How do we turn the blacks against the Jews?

How do we turn the blacks against the Jews?

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>listen to this video while opening Jow Forums
>see this thread
very good

The fact these guys came back around with the Covington MAGA kid episode was one of the funniest things in this whole mess of a timeline.

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>video had "negro newz" in the bottom of screen
>cant find anything googling "negro newz"
are there more clips of them chimping out on jews?

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check get

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Posting climatepotatoe should be an auto ban.

The full version of this video seems to have completely disappeared


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Hey, no trannies allowed in my thread.

They already are, it's just that 90% of them just think jews are whites with big noses and funny haircuts.

What a waste

nation of islam, mostly

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So we just attune their jewdar with familiar calibration targets.

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They like to do stupid shit to entertain themselves (knockout game, steal coffee dispensers, beating up trannies, etc.) We need to convince them that sieg heiling and watching liberals freak the fuck out is an even better form of entertainment that won't get them in trouble.

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Watching a bunch of black guys goose stepping and giving Roman salutes might be better than the Islam is right about women dissonance.

No joke, I was looking for it the other week, couldn’t find it anywhere wtf

Treat them the same way we treat palestinians?

Black folk turned on the Jews in the 1960s.

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Permanently cancel slave reparations

Aren't they already? I thought some trend had started up recently of black kids punching orthodox Jews in the streets.

We just have to tell them who the real slave masters were. A lot of them know. That's why they're attacking Jews in New York right now.

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A lot of blacks hate jews already, the only reason they tolerate each other is because whitey is their common enemy, so i suppose befriend them? Seems like the only course of action to me


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More likely because they "look funny" rather than actual resentment.
The Orthodox style has a clownish look to it, and will invoke posturing (The behavior in which blacks do abnormal things meant to acquire attention and a reaction out of non-blacks).

Blacks don’t like whites already. Just ask the why their are trailer trash whites but no poor trash jews.

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>There are no poor trash jews.
There are, but usually they're the result of some jewess making poor decisions in breeding.
I knew one in highschool, the guys father was a goy NEET who was addicted to WoW. Family wasn't well off.

Take mine would you? It think mines a little higher def.

Because there are more threads in the catalog with her stupid FAS face than pieces of trash in the ocean.

You don't, eventually they'll do it themselves. It's not as if blacks see them rich fellas any better they do whites.

Blacks have been hating Jews since the 90s, few know this

Where’s the statistic that 30% of Americans Jews owned slaves before the Civil War compared to .5% of whites?

step one: stop being autistic
step two: kys

i hate niggers slightly less now
nevermind i still hate niggers

Get them to be proud of their race so that they would want their own place

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Niggers will never understand. Plus i dont think someone hates kikes but not niggers. We need to kill all niggers

Where are u getting this from?

LOL they're already there. Take a look at the statistics for assaulting Jews

They won't though, they themselves are kike lite & instinctively know that they collectively benefit from teaming with jews against whites, they've never once had any interest in becoming independent, they're hardwired to be leeches & destroy wherever they go.
Some niggers who fancy themselves to be intelligent will pay lip service to NOI while still siding with jews.

No one has to, once they realize that they are the descended from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, the true lost tribe will rise.

This nigger never heard of the Crown Heights riots ,Freddy's Fashion Mart, etc