Jow Forums why aren't you jumping into ham radio

The old boomer hams are dying off. Went to hamfest, these guys are all fat and look terrible. Riding around in scooters, with diabetic feet. Hardly any young people there.

Who is going to pick up this torch Jow Forums?

Deceased boomer's radios are flooding the market along with cheap baofeng handheld radios (around 25 dollars) which makes this tech genre cheaper than ever to get into.

Getting a license is easy. Test is 35 questions and answer 26 correctly you pass.

You can learn all kinds of cool shit, antenna theory, electronics, etherlink connections development protocols. Setting up repeaters and building antennas. Best of all you can still communicate with no internet or in a grid failure.

You gain valuable skills for yourself and everyone around you.

Young faggots of /pol need to jump in on this opportunity pick up the torch left by dying boomer hams.

Why aren't you grabbing this opportunity Jow Forums?

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Don't you need a license to do that? I don't want to give out my info just to chat with other dudes. I can do that on discord if I want that

fat fucking hand.
that's some HAM shit all right fuckin lol

Cause I’m not a gigantic faggot.

>be me.
>Get novice license.
>Study hard.
>Take abuse from old Hams.
>buy first radio.
>Listen to old assholes talking about their prostates and old man aliments.
Yeah, about that... call me when those guys are dead.

you literally need a loicense to HAM
this should tell you how useless it is

A lot of retards here. HAM op here. Very useful. Good skill to have. Most of you larpers are gonna die when SHTF. No real skills beyond shitposting on Jow Forums

your comment shows how it only will be the autist ham master race that will thrive whenn shtf

grab your ankles, here comes papi chulo

People should pick up a uv-5r radio before they are banned

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Ham is pretty worthless unless you have the space to put up a proper antenna for HF and ionospheric propagation. If you're stuck with a dinky piece of shit antenna that can't transmit much beyond your local LOS, then what's the point?

They're not getting banned you fucking spastic.

Learning amateur radio is kek as fuck.

You are improving yourself and taking a step towards self sufficiency.

And it is fun.

Here is black pilled talking about it

There was an anonymous on here who had a Uv-5r radio when some dindu shot a old dindu on a face book stream and we were listening to the police scanner he used the Uv-5r radio to whisper Hittler on the police channel which is now why they are banned.

I got two just in case. No liscense though so just in the cars and home for emergencies and weather

it could be based if there were a lot of anons using it. the barrier to entry would filter out 99% of anons though including myself. i dont want to buy the equipment just to chat with geriatric boomers.

Black Pilled has a good into video to HAM radio on jew tube

I have my technicians license. Cost me 15 bucks and I hung arounda bunch of 3%ers all day

Ham. Literally all you can talk about are where are you at, and the weather.

>Mfw I excelled in math and science when I was young but my drug addicted hippie boomer parents beat me and brainwashed me until all of my life's oppurtunities had passed me by.
Maybe next lifetime OP. Until then, keep fighting the good fight.

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The UV-5R is banned in less then 20 days because of people doing this.

why? I'll buy one now

Looks normal to me. How tiny are you?

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just like every other hamfag you failed to mention what value anyone gains for the time and money sunk into this hobby.
I'm supposed to buy all this equipment and learn how to use it so I can sit there and say "CQ CQ alpha charlie echo six anyone on this channel? Hi your signal sounds nice. k bye" for days on end? Fucking boring.

You don't need a big as antenna or hf, you can talk up to 300 miles away with tropospheric ducting with vhf/hf with your cheap baofeng handheld under right conditions, maybe not with a rubber duck antenna but it can be done with ground plane antenna or dipole you can build in an hour.

The UV-5R dual band is banned September 30 2019

That's why people are ordering them.before they no longer exist.

Does anyone do HAM broadband? I have a little bit of networking experience and it seems interesting to set up a wide area net

I need a license to talk to strangers on a walkie talkie? Seems pretty gay desu

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you can't talk to someone 300 miles away.
I mean technically you are able to, but you can't endure because it's too fucking boring and pointless.

Was Nellie Ohr there?

Cause its not 1992 where radioshack is in your nearest shopping plaza/mall and you can walk around like some sperg with a sonic shirt and be "rad" and autistically ask the neckbeards at radioshack for this shit.

>inb4 we have amazon now just buy a bunch of random radio shit off the internet

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The thing i hate is that not only do you need a license but you also have to register your address with a picture and everything, fuck the FCC. I understand the need to regulate bands because important information is exchanged on higher ones, but i don't want a bunch of rados having information on me.

>how to advertise the baochung to Jow Forums to sell off remaining stock inb4 FCC ban
I do wonder though if a baofeng can do this, since I think most major city police radios have moved to encryption with non-encrypted streaming frequencies for scanners

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what is ham and why do you need the license? can I get on in Russia?

Just verified, I think it's called P25 encryption but no knowledge on how the system works

You can do e-mail over ham radio with Winlink

People bitching about being licensed are losers who can’t pass a test. It’s a high IQ activity. Not as easy as smashing the keys on your Obama phone.

Makes sense. I haven't heard anyone mention HAM radio in over 17 years

OP, I think that metal detecting is more based.

This. you keep posting the same gay ham thread .. is it nessa? tell me why.

It's usually 256 AES. The transmission is a 6500kps data link and it's TDMA. Look up RTL-SDR and DSDPlus.

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IIRC stuff is country specific, like CB (Civilian Band) radio is a thing but on different frequencies in US, Canada, UK.
Ham radio in the US needs a loicence and is the Amateur Radio band (for licensed civilian operators). I'd look up Russian Amateur Bands for a start.

Yeah, now that I think of it the HAM bands might be universal since the big draw to boomers was that you could talk to international folks (civilian radio operators) before the internet age. Had a buddy get recent HAM certified in 'Merica and IIRC think it's pretty simple and they've gotten rid of the morse requirement.

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Fucking use yandex search and find out
It's called HAM in the states, which means there's an alloted set of frequencies for civilian use with a licence.
One of the founding goals was to increasing international communication, to facilitate good will amongst people of different nations

Wait, you can't broadcast Hitler speeches? Then what's the point?

Cities aren't streaming their chatter online. People volunteer to put their scanner on RRef. P25 is a trunked radio system, think spreadsheet where multiple rows can be placed in multiple columns. (Tailor what you listen to.)

Encryption exists in many P25 systems (and a few non-P25) but not all of them. You typically see special ops/swat/govt use encryption.

I think it was since it happened to be across the police band

Doesn't say anything about the Baofeng being banned in that article, nigger

Ah, thanks fren. I never really understood what it meant.

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I have the Baofeng bf-f8hp
should I also buy a UV5R?

Got an article on a DIY ground plane antenna setup?

He's trying to panic sell these shitty Chinese radios.

what kind of radio should I get and what should I learn to get on police transmissions?

Might do it unironically. Literally getting an MS in wireless communications and I want to do some signal processing autism. Getting a GNU software radio too.

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>>Mfw I excelled in math and science when I was young but my drug addicted hippie boomer parents beat me and brainwashed me until all of my life's oppurtunities had passed me by.
Feeling your pain user. I grew up in a literal cult. Never give up though, even if you have to start your life over multiple times it's worth the risk.

I ordered one of those baofengs from amazon and it said it wont be here till october 11th how fucked am i?

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You already placed your order. You're fine.

Nobody wants to talk to you faggot. Give it up

Was it the UV-5R? Amazon's been dinking around with the first few suggestions, something's off- so make sure you picked the right one.

Also, if it wasn't in inventory, then you wouldn't be able to purchase it in the first place. You'll get it.. just gonna have to wait a while apparently. Maybe a new shipment is arriving before imports are officially shut and they're waiting on it to arrive before distribution.
Could be a number of factors, user, but it's likely you aren't fucked quite yet.

This guy made a nice one for 70 cm. As you can see the parts are simple and they are easy to build

many times, at least in my area they switch to an encrypted channel when a happening is happening

I'm not getting a fucking license you stupid cunt.

Do I need some type of antenna amplifier, do avoid burning out my radio?

This is actually a funny larp, thanks.
If shtf, how are you going to power your radios? And why would you want to broadcast your location to people?

what cult? how was it and how did you get out?

yeah now you can just get it shipped straight to your door so you can still be fat and not even leave the house user

No just make sure your swr is good, if you don't have swr meter, ask at your local ham radio club, they usually have one and can make sure your antenna is tuned properly.

>Jow Forums gets into ham radio and red-pills boomers all around the world.

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>uv-5r radio
who sells them that is a good one?

Have you ever had an original thought at all or do you just do what everyone else does?
Get on the radio and call until you find someone you can talk to “your way”. People have been conversing forever. Why cant you?
Lazy niggers cant into passing tests so lazy niggers into shiton others.

Not obese

It's not really encryption, just encoding. You can get a software defined radio and run some software to decode p25 easily. It's trunked, usually across entire states. It's pretty cool, you should check it out.

I went with the link my friend told me to get, it has a bunch of extra accessories like the usb programmer and was like 35 dollars so seemed like a good deal. Shits coming straight from china


Ham license + Wifi = ability to transmit up to 1500 watts, potentially 40+ miles.

>but you can't use encryption.
KIND OF. You can't "obscure your signal," but you can encrypt your transmission to control it and ensure reliable operations. You need to publically display the type of encryption(WPA or whatever), NOT the key. You need to declare your call sign at least every 10 minutes. You can accomplish both by setting your SSID to both.

Now make your own internet station.
>search for "high speed multimedia radio."

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heard it was much easier since they got rid of the having to learn morse code.
we need a strong ham radio white force!

Digits check out.

>buys a radio for SHTF
>has to have a license

How do you live without drivers license and social security number?

How can anyone enforce this license nonsense besides triangulating your position and fucking your shit up? I mean, I could just listen and they'd never know I was there. If I start broadcasting on a certain channel/frequency, how will anybody stop me? Shitposting on the ham waves

Just tell them you're an illegal immigrant desu.

Somethin like this?

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In the US, at least where I live, the boomer will break out their fox hunting gear and track your ass down and make your life a living hell.
Most of what I do is either one day down stream from satellites or I play a little bit with packet radio but keep everything at under half a watt in the murs frequency. Which is not technically legal but well below spec so no one should care.

I'm stacking this shit deep in prep for the ban

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how much should I spend on a SWR meter? I'm not going to any fucking club, I saw pictures of my local club and it's all geriatrics

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>Most of what you hear on CB radio is either tedious (truck drivers warning one another about speed traps) or banal (schoolgirls exchanging notes on homework), but at its occasional—and illegal—worst it sinks a pipeline to the depths of the American unconscious. Your ears are assaulted by the sound of racism at its most rampant, and by masturbation fantasies that are the aural equivalent of rape. The sleep of reason, to quote Goya's phrase, brings forth monsters, and the anonymity of CB encourages the monsters to emerge.

Based and Redpilled


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They are expensive, go to the club and make friends with the geriatrics and stop being a petty little shit.

I just ordered this for $40.
Seems like the right one. If I don't have any use for it I guess I can sell it for $200 later.

Ham boomers are the most insufferable gate keeping cunts in existence and it's impossible to get any information out of them. I was curious about the idea of using ham to set up a packet mesh net, these fuckers seem to think the only way to do it is hamnet with $10k of redundant equipment, like half the shit they carry for their mobile networks is useless like a fucking laptop to run a simple shell text program.

I have no idea what your saying. Do you actually get/send useful information out of those transmissions?

But ya I assume some crazy hammies would break down your tower if you were broadcasting like a dick. But why would most people need to broadcast unless they had useful info for others? Seems like getting a license to fill radio waves with useless boomer talk is kind of defeating the purpose.


> same power as microwave oven.
> same frequency as microwave oven.
Nothing to worry about bro.

>Literally getting an MS in wireless communications and I want to do some signal processing autism.
Do you think you could weaponize your autism to create a repeater network with VoIP? Anons could then connect their own repeaters to produce a radio broadcast.

dude most of those geriatrics are shit. There are a handful of hams in my area doing anything interesting and they are all on the younger side working with packet radio, mesh net, and microwave. Most of those old folk just like to ragchew on the local repeater. fuck em

Last time this was posted it got challenged.
Why are kikes pushing ham radio?

William Turner, call your office

Kansas fag. 29yo
I have my General. I never set up my station, though.

What kind of device would I need for all that advanced stuff? I only have a baofeng, I'm guessing I need something else, probably some kind of USB device?

>these guys are all fat and look terrible
>pick up the torch
Because I don't want to work towards being able to chat with fat ... well. Here we are.