Land of the free

>land of the free


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literally not a bumper sticker.

I saw a dude with a vanity plate that said
HENTA1 on it once.
DMV clearly is run by sheboons or else they'd notice.

>eating ass

Is there a more disgusting nigger tier fetish?

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Yeah foot fetish.


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>bumper sticker
>on back window

Mods hate it. I already got a block.

I'm so tired of nigger ass jewish bluepilled antis on my Jow Forums

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a pedo faggot

asshurt roastoid. Go eat some cum riddled asshole you disgusting nigger

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so he likes bacon?

you mean based loli poster

f-folder dump? P-p-please?

Shes not 18, but the picture isn't illegal.
Watch ur step pal'o.
Glownibbas are watching

Is it really any nastier than pussy? It taste better.



I'd honestly become a paranoid freak, had i saved shit like that on my computer

Yeah. He followed the cops orders as to not get shot like a monkey. He went to court and was found innocent under the first amendment. This is how the system works in a free country.

what's wrong with a girl on a swing

Wouldnt be possible in one thread lmao

>literal shit hole

Ya mate its nastier

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i wish all pedo faggot fucks were like you, brazenly loose lipped and easy to pick off... you should be hanging. you're a disease to humanity

The police overreached in their authority. Don't be a dick sucking bootlicker.

Throw all pedos into active volcanos. It should be the law.

all these turbo pedo kikes

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Holy fuck, I am become coomer.

Why? There is nothing criminal. You can literally get the pics on fucking Instagram. Ive seen far hotter things on Instagram


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Why do you have these saved on your computer? Be honest user


too much time and effort. round, cut of rope, etc. will suffice just fun

Kill yourself old whore

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You know why.

in your dreams. then you wouldn't have to grovel in your little private hole to get off, if guys like me didn't exist.


kek posting this stuff and referring to it as "hot" is just asking to be b&

Because I'm a pedophile.

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Yeah I know already I want him to answer me you dumb nigger

>tfw you missed out

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>hurrr u cant get a real woman

You "people" aren't even human. Keep regurgitating that roast rhetoric.

I mean the mods love banning people for breaking no rules so thats not saying much.

Not my ban btw

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you should kill yourself then

I love you, bro.

That's the candor of a patrician right there.

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Born in such a shit time. Born a hundred years earlier I'd have a cute lg wife and a whole penis, born a hundred years later and I'd least have a whole dick.

Such shit luck. I fucking hate this world.

Little girls are the only reason I do not.

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Read a book incel.

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Everyone I know that’s into this is white. All my black acquaintances find it revolting. I think it’s hood tier

Africa is 2nd rape capital of children

You do know that any age below 12 is pedophilia right?

You shouldn't throw the idea away out of hand. You hate the world and we hate that you're in it. Killing yourself is a nice compromise and it will spare you from life as a prison bitch.


Thanks mate

Thanks mate

Technically under 11 but it varies. 11 is average start of puberty today

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there's a big distinction between not being able to find a mate, and taking a child's innocence. you will never, ever do anything of the sort but the only path forward is to swallow the business end of a gun. your kind are one of the most direct threats to our communities in existence.

to derail off topic shitpost thread hopefully, based pedos

No one said they didn't, idiot. But the guy chose to not chimp out and was vindicated in the end.

Imagine being an amerikike, a nation where infant boys get mutilated daily by the hundreds of thousands, and sperging because someone online likes pure LGS instead of old whores.

You are what's wrong with the world. Look in the mirror. Look at this world.

I dont remember her name, no result for reverse image search?

>our communities

what communities are those? The ones run by femcunts and being invaded by shitskins? Lmao

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>Imagine being an amerikike
He said under a U.S. flag

Based and coomer pilled

>But the guy chose to not chimp out

Kek, burger cope at its finest. Just do nothing and let the police manhandle you.

Thats the point dumb dumb

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>what communities are those?
humanity. so you've got a baby dick and are incapable in any way whatsoever of overcoming any of your problems, so you fantasize about overpowering the only thing you actually have a chance at. pull the trigger now, and avoid the day you get enough nerve to actually play out those reruns playing in your head in that hole of your's

That's how you win in court
And then you can sue and get some pocket change

I see. So you're justified in grabbing itty bitty titty because your parents had you circumcised. Tell me more about the life of a schizo.

No tits, no hips... man, I have some bad news for you.

>He went to court and was found innocent under the first amendment

Charges were dropped by the State Attorney a week after the arrest, long before the case would have gone to court. Don't make up stuff.

>baby dick

No I have a good size dick but its mutilated thanks to brainwashed people like you.

>just give women all the power of society, reproduction, finance and more dude

You are such an idiot its insane. Its truly no wonder why the gender dichotomy of today's world is so fucked with "people" like you.

>making fun of kids being mutilated

The jew cries out as it strikes you.

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>getting mad about pedophiles
>on Jow Forums
nigger you're lucky you weren't here back in the 00s
you would've died from ultra butthurt, they were everywhere

That I have good taste? I know.

How does this make a guy horny? The only response this elicits from me is "I must protect". I see a little white girl and the only think I an think of is that I must make sure she is safe.

>making fun of kids being mutilated

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Southern states backward Baptist shit tier in some places

Being a homosexual isn't good taste. Get some help pls.

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Are you saying that it isnt mutilation? Are you really this dumb?

pee pee poo poo

>how does perfect smooth skin, peak neoteny and femininity attract a guy

I dont know what to say.

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I'm saying that if you think your circumcision justifies you raping children, you are mentally ill.

Well then fuck off somewhere else, nonce

Fellow burger, is right.
>Be me, just driving home from work. Route goes through a sleazy part of the city.
>Get pulled over by a cop
>Gives me a ticket and tries to get me to sign it because, as the cops says, "it'll make all my problems go away."
>Look at ticket. It's for loitering in an area of prostitution
>I refuse to sign. Ask cop how can I be loitering if I'm driving down the street on my way home?
>Go to court FOUR times in total before my case is finally dismissed.
>Just so happened that at the time my case was dismissed, people went going to the local news and were reporting that the cops were handing out these tickets to get revenue. They even would ticket electrical workers working on lines.
>I sued the city (along with a bunch of others)
>It took five years, but the city finally settled with me for several thousand dollars (and that was after my attorney fees).
The point is, you don't chimp out at the officer, you don't provoke them. You do whatever you can to make things, at the moment, easy for everyone. Then you fucking hit them in court.

I’ve been around since 04 and can confirm pedo shit was common and moralfags were blasted. That said Jow Forums is /b/ grown up and we have kids now, so it’s not a joke anymore.
You should kys

Ass men are fucking subhuman. You prefer the part of the body where shit comes from to the part of the body where the nectar of life comes from that we are supposed to like because sex is for reproduction.

What a disgusting kike you are

The good old times

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So accurate it hurts. Pedo-user you need to end it, just fkys

now that proud degenerate can eat ass in prison



No, certainly not religious, but Jesus Christ is my savior. Christianity would probably prevent me from taking you apart in little pieces, and I know God would be disappointed in me if I didn't scatter you to the wind, kike

I parked next to 'NSFW' at the library the other day. A WMAF couple with a young son were the passengers.

He won't have to. It's just a matter of time before a bullet or a fatal beatdown finds him and he knows it. They like to toy with people if they think it's safe, like here but they always fuck up. Always. Nigga is a dead man walking, don't matter how young he is

>dicked pussy

Ew. I'd only ever tongue pure pussy

>not religious but rabbi yeshua is my savior

Go fucking hang yourself christnigger


Every single cop in America needs to be gassed. Fucking ZOG foot soldiers enforcing laws written by jews. And I like in Jew Jersey so I am used to every cop being a total dick.

Charges were dropped and he's suing the sheriff's office.

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Wow the anti is a braindead shitskin newfag who ever wouldve thought it?

>banning for no rules broken so based!

Reddit 2.0 indeed. Fuck this site.

Masturbate more, kike

Fucking based fellow non newfag