Can any of the top 5 Democrats really beat Trump in 2020?

Can any of the top 5 Democrats really beat Trump in 2020?

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Who dis? Kamala?

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They couldn't beat Trump today, tomorrow, 2020, or 2024.
Dems just kys.

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Biden can't even get the endorsement of the dude whose VP he was.
Why the fuck would he get my endorsement??


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The is the Peggy Carter actress before she hit menopause

Biden is an old school Union dem. He could win in the States the dems need to take back.
None of the others will because one thing unions fought hard for ,gold standard health care packages,will be taken away by them.

The dems will win the popular vote regardless but the only chance they have in the Electoral College is Joe.

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>still stuck in 2016

Trumptards, folks.

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Looks like Haley Atwell desu.
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Mulvsi Scabbard

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any of them can. democrats won't let what happened in 2016 happen again. They have already shown they will lie, cheat, steal and kill to win. They will flip some red/purple states with voter fraud and illegals and there will never be a republican president again, until after the war, and there will definitely be a war after this election no matter who wins. The left is so unhinged and they've proven it with kavanuagh and that smiling maga hat kid.

watch the fuck out, you haven't seen anything from the libs yet.

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This. Everyone else is a brainlet, just like those union workers voting for Dems. I see them every day actin like they’re working on site. I laugh at them knowing that the only thing the Dems will bring their kids is outsourcing their jobs to China and bringing back opioids so they can kill themselves by the millions every year. Too bad uniontards can’t think that far ahead or they just don’t care.

surely you would just be reasonable and give a name, instead of being defiant little shits

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All of them can and one will.

Trump has zero chance. Zero.

Rural whites aren't coming back to the Democratic party for anything less than a Jim Webb. The DNC has let the mask fall all the way off and exposed their contempt for normal people. No way can a doddering loser like Biden win them back.

Worked for me thus far.
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Biden or Warren = Maybe.
Buttigieg, Harris, or Bernie? Fuck no!

Hey OP! Who’s the spic chick?

>Jim Webb
Oh yeah. He didnt run this year, did he? I probably would have backed him.

Hayley Atwell. She was in Captain America

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> on Jow Forums
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Even as a Democrat i hate to admit that hes got 2020 in the bag

>zero chance
His poll numbers are higher now than they were on election night boomer. But, come to think of it, he had "zero chance" then too.

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tulsi was their only shot lol. so no.

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That’s what I am worried about. Our media doesn’t perform their watchdog role anymore. Huge problem if/when Dems start massively cheating in purple states.

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aah the duality of this thread lmfao

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What's Abo?

It's kinda fun.

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>Hayley Atwell

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unironically best thread in the catalog right now
thank you based OP

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Now we know what her audition was.

bernie is the only one that can but he will be cheated out of it so we don't have to worry

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I wrote him in desu. Would have been the best guy to win, but "it was her turn!"

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trump is probably the top democrat and will take it unless some other democrat can beat him.

trump / obama are / were both democrats though.

maybe a republican will win then?

Are these capeshit, might makes right clusterfucks actually culturally important? There's so many of them where do I start to catch up? Tell me, son.

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It's a kind of Australian hominid.

None of them

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#6 can (yang)

Corn Pop's resurrected corpse has more of a chance.

What if they were all combined by a mad scientist to create some kind of super democrat?

Your kike pal Bernie is the one with zero chance here.

>that demonoid jew in the middle

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They will not stump the Trump

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guise someone posted a new meme on 4channel i have to repost it for the next month!

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The only one who had a shot was Tulsi.

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Not even if they use a stick !

No. None of them have a snowball's chance in hell. But come 2024? Enough spics will be let in to ensure that another Republican will never sit in the White House again.

I laugh at faggots who can't accept reality.

That's why the Rust Belt went with Trump in 2016. Most of the white working class had finally figured out that the Democratic Party is no longer in their camp.

Found the NEET

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Not without mass voter fraud which could trigger the Bugaloo end of 2020 early 2021.

no, thanks for playing.

his name is richard

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This is true. Good pulpit manner. Stronk presence. Skilled debater. Broad appeal. Principaled. Even temperament. Good grasp on most issues.
Exactly the kind of person modern progs detest and reflexively eschew.

Hope Trump appoints her to some foriegn relations position or the other. Truly one of /us/ generally, but very wrong on a few particulars.

No ...they have no one competent enough to lead.

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The biggest one is that she is anti-gun.

Nope none are electable.

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I think Bernie might, Warren is a long shot. Biden can't.
Yang would be a toss up.
In general the odds aren't good.
Bernie and Yang have captured a decent block each, and traditional Dems would still vote for them because they really really want trump gone.
The left has split itself too harshly. They are really sabotaging their own chances. Beto, mayor Pete and Warren don't command any respect in the left of the party base, and that's the wing that is most likely to just not show up if they don't have their candidate.
Turnout and complacency are always the thing that stymie Dem elections.

Prob not. Best chance would be Yang or something like that, MAYBE Bernie. But even then I seriously doubt EVEN IF they make it through by beating biden

Only dem who has a shot is Tulsi Gabbard.
And the far left has already chased her out, just like they did Webb in 16, Webb would have trashed trump too, but the insane left rules the democratic primaries so only lunatics get to the general.

she is pretty

Good to know

A leftwing populist might be able to. But I'm not sure the mainstream dems would support a Bernie. Warren is playing the populist card but i'm not sure the left believes her. She seems to be real but I'm not a lefty so it all looks the same sort of crazy to me.

I am not a lefty but there is something I like about Tulsi Gabbard. I did cringe when she said Trump is acting like Saudi's bitch. I even sort of believe it but I don't know. It just didn't come off right to me.

jimmy dore supports her from the left

Sanders, but they will rig it against him again
So 4 more years