There is no point anymore

Thanks alot fucktards. I swear to God this place will be the end of me. I use to be real fucking ambitious and was optimistic about the future. Now I feel like whatever I do, it wont amount to anything. I cant focus on schooling, even tho its only a two-year course, and I could easily pass it. I just dont see any fucking point. I just want some purpose in my life.

Ive already tried to commit suicide once and still have suicidal thoughts. Nothing makes any sense anymore and I wish I never took the fucking redpill. I honestly dont feel like I can take this shit any longer.

PS, fuck off Jannies this is political, its about clown world and how fucked the West's future is, so please fucking blow one off for me. You fucks are somehow more sad then my existence.

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If you aren't fueled with a white hot hatred burning with the power of a million suns, then you are weak and we don't need you

why Jow Forums is so blackpilled lately?

>>Ive already tried to commit suicide once
Try again you fucking loser.

it gets better
man up

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All the whitepilled guys decided to go outside and make a difference instead of staying in and shitposting.

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It's literally a phase faggot. Half of the actual anons on this board half gone through it, it comes and goes, blackpill-whitepill-blackpill-whitepill, until you find something you care about and then you disconnect from the negativity while working towards a greater future.
You just don't want to do the work in your two year faggy course, this is why you spend time on other things but you don't spend time on that, it's because you don't like it and you're looking for an excuse.
Nobody "tries" to commit suicide, you either do it or you don't, if you didn't properly prepare then you weren't 100% into it, just like you aren't 100% into your faggot course.

Man up and find something to do with your life queermo, call your extended family and see if they have work for you to do, ask your neighbours if they need any help, pick up some litter or something, hit the gym, who gives a fuck, you have 24 hours in a day faggot, go ahead and spend them.

take the clown pill

Which one are you?

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Somewhere in the middle.
I like to take walks in-between shit-posts.

which one do you choose?

i don't think i could ever find any purpose in life so i probably go towards the bottom half of the chart. Hedonism is disgusting to me and I already live very simply so I think I fit more into the ascetic path

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See You need to learn to convert that doomer energy into rage, and condense that into focus.
Shit ain't gonna ever get better if all you do is sit around and complain. Give yourself purpose, if nothing else to help out your people. All this requires is a little bit of creativity on your part.

Personally, I've lost all faith in (((Society))) as it is and have, despite every inner force of mine telling me to do otherwise, begun to do my part and accelerate the decay.
So stop being so dramatic, you fuck, take a breather, and accept acting like a status-quo modern day degenerate to help bring this pile of shit down in our lifetimes and not our children.
Then, once this has happened, and only then, can you embrace the side you KNOW must be done.
Shut your heart to empathy. It's time to fight (even if you don't enjoy the degeneracy along the way, PRETEND and put on a facade like the rest of Jow Forums does every single day to conceal our identities and power levels)

You gotta learn to lean into the decline brother

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Step one. Find problem. Step 2. Solve problem. Step 3 repeat. I guarantee your problem revolves around sexual status. See step 1.

You're a weak peace of shit go fuck yourself
>1 post by this I.D.
okay, I'm wrong, you're a Mossasd jew making shit threads, go fuck yourself kike

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Kek. To be fair, it doesn't

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oh yeah we can see the difference faggot

Why do you schizos always think that If you dont comment every 5 seconds, that im a Jew? Trust me im not one.

Probably a abo

take up a hobby, you dope. try black powder

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Fat redpills turn into crazy black pills

>I just want some purpose in my life.

train for war because war is coming

listen to the wind bells and consult your intuition. don't pay attention to the material past tonight, focus inward and build on who you are so that you make it thru the madness


Jow Forums is just a place to blackpill people in hope that one of the more mentally unhinged members goes on a killing spree to create happenings in this cesspit that is western society. This place will drive you crazy user if you dont connect with the outside world.

Every in the outside world is fucking retard. So many "friends" are A okay with white genocide and think the Great Replacement is a good thing. Ironiclly I am the most mixed person in my "friend group".

This. Enough of this sappy bitch talk. It is defeatism. Remember it always gets worse before it gets better but it's up to you to make it better.

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I live in chinatown where no one gives a fuck about white guilt or lgbt shit so I guess you should just find a location of people you want to be around

That's because you aren't trying you emotional faggot


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hey pal.
don't think of Jow Forums or the internet at large way too seriously. you may think that's impossible but I'm living proof that you can stay here for the giggles and not take any of the lies and hatered they spew. I've been lurking for about 4 years on pol and a bit longer on Jow Forums, and never bought into any of the schizoposting retard's lies.

look it's like a cigarette, it may feel good in the moment and without consequence but it will fuck you up eventually, soon I'll leave too, moving to a different country and hopefull turning a new leaf too.

my advice is just focus on the immediate issues in your life, finish that schooling and try to get a nice job. along the way you'll meet a beautiful woman who will see you and accept you, and that's something to be celebrated. please consider my words at least for a secon, please consider that you're being lied to on here just as much, if not more than anywhere else. Life is so beautiful.

You are fucking WEAK. Natural selection would have its due with you and you would die in the wilderness.

You faggots need to watch more anime. You just gotta train real, real hard and you'll level up in no time.

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Brighten up !

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This is called depression. I’d suggest you seek professional help. Just like cancer, which left untreated can spread and kill a man, depression left untreated can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions.
Jesus loves you.

>which one do you choose?

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>Whoever regards extinction as extinction, who thinks of extinction, who reflects about extinction, who thinks: 'Extinction is mine,' and rejoices in extinction, such a person, I declare, does not know extinction."

Brother 5 months ago I thought the world is ending because I was in a bad relationship. Blacker than blackpilled.
Now I'm happier than I've been in years.

Join a club and find like-minded people. They're out there.

yes goy take some (((medication))) to fix all your problems, the kike on a stick loves you goy

I left this place 3 months ago and i have never been better . greener pastures boya .... Greener pastures . 1488

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You're here forever like the rest of us

Hah! You faggot, it's worse than you know.

What difference has been made? Besides, in my experience white pills are just blue pills.

1. Nice blogpost!
2. Are you really that weak? Once you become mildly aware of your surroundings you think there's no point anymore?