The Truth behind the Greta spam

As you have seen, the leftist shills have been spamming Greta threads in hopes to keep you distracted from the fact that global warming was a made up conspiracy that the elites felt they could keep going due to half truths contained within it.
>Also be sure to spam the truth in every Greta slide thread. Always remind them of the sun.

TLDR: The sun nova's every 12068 years LIKE CLOCKWORK, and it basically wipes out the ignorant and unprepared.

Now, we shall begin this journey starting with legends.
Many of our ancient Ancestors, talk about this, but everyone always thought they worshiped the sun because they were retards.
Not realizing though, they feared the sun because they literally experienced this.
>Most of us basically ignored and disregarded our ancestors for 12k years

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>Sometimes in the mid 1900s, the world's governments noticed the Sun did unexpected things based off their current models.
>This caused a huge effort by governments, most notably in America, to hide this to prevent a public panic.
>Eventually, some of their/our "best" scientists/geologists/astronomers/physicists realized that some sort of massive heat and matter wave pelts the earth every 12k years.
>The moon missions, are a conspiracy withing a conspiracy. We went there to find proof that the sun novas/super-flares. They found glass/gel beads which proved this.
>More and more evidence surmounted, and as the solar cycles started to become better understood, a greater effort was made to conceal the truth of the sun's cycles.
>This is where global warming/climate change comes into play.
>While the masses are bickering about this, because the math simply doesn't add up, they are preparing massive underground networks to survive this event.
>While there will be survivors that aren't "prepared", they will be easy enslavable targets for the elites once they come out of their underground cities.
>They plan to do what other survivors did in the past, and will use the tech and retrained tech of now, to subjugate under the illusion of them being "gods".
>Poseidon, and Athena to note in particular, had tech that far exceeded the times. Hence why they were regarded as "gods".
>The CREATOR, of which is acknowledge by all ancient peoples as clearly distinct and above their "gods" was also known to many of our ancestors.
>So basically, every 12k years, this shit repeats.

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Now, to be clear, this ties into every ancient religion.
In many cases, we are finding that "gods" of different cultures are in fact all the same, just with different (sometimes similar) names.

There is still a disconnect between many of the people looking into this, because now many of them are arguing about "which legend/god" is right. Even though they are all saying basically the same thing. You Jow Forumsacks are one of the few groups of people that can see past it all and hopefully will be able to bring this redpill to mankind.

The question now is, are you just going to be a survivor? Or are you going to be a thriver? Someone who has managed to retain modern tech so you can abuse (or help) the new "stone aged" peoples?

This guy credible, but has his own obvious biases.
This guy more science biased, but also with his own biases.

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Your average pol user is just ignoring it... It's completely forced on both talking point sides

an interesting theory. whether or not it is true doesnt really matter in the end, unless you propose that we all begin digging.

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They have spammed an endless litany of Greta threads and it is not without purpose. They are lurking in the threads; looking for the worst of the posts. The folks talking about fucking her, killing her, making memes of her autism. Expect news articles to come out about how the right wing are big bad monsters picking on a little kid

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OP, you sound very frustrated and desperate. Is the little girl bullying you with facts?

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Holy numbers batman

Some of us are already digging.
I was looking at some of the estimated numbers regarding the heat wave we'd need to be able to survive. As well as the cold wave.

One side of the earth is going to be basically vaporized, and the other side of the earth is going to get flash frozen as their heat rushes to the side of the world where the matter was literally blown off into space.

It would only take from what I can tell, digging about 20m into the earth. Or hiding in a cave.
>in regards to surviving the heat wave.

The flash freeze is may be an inescapable problem for some areas. But survivable for most areas.
>I believe white people are some of the most consistent survivors of this, literally based of their white skin and on average higher IQ.
>Darker peoples are basically the people that got stuck up top, and regressed back into animistic and primitive mentalities to survive.

Only white people are going to be able to survive underground the longest due to them not needing as much sunlight.
All other darker peoples will suffer from rickets, assuming they don't have a good source of vitamin D.

It’s a distraction, but not for that

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Incorrect shill, in fact the facts will come to light eventually.

The problem I am trying to rectify, is to make sure Jow Forumsacks have a heads up to what is actually happening, so we can take advantage of these people who believe all this is manmade.

no proof or evidence

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Leaf, there is proof of thousands of different ancestors talking about this.

We monitor the sun today, and if your IQ is high enough, you will notice a pattern.
If you can't notice the pattern, just know that ignorance won't be an excuse when the time comes.
You were foretold not only by your ancestors, but by even your modern day world.

To reiterate for those watching the videos and becoming informed.
This thread might be 404's or archived by the time you get back, so just remember to keep spreading the truth in every slide/shill/Greta thread.
Constantly remind them about the Sun's cycles, hijack their threads, redpill the populace.
We've taken their memes from them before, we can do it again.

>The eternal war between Good and Evil, the Right and the Left, Men and women, rages on!

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this just gets stupider and stupider the further i read.

double checked

and triple... what is going on with the digits in this thread?

She goes against Big Oil talking points
>"WTF GUYS she's being propped up?!"
kill yourself cunt

It's the truth user.

If I laid out all the facts/proofs/journals of this, it would take months.
I am merely trying to get those who are have already mathematically checked the current global warming propaganda, to come to the truth as to why none of (((their))) evidence adds up.

You should go check out the caves to the west aussie user, the truth will set you free.

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Pretty much this.
There's one thing the elite preppers haven't thought of, that will affect only them.
Past generations had it takend care of.

I think it's all about straight up technology transfers.
Build up new fertile (cheap)slave plantations and make the fallow(expensive) slaves pay for it all.
Just like they've always done since ancient times.

>The Truth behind the Greta spam

globohomo is bullying us with child soldiers who, because of our decency, we are reluctant to attack. cool tactic bro.

I am not so sure about this, I feel it's more of just a logical transition. Where the freedom paradox allows some to choose a path of sin, and others choose the path of righteousness.

Like even now, there is evidence that the tech has already been found.
Our modern day electrical engineers will eventually re-discover this tech, or it will continue to be denied and hidden.

From what we know of the wars between the last survivors of the great "reset", there was two distinct sides fighting. Where both sides had "gods" with a tech that we have yet to rediscover.

its true that kek says you're wrong lol
anyway there's no math in that big long diatribe.
>by my estimates
what estimates? that's not how anyone being honest would talk. its all interesting notions but no actual substance. the deeper one reads into
the sillier it becomes. it reads like a high school writing project. watching a bunch of doom documentaries doesnt give anyone the ability to string it all together. the narrative is flawed and fails to substantiate its claims.

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I don't give a fuck about the epstein bullshit.
It doesn't affect me and nothing more will come of it. You're only interested in it to fuel your schizo conspiracy bullshit.
On the other hand, rallying support to finally bring about the day of the belt and bring women to heel and thus fix the West does affect me and is relevant to the civilization I live in and is thus Jow Forumsitical.

Now fuck off.

and this my friends is a bot

Consider watching the videos. Those guys explain it in much longer winded forms.
Although, it seems like you lack attention span for it, so you can blame no one else for your ignorance on the topic.

The "global warming" narrative is completely flawed, yet people like you will allow Greta threads to be shilled constantly.
You shills don't realize, pol is quit stubborn on things like this. You can continue to try to ignore looking into things like this, and you can continue to try to dissuade those who have already looked into the current narrative, but you ultimately are just another that will be disregarded.

Close OP, all the spam of that barely understandable yard has to do with distracting all of us from the upcoming DOJ report on the FISA abuse scandal. I highly recommend reading the report when released over the next few weeks.

>ad hominem
And this, my friends, is a shill or a schizo retard who wants to distract us from actually getting shit done by trying to get us focused on a wild goose chase that does nothing for us.

There. Done. Riddle solved. Epstein mystery figured out. Case closed.

Now back to actually trying to win hearts and minds (what little Jow Forums actually has) to get everyone pointed in the same direction to get shit done so we can live happier lives.

>people like you will allow Greta threads to be shilled constantly.

wow you'll really say anything to discredit people who disagree with you, huh? your first response to criticism of the material is personal attacks and strawmanning. now i know you're just a bullshitter and everyone else can see too.

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Yes we can read the report later, but if you are going to try to derail this thread and not Greta threads, you are showing your true colors.

>If you see a Greta thread, or someone trying to silence the truth about the sun, REMIND THEM.

what the ever loving fuck does this thread have to do with what you're talking about?
what does this post have to do with OP? absolutely nothing. you popped into a thread to complain about someone else yet failed to actually address the topic of the thread.

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Show me your comments condemning the Greta threads.

>we can read the report later
You realize that it's THE smoking gun right?

Link to thread where the smoking gun is being properly talked about?

>You Jow Forumsacks are one of the few groups of people that can see past it all and hopefully will be able to bring this redpill to mankind.

Yo im cooming lol

>guys that other stuff is a few weeks later so forget it
>instead pay attention to a bunch of sun stuff that's going to happen after you're dead, i swear!

the narrative just keeps crumbling more and more..

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That's the fucking point OP. They got us talking about some completely unnecessary climate bullshit, including your bullshit, and not about the real topics.

Still waiting for you to condemn Greta and post proofs that you've shilled against it.

Did you notice how I wasn't responding to OP?
Did you notice how I was responding to some other poster?
Did you open the pic of the poster I replied to?
Can you read?
As for the topic ITT: I was reading this thread. That's how I discovered the post that I thought was objectionable. If the other anons in a thread post thoughts that more or less mirror my own then I do not post anything myself. If I come across something with which I disagree or which I think merits more thought then I post.

Welcome to the internet.

Based micronova poster.

Fuck off. If anything is ever done with Epstein, FISA, Clinton and her crew, then come talk. We've been talking about that shit for the past 4 years and it's the same shit over and over. Nothing is ever done.

i dont jump through your hoops and i dont answer to you. i dont have to do anything for someone i already consider to be acting in bad faith. get over yourself.

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kk. Enjoy your stay.

Based post, nice digits

rope yet, boss?

>Only white people are going to be able to survive underground the longest due to them not needing as much sunlight.
>All other darker peoples will suffer from rickets, assuming they don't have a good source of vitamin D.
Sweet. build an underground bio-dome in northern karst caves. Also if the earth is going to be fucked regardless, screw the environment.

>Did you notice how I wasn't responding to OP? Did you notice how I was responding to some other poster?
>"what does this post have to do with OP? absolutely nothing. you popped into a thread to complain about someone else..."
oh, you're certifiably retarded? that's cool.

>what if I told you they are constantly spamming the one subject they don’t want you to think about

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It's the creators RESET.
Technically the environment will be restored after this event.

More proof of this will come from Antarctica in about 10 years.

You sound like ben shapiru

>show me your dick otherwise you don't have one

>complains about posts which are not directly related to OP
OP's topic is not about posts that complain about some other post.
So the fact that you've posted multiple times to reply to me and not about OP's post makes you quite the hypocrite.
Check mate, faggot.

Shills calling in back up?
If you are not a shill, go shill/troll a greta thread and report back to me.

If the creator wants it reset.. and I defy the creator...

You see where I'm going with this....

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such a waste

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>YFW this is basically just the plot of the chink book the three body problem

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Suspicious observer youtube

Not a shill. I've briefly looked into this stuff but I just haven't seen any info that shows me that the the solar flair/pole shift/adam and eve reset story is anything more than just pissed on breadcrumbs. Nothing of substance seems to point to that being our reality.
That said, none of it means anything if we are letting our women and children are be corrupted, really

>Always remind them of the sun

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Joel 2:32
>And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as the LORD has said, and among the survivors shall be those whom the LORD calls.

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>i'm so lazy that i cant check to see if someone has or hasn't said something before i falsely accuse them, making a complete moron of myself

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The druids talked about it,
The Egyptians,
South Americans...

They all talk about something they witnessed.

Not too much left on what the druids knew sadly, but it's the case for most ancient legends.
If you want, go read up on Plato's and his buddies. They were far ahead of their time, despite the "mainstream" disregarding them as fantasizing.

If the lord calls me then I survive, great, but I'm not going to hide in a hole like a rat from my fate. Not a little bitch.

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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Well, the idea is that you won't need to hide if you know the Lord will rapture you away.
Believe it or not, some of us are worried our names are not written in the book of life.
Some of us were meant to live in the end times.


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user, I want to read what you're reading for myself, links please?

>They talked about something they witnessed.

Sounds like plenty of people fared just fine, including the people that made me. At least enough survived to tell the story... I'm not trying to bring you down or nothing like that, and you clearly know your shit and seem like a cool dude. But it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of picture. However, it does seem to hit all the check boxes to fit perfectly into the unnecessary fear/anxiety category

(((1 post))).

Seriously, test this thing for sentience. There's a lot of implications in your conclusions that I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you simply don't seem to comprehend. You know it made the news, right?

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cant happen soon enough

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You outed yourself by playing down epstien and calling others schizos. Gas yourself kike.

Right on man. I am as worried as anyone about being in that book. I have been a shitty person on countless occasions, but I didn't know any better and now I'm trying to salvage what soul I have left.
If I don't make the cut, then it's on me. Maybe there's a bonus round for people like me, sure feels like I'm living that right now. on some purgatory shit

Reminder that there are 16 separate Greta threads up at this moment.

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There's a lot. I am not even sure where to begin as I've been reading all this over the past decade....

First you must have an open mind as to what is going on. If you go in and try to speed read any of this, you will miss it.

First start with the ideas around what Atlantis really was.
Plato is the best source for this.
>Timaeus and Critias and there is another, can't remember it atm.
TLDR: Plato and his buddies were trying to remember the knowledge passed down from them.The elements they talk about, are actually the 4 states of matter, and they even talk about already knowing the celestial bodies are round and orbiting.

Atlantis was part of an Island Empire.
Ancient Athens (the one before you immediately assume) was at war with the Atlanteans.
Athena vs Poseiden
You are basically going to have to read a lot, but you have to read it knowing that these "gods" are also the "angels" and are people from the previous reset that have high technology. (We assume the tech is in regards to a much more advance understanding of the piezo eletric effect)

The Atlantean empire stretched from the South Americas to Africa.
This guy compiled a good bit of information regarding what we know about Atlantis' location in our time.
He has three videos on it, he's basically confirmed it.

Gimme a moment to write another post as this one got long...

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>this is pilpul

>knows his shit
>tartars existed 12000 years ago
pick one

Lol I stopped reading when he said the earth would stop spinning and everything facing the sun would spontaneously combust

Yes, I know the epstein thing made news.
That doesn't mean it's politically relevant now that he's dead.

I prefer to focus on political topics which affect me.
Some billionaire pedophile does not affect me. Corrupt elite pedophiles do not affect me.

The female problem does affect me.

This. They literally don’t teach kids anymore about the earth’s own natural weather cycles that aren’t just your usual four seasons a year or how that the sun OBVIOUSLY affects our weather on top of that.

2046 supposedly.
We'll be in our 50's, as long as you lift and stay fit, we should be the literal WISE men of the time.
>read and learn everyday!

There are many books, the ancients ones are best to start with.

Now, there is so much to read, I honestly should probably try to compile this in a better format. But I've been kinda just came to the final realization as to what is going on.

If there are any book in particular ask away, some of the modern stuff is scientific journals.
The Suspicious 0berserver might have links (hopefully free links) to those journals if you want to read up on the modern consensus.

Every. Fucking. Thread. Are you the child of a jannie? Gas yourself.

I mean, compared to the gen pop, and even many here, the dude has knowledge and a properly functioning brain. Nobody know's any of this stuff 100%. It's good convo and gets me thinking outside of my current mindset.

Proof that mods are fucking kikes and that this place has been taken over.

Bro, I understand why Socrates didn't write shit down. I won't be hiding

now here's the part where the charlatan starts mentioning real (but unrelated)things to make their spiel sound more rooted in reality. It reminds me of those martial arts "chi masters" that talk bring up all kinds of medical terms to make their bogus theories sound technically grounded.

of the highest order

>For just like the days of Noah were, so the coming of the Son of Man will be. For in those days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark. And they knew nothing until the flood came and took them all away. It will be the same at the coming of the Son of Man.

Have you ever read the book of Jasher? Or the book of Enoch?

It kind of explains how degenerate and bad things got. EERILY reminiscent of what is going on in our current age.
The Book of Jasher talks about a permanent birth control that was given to women, that destroyed their eggs.
Well, a while back, /b/ of all places, figured out how to make that tonic with supermarket items.
>If you have the info-graphic or the archive of that thread, please don't post, let's not try to recreate the literal end times.

There may be a bonus round, but if not and I am stuck here with all the other degenerates, I will still acknowledge the creator as the almighty.

>The female problem does affect me

It does appear to, indeed

They are spamming her so they can claim we are attacking her which they are already doing

>but some of the stuff he says actually sounds intelligent-
you're falling for the oldest trick in the book.

if you really care about obfuscated human history of the last 12 millennia, perhaps you might enjoy a more worthy book such as Madison Grant's The Passing of the Great Race?

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I did.

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They'd be doing that even if we weren't. Might as well get accused this time for something we are actually doing.

Tartars were a real people. How ancient were they? Idk.
HOWEVER, we know FOR FACT, the Soviets erased all of the Tartar's history when the leftists came into power.

It was illegal to talk about them.
I only mention them though, because in some ancient books during the Egyptian era after the flood, "Tartarus" is mentioned. Not sure how old the name is, or if it even has a proper connection, but everything seems to be connected.

Don't paraphrase me bro. Nobody is tricking me, I know what I'm doing. Though I really do appreciate you having a strangers back, you're a good dude.

He's been shilling the thread since it's started. He doesn't like the fact that people are talking about the Sun's effects on our planet rather than Greta's propaganda threads.