Guys, if any of your angry bullshit means anything to you please do something

Jow Forums please listen. today i discovered that there are users on pornhub that are uploading obvious underaged material. Some of them are uploading videos with the faces cropped out but it is obvious to see the difference of size and development in the participants. Many even have users and even the uploader acknowledging that it contains underage material. Others have accounts where they exclusively livestream but make it obvious in their bios that they are underage.

I found a thread where people are reporting these users, but say that after weeks the videos are still up and the users still active. A lot of the posts were more than a month old and of the links i clicked on, every one was still an active user. I'm not linking to any of these profiles for obvious reasons and ask that you don't link them in this thread.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised (((pornhub))) isn't doing anything about these reports but it's still really sickening and sad to see. I'm not even mad, I just feel depressed. We need to do something. Draw (((media))) attention or something. I'm just trying to do my part telling you guys and probably whatever government entities are listening in. If you really hate pedos and don't want to see this world sink into degeneracy do something. Contact PizzaHub and tell them to take that shit down, there's already reports. Tell media about Pizzahub. Again, these are videos that are staying up for months after reports. Something. must. be. done.

>inb4 sliding, shills, etc.

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self bump

Someone came here naming names of actual people who this user claimed was bangin underage broads and putting it on their PH account. No idea what came of that


i'd like to be optimistic and think he got what he deserved, but obviously that doesn't seem to be PH's M.O.

glad to hear you're enjoying yourself over there, user

why are you on pornhub user? Get your life together

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every eighth crescent moon I allow myself one (1) fap, which is why i'm extra upset about having it ruined with this nonsense

you allow yourself one big ol cooooooom

yes, and the only thing more disappointing than having it interrupted by ACTUAL CHILD PORNOGRAPHY THAT A MAJOR CORPORATION IS AWARE OF AND FAILS TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT is when i fail shoot it squarely into the center of your mother's face, user. Although to be fair, she is usually more disappointed than I.

Idk what to say user, sorry you had to see that. Report it to an alphabet agency and hope you dont get busted for accidentally watching cp and end up with your computer and phone keylogged I guess?


Are they sexist? Is it only girls?

Pray for wisdom

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bump. this shit is rife on YT and twitter, only thinly disguised. anons have been trying to push this to public consciousness for awhile. just redpill people about all tis shit

link it

i think it's legal to just watch it as long as you don't have it in your "possession" but that's what makes the fact its practically freely accessible on a popular website so concerning. thanks for your input, I might do that but considering the issue and i guess general paranoia i am hesitant. I'm posting on this site so they're probably already keylogging me though. Also, even if i did, stopping there might mean they don't do anything and this gets swept under the table...

earlier user mentioned girls, the links i found in the forum were almost entirely boys. i thought it might be part of the reason nobody seems to give a fuck.

It’s also on instagram

bump it up

Seems to me that this is just another made up, fake, Jow Forums outrage.

I heard about that being on youtube and also that they are trying to crack down on it (I'm not sure how effective those efforts are because i've only heard about it through mms). What I'd want in a perfect world is to see a similar response by pornhub though.

i'll give you the benefit of the doubt user and explain again that at no point will i be doing that because i don't want to give (((anyone))) and excuse to delete this thread. and i encourage anyone to avoid doing it too. The videos have already been reported best to my knowledge. no reason to direct any further traffic to them.


I'd believe it. I always assumed creeps were sneaking around on there but I'd think such an obvious target like pornhub would be more careful about this kind of thing, but instead one of the channels was celebrating its one year birthday, and others had been up for months with dozens of videos...

made up? no, i wish.

Are you certain it's underage?
Could just be petite women like Little Lupe and Piper Perri types.
How exactly are they doing this?
What do they have to gain from doing it?

I was about to report them to the FBI and then I found out PornHub is a Canadian company... Canada, what do

I am certain it's underage. I saw one video. The pelvis was tiny, hair nonexistent nor stubble, skin smoother than even a teenagers, overall underdeveloped appearance, etc. It was recognizably a child. It was a horrible realization. It was especially obvious contrasted with the adult male in the video. They also refused to show both participant's faces which was really suspicious. The video was also obviously homemade, and there were many like it in that user's upload list. Maybe if it was just one video I'd have given them the benefit of the doubt but it wasn't just one. And then I found the thread and a lot of users listed were openly admitting to being underage in their bios. Frankly, I've seen a lot of porn and adults straight up do not look like that, even "petite teens." How? They're putting dicks in kids and uploading it, man I don't know what to tell you. And as for what they gain from it, I don't even wanna know.

A: why are you looking for those tags; pedo
B: reporting to pornhub post nut dont count
C: fbi anonymous tips. list big host channels and tell fbi via anonymous tip

A stop looking
B pornhub arent investigators. you seeing it on their huge servers are a witness to a crime report to fbi. see situation C.
C. take down all the shit u jacked to pedobear and list names and links to their content
t hosters (cp uploaders and sharers) to the fbi and hope to be looked at mercifully or cop a plea deal...

desu fuck you your scum. dont look for that shit do the right thing and repent sinner/ thou shalt quit fap.

walk away but if you want to report go ahead. your life not mine. stop looking at gross shit

this is a honeypot to dox you

Sorry user. These boys gotta coooooooom.

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Provide evidence.

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i think op is a kid cuz its obviously retarded

How the fuck can you even tell?

>every eighth crescent moon
bls explain

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vaguely helpful but now i'm nervous about reporting again. Tried FBI anonymous tip, but maybe it falls outside of their jurisdiction since it's a Canadian company? Why bother with the hassle if there's no point. Also don't know what I should be deleting if I want to get serious about reporting this, but I'm not ready to part with my waifu wallpapers just yet. Maybe leaving it up to someone else would be better.

then they should jack it to cartoons like normal degenerates


striking insight, how did you know?

obvious based on appearance and intent to be sneaky about revealing identity of participants. also you look at the comments section and bios and people are basically admitting to it.

kek magic at its peak, friend. think about it for a second, what's eight cresent moons together spell?

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good info, btw, thanks user

Every cancer month? I don't get it help

not quite, remember, there's two crescent moons in a month