds.

Speaking of our friend Mr. Soros, how much of his antics in Ukraine will be made public along with the Biden and Obama perfidy?

Why has she not been indicted? Its insane, does the DOJ have enough evidence? I really don't want yo see that bitch enter the race. The crazies are crazy enough!

Some of the technology that has been transferred to the Gulf is based on the et stuff and some from work that has been going on for a generation based on Tesla`s insights. Just a comment on et. This phenomena is not just spaced based but is also time based. Tricky technology. Several years ago a test was run that well turned to shit and somethings just simply disappeared and it seems the stuff just disappeared somewhere in the past. At least that is what the numbers say.

Mostly government funds. Just well hidden.

Thanks I am already drinking.

Really do need a life since the love of my life at Georgia Tech did not work out. This kind of work and romance really do not belong together. Things happen

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if God exists, and something tells me He does, she's coming back in the next life as a Tardigrade, set to wander in space getting buttfucked for a billion years by all the other Tardigrades

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