FUCK TRUMP .. vote him out of office

Nationalist here. Trump is crap.

He keeps White America asleep because they think he's doing shit to fix the problems (HE'S NOT LOL!).

Under Obama, the whole U.S. right was alive and on edge. Obama is crap, too, but at least White America knew it!

I'm voting Democrat in 2020.

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>I'm voting Democrat in 2020.
you don't even know who you voting for

jokes on you kike, Im not voting in a rigged system

I'm definitely not voting for Trump.

Anything to drop Trump. MAGA is just a brand for grifters and other GOP shills to cash in on your hope.

its not that he's not doing shit.
it's that he's doing it so haphhazardly and so blasely that he is infuriating the opposition, which cannot both simultaneously be powerless and all powerful(major conspiratard congnitive dissonance), resulting in a future where through his clumsy and rough handling the liberal left will manage to push back, remove the wall, remove immigration control, ban guns etc etc you name it

im a blue dog democrat btw

>I'm wearing a mask

>nationalist here

Reported to the FBI. Fucking terrorist.

>Im not voting
like in 2016?

kill yourself shill rat

>Anything to drop Trump.
nevertrumper you have no idea what democracy is

>anything but trump
>hes going back to the same tactic of 2016 that already failed

Retard Trump is just GOP shills + edgy tweets. Stop supporting him. He doesn't give a shit about you.

OK idiot.

The GOP has made Trump into Jeb 2.0. Wake up.

>Nationalist here
Kek. Nice Rèddit spacing homo

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>He doesn't give a shit about you.
He even doesn't know my name!
At least hes trying to return factories back to the US.
If there are no working people - the middle class is next

>I'm voting Democrat
That's a weird way of saying "I'm jewish" but whatever

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What the fuck is Trump doing for us? Oh yea, nothing. He just makes idiots like you more calm than a Democrat would.

Cope. Trump is also increasing MUH LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Trump is just keeping our people asleep. Wake up!!

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He's not going to pull the trigger. He's just supposed to put pressure on whites so we explode at a convenient political time. If you think the media didn't make deals with trump to make him look like a villain, you're not playing HD Backgammon.

Is it true you guys always vote Democrat cause it's in your kike DNA

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Samefag shill GTFO

>Nationalist here

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Samenig pls go

Why not just not vote? This just comes off as another Democrat shill thread. Trump sucks, so I won’t vote at all. You don’t have to participate in a rigged game.

What you want me to say neo nazi?

>Voting democrat
Yeah right.

Based Shillposter

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Reasonable take. I just want Trump to lose so a Democrat scares Whites awake. Trump is not our friend.

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Hope the screenshot for rpolitics was worth it faggot

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>voting for literal retards who want to silence your voice and your ability to think for yourself

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Basicbitch samenog

A Dem we know is shitty is better than a Trump who ain't doing shit but keeping Whites asleep.

>I'm voting Democrat in 2020.
Hello friend, I too am completely retarded. Planning to write in Ocasio-Cortez.

t. reddit

I just want Trump to lose faggot.

Im one of you
Trump bad
Trump anti white
Obama good, even thought im a fellow nationalist!

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It's time to join Trump's GOP and give up your firearms, Jow Forums.

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Trump is just a slow version of AOC. He's INCREASING LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Wake the fuck up.

Not what I said. I said Obama was bad. Re-read, retard.

But Trump will fix the rigged Diebold voting machines! Have you heard that women’s unemployment is at a record low under the Trump administration? How great for the economy! If all goes according to plan, all women will be in cubicle jobs where they belong.

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Democrats have gone too far left, they are disgusting traitors! Vote for the center. Vote for Israel. Vote for Saudi Arabia. Vote for the economy. Vote for Trump!

>I'm a nationalist
>I'm going to do all I can do destroy our nation

I can't wait until Jesus comes back and we nail your kike ass to a cross, death is worse than being crucified.

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>>I'm a nationalist
>>I'm going to do all I can do destroy our nation
no moron

Trump is doing nothing but giving FAKE HOPE to edgetards like you, when 90% of the rightwing White public is asleep because of Trump. Trump is just a shitty bandaid.


I have no hope you mother fucking shitlord. Are you too fucking stupid to realize that he's still the best for 2020 and we have to get ready for 2024? Anyone but him in 2020 and we won't even have a chance in 2024. It will be over before then, and what little real hope you may have will be fucking gone you little shithead. If he doesn't re-elected the USA is fucking done, and as soon as someone other than Trump is office it will be open season on whites and our history will be destroyed.


The Republican platform has been anti Russia forever, then 2016 comes around and BOOM it's off the platform, right when a guy who helped Launder billions of Russian and Ukrainian dollars from the energy sector is running for president. What a coincidence. Oh and fossil fuels are best fuels. He glows so bright. I can't believe the enlightened people of Jow Forums can't see through this. These have to be shills beating the drums for him on here everyday.

>If he doesn't re-elected the USA is fucking done

Also this.
Voting is gay, but Trump is an obvious boomer pacifier, not to mention he's also an obvious ZOG plant.

>Nationalist here. Trump is crap.

fuck off shill

> Nationalist here
> I'm voting Democrat in 2020

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I'm noting how in this thread no one has been able to deny the fact that OP is right. Just strawmans and ad hominens everywhere.


thanks user

You have this warped. Trump is EXTREMELY anti-Russia. His actual actions tell you this. The soft rhetoric is to dupe his own, White supporters and attach them to Russia. They are being set up, he's playing a role. Who Trump was laundering money for were the jewish mafia crew who TOOK DOWN Russia in the lates 80s/early 90s.

You are very much thinking like Trump wants you to think. You brownskins are getting geared up to fight the forever war against Russia to reimpose the Yeltsin paradigm. Trump is, again, playing a role.

just keep shilling. you'll need a new job real soon

"trump is crap poopy poopoo meanie" you don't sound like a nationalist sone BITCH.

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>unable to speak english
>responds to wrong post
>can't green text
>irrelevant image
At least try to fit in, and tell your other agents to do the same.

>Nationalist here.
No you aren't. You're posting in vain.

There's talk in homes and churches that you don't hear.

I’m voting for Trump. Fuck you and your nigger propaganda

t. Fags.

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>Nationalist here.
>I'm voting Democrat in 2020

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You’re a kike. Gas yourself.


Fuck off kike the white race time is over

oy vey schlomo, benny here, you're going too strong the goyim will pick up on this one quick! meet me down at the deli and we'll talk tomorrow. shalom.

>hello fellow nationalists
Trump 2020 because fuck you

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uhhhhh k

>dude no, just wait for Hitler
Fuck off mate.

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Youre mom is a huge coomer faggot

Post tits

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Is you're a true nationalist you'd realize that voting is absolutely pointless

I hate to say it, but fucking this. Ordering a bunch of MAGA swag from Trump and having it show up with MADE IN CHINA blackpilled my entire family


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> t. coping MIGAtard

,t normiespacing

> tearing up the 2nd amendment to own the libs
Take that libtards!

> not voting for the kike in chief makes him a kike
Nice try Schlomo

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>Nationalist here.
>I'm voting Democrat in 2020.

We have no political solutions.

who said that?

retard lol

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Oldfag here. Longcat , pools closed, habbo raids. We used racism sexism and transphobia as a joke but you Jow Forums retards took it unironically. You know the old saying a group that gets their kicks out of being retarded will soon be joined by actual retards thinking they sre in good company. Take it from an oldfag, vote democrat and grow up.

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OK troll moron.

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Nupol in a nutshell lmao

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Name one person who is better you fucking faggot.
>im voting democrat in 2020
Youve always voted democrat faggot.

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>thinks no one is better than the piece of shit in office presently

We lad....