Enjoy her during your 20s

>enjoy her during your 20s
>marry her
>have kids at 30
>she still has her ass
>you het fat, she still goes to the gym
>wants divorce
>gets everything you ever worked for including your kids, house and car
>gets fucked by multiple black cocks
>talks shit about you with Tyrone

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Wow slings like you should just give up and rot, thanks fellow intel

4real this is some obvious bulls hit and you should never let nonsense like this effect you

Lead your fucking life

>grow tempered by past failures
>bench to better self
>find another woman in her 20s
>forget the other bitch
>focus time on skills
>forge an empire with skills
>laugh at beaten, begging, forgotten bitch while standing on a mountain of mental and physical wealth of your own creation

>spend all your time and money trying to "do it right" a 2nd time
>fail all the same
>now you're paying child support to two wives
>you're old and there's little time left to live your life
>curse and scream and wish you'd never fallen for the wifetrap

Fuck you bruh. This hit too close to home.
>meet qt redhead when I was 22
>start dating and fucking
>be best friends and best fuck buddies
>go steady for 7 years
>have first child and decide to finally get married
>love each other and our little family we made
>second child comes along
>still madly in love
>she decides she wants us to eat healthy and get into shape
>we both get into amazing shape
>she starts commenting about how many men have been paying her compliments
>says I will always be her one and only
>year later she says I need to get a better job cuz she wants to be stay at home mom
>get much better job
>she stays home and raises kids and stays sexy
>time goes by and neighbor bro tells me he been seeing random men visiting the house over the past few months while I’m at work
>plant recording devices and cameras throughout house
>in two weeks I capture 9 different men visiting and fucking my wife in every position imaginable
>present her with hard evidence of infidelity
>tell her to leave and I’m going to fight tooth and nail for custody of the kids
>she leaves
>next day get visit from police
>charged with domestic abuse
>you can already guess the rest of the story
That was 5 years ago. I’ve been living on my sailboat and haven’t seen my kids in over a year. Hard alcoholic. Fuck this world. Never get married.

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anybody know if alimony gets bumped if you get more successful post-divorce?
but I guess it's moot, child support is proportional and the ex will just spend the difference on herself.

OP has a sekrit c)uck fetish

the common trend is sex out of wedlock. When you and your other disrespect the sacredness of marriage, then don't be surprised when she disrespects marriage again, later. I don't mean to be mean, but its the truth.

damn user, that really sucks. sorry to hear that.
society has ruined women beyond hope.

op is a bitter manlet

Rather fuck an abo desu

God, she's beautiful

>>she decides she wants us to eat healthy and get into shape
>>we both get into amazing shape
This was your mistake. NEVER let your wife exercise more than you.

I don't mean letting her become a fat slob. Noone wants to fuck a giant hamball. But you can't let women stay universally sexy. Other men want to, and will, steal her from you, because it's a fucking competition game until the day you die. Even when you're 70 years old, collecting social security, shitting your adult diapers, there will STILL be other old fucking geezers trying to snag your wife if she looks even remotely a few years under 60.

It's best to keep your wife healthy & not obese, but not "slim" and "amazingly hot" either. I know your dick will not like it as much, but you need to love your wife for things other than looks and sex.

That being said, there are just some women who will turn 180 on you in a dime because of hormones. It's bad luck and there's nothing you do short of either an hero'ing or moving to a muslim country and stoning her.

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Dude, I'm sorry it happened.
But you really shouldn't have said anything.
You should have hired a lawyer and hit her with a lawsuit first.

total separation regimen, do you even law?

>living on a sail boat

NIGGA. SHIT. Come on it can't be all that bad, sounds like fun. Have you tried piracy?

fuck this hurt and I never experienced this

Also, you should have shown the video of your wife getting fucked by random men to your kids, even if they were young. I know this sounds fucked up and would have scarred them emotionally, but your wife would have done the same if it benefited her to slander you.

You need the kids on your side when in court, and DEARLY, like, screaming "I will kill myself if I have to live with my mother". It's the only way that men even have a remote chance in hell to win these days.

true, but/and ...
it's also a function of society's powerful influence, even if you managed to somehow get a virgin to begin with. any woman with a healthy social life is going to be surrounded by her friends and media telling her that her unfiltered desires are all 100% valid and worth acting upon, regardless of destructiveness. that marriage is a passe concept, that the man in her life is unfairly holding her back, eat/pray/fuck, etc. that attitude, plus opportunity (of which she'll have many) is the guaranteed recipe for infidelity.
I personally believe the only way to have a faithful marriage in 2019 is to either be quite isolated from society and strange males (online and off), or to find a deeply introverted woman who strongly prefers to be away from other humans most of the time. no partying, drinking, hanging out alone with her friends, etc. all of those are GUARANTEED to lead to cheating given enough time.

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You're too based for this board, fren.

>or to find a deeply introverted woman who strongly prefers to be away from other humans most of the time. no partying, drinking, hanging out alone with her friends,
Basically my wife.

Inb4 that's just hypergamy bro. That's just human nature. Deal with it.

Seems like Islam is the solution

Here is eternal life for anyone who is in these kinds of situations: youtu.be/WDEBz25lGdY

If you have sinned one time even as a child, you will burn in hell forever. You need Jesus to pay for your sin and he will if you believe on him and ask him for it, click the link above to hear the gospel.

God knows what is going on and he is reserving the vessels of wrath unto the day of judgement and every scale will be balanced. Jesus Christ will tread the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of almighty God.

>you get fat

Damn dude. That's why you only marry an ugly woman so that can never happen.

sucks pretty bad. reading and hearing about this shit helps me cope a little bit with the fact i will never be able to get married desu though, so thanks for that. i'll feel a bit better till tomorrow. cheers.

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Was this in Santa Monica ? Because I used to bang a Crags list whore in Santa Monica a few years back that sounds just like that

i unironically believe you.
i was all about "herp derp fookin sandniggers" but they relaly got their women on a fucking leech. literally sometimes.
das hot

>Implying I’m not an apprentice wizard
I’ll fall dead before the sun sets when a girl ever lays lustful eyes upon me.

You kinda described my mom, I guess that's why she never cheated on my dad.

>you get fat
The man being the one to get fat is not usually how this goes down, user.

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>>have kids at 30
Why would you wait this long?

That means you either rape her or hire a rape machine.

Kill her.

>marry ugly
But the women in OPs pic is ugly.

Crypto white sharia shills dutiful

How do you let somebody do this to you without killing them?
I’m genuinely curious.

Where did he say get married again?

Marriage is a suicidal contract for men.

>being suck a pathetic beta that your wife leaves you for Tyrone.

I like how I get banned for two days for talking about a coal burner and posting twitter as evidence but this fag gets to keep his obvious slide thread to subvert this board up. You think we don't see this Jannies? Day of the rope can't come soon enough.

>in two weeks I capture 9 different men visiting and fucking my wife in every position imaginable

Dude, I never say this, but God meant this to happen. There is some purpose in your life that you weren't going to fulfill with her. Yes. This sounds fucktarded. But God doesn't do stuff like this unless there is a window opening somewhere.

Fucking hell dude finish the damn story did you even show the video to the police or lawyer? Wtf

Proverbs 21:19
Alone in the desert is a better life,
Than being with a quarrelsome and ill-tempered wife

Yeah, maybe just tidbits, though. Not too much where they can argue you're exposing the kids to inappropriate material

Should have lived a Godly life. Should have married a Godly woman. There is basicly nothing that could come between my wife and I. I love her completely, as she does me. We will be together until one of us dies. Then when we both pass we will spend eternity together at His feet. It's amazing. I don't understand why people pass this up.

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Bullshit story fuck you retard shill

u should have ghosted after showing the evidence

Fake story retard

i hope it is fake, user

Rule of divorce.
1. Don't tell her you're divorcing her
2. Get a restraining order. Claim she has been violent and you are afraid she will get violent when served.
3. Get a fucking restraining order
4. Have her served with divorce and restraining order at the same time

Might wanna plant some spying devices user. I know it must sound crazy but you show always try and keep an eye on your wife while you are not around.

If you have evidence show it to the kids to get them on her side.

This user knows.

Not necessary. I trust her implicitly.

Fucking newfags getting baited by old stale crusty pasta

Jannies are kikes. This is known. Memeflaggots and their other Jew shills can break the rules of pol constantly with their gay demoralization spam slide threads. They are never about politics and they are always shot to the top while other threads are clipped or hidden.

Wise post.

Fun to be smug 'til a semblance of it happens to you. Deal with it.

that has never been to the gym to work out.

so where are the vids?

>1 post by this ID

The real JQ is the Jannie Question. These faggots have to be dealt with for the sake of the board.


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>But God doesn't do stuff like this unless there is a window opening somewhere.
That's wonderful, I was worried that my young daughter dying painfully of ARPKD after years of medical treatment was a sign that God was cruel and uncaring. Your post certainly has shown me the light.


hope you're larping man, but i'm at a point where hope no longer exists, good luck.

should have went silicone desu but good lukk

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>statements made weeks before disaster

While my Christian friend you responded to is a bit misguided, you have to understand that we live in a fallen world. People will die and people will get sick and get hurt. That's the nature of the world we live in. But that doesn't mean that God is "uncaring" or "cruel." He has given us a way to salvation, providing you accept it.

>it's her fault you're a fat lazy cunt...


If you called the police first and made claim of domestic abuse first then you would of been fine.

Women favouritism by the law aside I hear that police will always side with whoever calls them first

>It’s best to keep your wife healthy & not obese but not “slim” and “amazingly hot” either.

Hahah few men realize the power of being many levels of smv higher than your wife.
I don’t want my wife healthy and slim. I would let her eat doughnuts and sweets all the time. I’d let her be a ham planet with low self esteem because I don’t want to put up with all the bullshit high smv women give. They demand too much freedom and want every cock out there.
A fat homely broad knows better. She literally has no mobility and can’t reach out for better than you.

this is why I'm never marrying
fuck this shit, hope women are killed by the dozens in the streets, I'll make my BOYS via artificial wombs and perfect them with CRISPR
btw fuck having a daughter too
you choose this bitches

q predicted this.

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1 post

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>People will die and people will get sick and get hurt.
And where is their salvation? In their pain? In their death? In the life they could have lived had they been born healthy? In the people the leave behind, emotionally scarred and completely unable to understand just why a beautiful young girl had to die like that?

Fine, kill you instead.

The only time I've ever seen this happen is when incels, neckbeards, and basedboys got gfs. They let this get to their head and then cheat.

Watched most of my internet friends do this to their girls and I usually just swoop in afterwards.


>Met in highschool, she is blonde, so am I, she was into gymnastics
>I joined army
>we got married
>she went to college (distance education)
>she got a good job too
>worked together to buy house
>preggers, son on the way, so happy
>she hates niggers and understands the JQ, yet smart enough to not get us socially outcast
yup, I'm living the dream

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Brother here. Everybody I know get hit left and right by married white pussy.

Don't take that shit. Don't want to drama.

Feel bad for white boys tho. Black folks took the bigass redpill a long time ago about women. White boys still getting fucked nonstop because they marry because a dying kike on a stick religion tell them boys too.

lol. good b8 OP.

There is another possibility.:

>be me
>annoying, histrionic, sexless, bleating cunt of a wife wants divorce.
>gets one
>she gets nothing cause prenup
>I raise kids
>All kids become Christians despite her overt atheism
>14 years pass
>she is a haggard bowling ball with legs
>I am getting offers from 30 year olds with nice bodies at 50
>have 20% body fat
>she's unemployed
>I make 6 figures a year

There is always another story...........

It's amazing how christcuck mental gymnastics can't infect a person who went through real pain and understands life. Never fall pray to it leaf, and my condolences for your daughter

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At least you're already cucked by jesus so it wont be as bad for you when your wife fucks niggers

>>enjoy her during your 20s
>>marry her
Dont sleep with women before you marry them

crappy larp but you played poltards like a piper

>live in Japan
>marry Japanese girl
>move back to Canada together
>if she ever cheats she loses her visa, home, and kids and is forced to fly back to Japan alone with nothing

yeah I think she knows better

>Jow Forums discord

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I second this. Pirates are badass. Be a real life Ragnar Danneskjöld.

That's what a prenuptial contract is for, genius.

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Get milf mommy gf solves all problems

>believing prenups blindly
Judges don't have to honor prenups you fucken mong. They only usually give a shit if both parties make a considerable amount AND EVEN THEN they can forgo it and still make a man pay a woman

I can’t believe so many faggots took this larp seriously lmao what a joke this board is

you are absolutely SO wrong its hilarious, and the fact you believe the things you said, shows how young you are, how little pussy you have gotten and how absolutely jaded and bitter "sour grapes" you are at life because of it. I bet you are still teens, or early 20's at the absolute absolute best.

Looks MATTER NOTHING to women, NOTHING. Sure like anyone else, on a physical level, they will LUST after "hot men", but the 'adult woman', the one you eventually marry, she has absolutely indecipherable, nonsensical taste in men that will be undefineable. You wouldnt even imagine the type of men women cheat with. Its not the fucking romance novel "chad" or running back tyrone, its a literally "WHAT THE FUCK WHO THAT GUY?" that 'chatted' to her just right or 'talked to her' or had some obscure thing about him that inexplicably turned her on.

"cheating" is a character flaw, simple as that. You either are the type the does it, or the type that doesnt. and 90% of the time the way you behave is the way your partner will behave.

We're still not gonna marry you, Sheila.

That's what you get for marrying a girl named Divorceah.

This is dead on. I’m in school to be a therapist and have a lot of female friends who confide in me (inb4 beta orbiter) and their sexual attraction makes no sense. Especially ESPECIALLY the adulterous ones. Shit will baffle you.