Does Jow Forums know about couponing?

The sheboons and latinas game the system at checkout counters with stacks of coupons and multiple transactions.
>In store rebates
They must spend all day scheming about what combination of items to buy at what minimum price to get max value for clogging up the line for 40 minutes buying 30 tubes of toothpaste spread out over a dozen transactions. They can get the price down to about $4 for that much toothpaste or makeup, detergent, TP, etc. They probably turn around and sell it in their cousin bodega.

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You usually can't stack multiple deals in my experience but I don't have a lot

shows they are smarter than you white nationalists like to think

Never get in line behind niggers. Even drive thrus. Just drive away.

Nothing wrong with couponing. I always coupon when possible. You're to dumb to realize she is saving a shit ton of money over time and in the long run. When done multiple times they save a killing.

>shows they are smarter than you white nationalists like to think

It's the breakdown of civilization you fucking dirty nigger.
They are not only ripping off the store to the point society can't be trusted with coupons anymore, they are clogging up the line.
It's like calling ass rape normal.

How much time do they spend collecting and organizing those coupons though? It's an entirely worthless pursuit, in that it doesn't actually produce anything but weasel out some extra cents here and there, and isn't something that anyone should be encouraged to do.

I don't get behind niggers, single mothers, indians (feather), or the elderly in check out lines. A single male with 100 items is guaranteed to be faster than any of the above with 20 items or less.

>How much time do they spend collecting and organizing those coupons though? It's an entirely worthless pursuit,

For a civilized person it is fucking retarded to work all day for $20 or $30 off of a household staple. Not for them. This is why you don't let savage animals in your society.
They are welfare groids and illegals who make minimum wage or less. It's probably how a welfare fraud defrauds functional society even more.

what is your time worth idiot, unless you are dealing in instant electronic coupons that took you 1 second to get and apply it is not worth it in reality

Worked retail and saw a shit ton so I'll just say what I noticed.
1. Everyone will hate you in the store whether the employee's or the people stuck behind you.
2. Most of the shit they buy and get a really good deal on is just useless. Some people would donate some of it though so I guess that isn't that bad.
3. Some stores you can buy shit with manufacturer coupons and return the item and you can actually get cash back for the coupon though if you do it a lot like the people we'd see on papers from loss prevention (blacks and mexicans) you'll end up on watch lists and in police books.

I coupon if it's convenient.
More often though I use apps for restaurants to earn points and save money.

so... coupons to maximize the EBT that the working members of Jow Forums already pay for? I don't get it.

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The show extreme couponing killed couponing.
Also they buy coupons online, so the deals are not as good as they seem. It is likely closer to 60% off total, still good, but not $5 for $30 in toothpaste.

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>Nothing wrong with couponing.

There's a difference between using coupons and gaming the system to the point you clear every item on the shelf and break it down over a dozen transactions for the "spend over $20 and get x amount of points" deal combined with the manufacturer's instant rebate + the store's sale + the newspaper's coupon.
People who do this in public are scum. You wouldn't do this in a community of people you know. These spics and niggers cut out stacks of coupons and hit up all the stores in town.

for point 3 wouldn't the computer just say how much you paid after coupon and then only authorize that amount back;?

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>I don't get it.

Competition in retail is tough. To entice shoppers stores have points systems that give dollars in store credit. Retailers have coupons. Manufacturers have coupons. Manufacturer's sometimes have instant rebates.
Some women find the yatzee item that every deal lines up on and they clear the shelf of that item. Clogging up the line and ruining the deal for everyone normal.

You would think but at least where I worked it could only modify it's prices with it's own store coupons. Manufacturer coupons couldn't modify it so it just went as a general cut off the total price. This was a massive retail chain too.

Ah, I meant your
>The sheboons and latinas game the system at checkout counters with stacks of coupons and multiple transactions.
implying ebil minorities are gaming the system, but they're kind of doing that already senpai

Basically, coupons don't matter when the mass of them is using our money to begin with.

Busy tonight I see. But nobody is joining your kike discord. So fuck off, rabbi.

This is something that women love to do in particular. However, you are just an idiot if you don't use coupons and etc at all. That's like saying "I don't have a savings account, I don't make investments..."

Do the blacks and Mexicans do that more than white women? I kind of doubt it. I don't think that's a race thing, I think it's just a woman thing.

>Nothing wrong with couponing.
It's wrong on two levels, from two different sides:
1) Stores should charge a fair price, and not play games with the prices, and give people ways to pay less if they waste their time jumping through hoops, while charging people more to avoid the indignity and inconvenience. People should do real work for value, not make-work.
2) Customers shouldn't look for ways to avoid paying a fair price for goods, like finding the mistakes in a combination of promotional offers which allows them to get something below cost. It's essentially looking for a legal way to steal.

>Do the blacks and Mexicans do that more than white women? I kind of doubt it.

Ask anyone who works in a CVS, Walgreens, or grocery store who is ripping off the store Jewing the coupon system and paying with EBT.
I have never seen a White coupon defrauder.

I’ve literally known niggers and spics like this. Glad they’re gone. They were toxic back stabbers and insufferable. Maybe don’t be suck poor low IQ coons. God I fucking hate the pseudo Jew shit skins that do that coupon shit.

(((1 post by this ID))). Also they literally aren’t. They always just have as many coupons as possible and then have the cashier do the work for them. Blacks always be like”FUK WYPIPO”,but when it’s comes to anything that requires an IQ above 65,then they’re like”WHITE PEOPLE,HELP!” It’s always white or Asian cashiers getting suckered into spending half an hour helping some shit skin sheboons figure out how their coupons work.

My mom would tell me everyday how the goblinas and qweenz would come in with EBT cards and by shit like lobster. It is so infuriating how these assholes keep getting handouts and I can't wait for the welfare system to collapse.

Is this why nigger homes look like shit and are falling apart yet you always see a new car in the driveway and you can see a nice new tv in their shitty home? Is that why them and their millions of niglet spawn have the newest and most expensive sneakers?

This. Coupon coons literally just have the cashier do literally ALL the work. They aren’t secretly mathematical geniuses. They aren’t doing all this math on their own. They make their white or Asian cashier do it all for em.

This too. They have to shop at a dozen different ghetto stores just to make sure all their coupons are used.

Don't look into coupons goy- guys. Its really not worth it. You'll get stared at. Think of how everyone else will feel about you. Paying full price is what we white people should do.


The darkies are motivated to do the work because they are hateful and destructive.
It's like a nasty, shit person with a victim attitude who will never put in a little effort into a new career, into a new relationship but will be extremely motivated to be an asshole because that's what they have been selected for. Destruction.

It never will. Kikes can’t print infinite money off the backs of good goy taxpayers. Once they got control of the fed and then most of the world banks and then caused and won TWO world wars,they can just use their Jew magic to make money from nothing while causing everyone to be in debt to them. It’s such bull.

You mad as fuck. Let me guess, your mom dragged you around on her coupon run when all you wanted was your tendies.

Nice pilpul you kike. We’re talking about over doing it on coupons. Using em once in a blue moon is fine. Being a lazy kikey coon isn’t.

>because they are hateful and destructive
>that projection

In my experience it's always some fat white woman that smells funny and has a fucking book of coupons that they bring with them.

I guess I'm not poor and/or purchase garbage products.
>buy 5 cans of refried beans and get one free!
But then, I also dont shop at Walmart or dollar general or any other discount white trash retailer

You wouldn't say that if you were selling the products.

>Revrun Pibb

On another note, Mr. Pibb is superior to DP. Although I guess it's not Mr. anymore, is it?

>over doing it
you're literally retarded or you have more money than you know what to do with. I think you need to stick to your own neighborhood and quit shopping in dollar stores. pay the prices you owe.

Dumbest complaint I’ve heard all day. The real problem is and always has been

it's all fake processed shit anyway. those coupons aren't for real foods like meat, fruits or vegetables

Some of the store coupons will, but most of it is manufactured shit.

White women in the suburbs began this when couponing started decades ago.

They taught their black and Hispanic maids.

But you have a point, I always thought it would be cool to do this for charity. 97% off items that could be put to good use somewhere that needs them. And if you make it clear its for that purpose you might get the support of the store, they might even do the hard work for you to get their store in the news.

this praise jesus amen. The last time i got behind a non white woman in line it devolved into her arguing with the cashier about buying a back of cigarettes so she could buy singles from her later.