Is there anything more retarded than nationalism...

Is there anything more retarded than nationalism? Why would you feel any fraternity with a stranger just because he shares an ancestor 20 generation ago or speaks the same language?

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Just give the name and address of the synagogue you attend and when will you be attending service

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I'm an atheist.

Better than giving gibs to assholes who want to kill me and rape my daughters, eh?

name a better strategy than nationalism.

Fuckin' kikes! SAGED motherfucker!

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Jew are? Coulda fooled me

Neoclassical economics shows that even if everybody was completely self-interested, the free market would end up maximizing the total social welfare anyway.

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>Is there anything more retarded than Judaism? Why would you feel any fraternity with a jew just because he shares an ancestor 6 gorrillion generations ago or shills for the same shekels?

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Yeah, Judaism is pretty stupid.

becasue the jews do it. do you have a problem with the jews?

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So is half of the average synagogue. They are often more cultural than religious centers.

Let me ask you if you've ever seen nature documentaries where wolves or lions attack a herd of larger animals? Do you understand a herd of zebras has much more biomass than a pack of lions? And a herd of zebras could beat shit out of lionesses if they decided to. But because the herd is together for safety reasons, (lookup "selfish herd theory,) they tend to ditch their old, young, or weak to get eaten, wheras the lions work together for a common goal. This is why various nonwhites condemn white people working together as an ultimate evil ("racism") yet they work together to plot systemic oppression against us and call it things like "networking," "social justice" etc.

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Because I'm white

Like 90% of Jews in the US.

>Why would you feel any fraternity with a stranger just because he shares an ancestor 20 generation ago or speaks the same language?

Used to think the same, then I went to live abroad.

Indeed why would Israelis do this?

>Why would you feel any fraternity with a stranger just because he shares an ancestor 20 generation ago
A fellow countryman/wowman isn't a stranger. We share blood, language, culture/traditions, religion. He/she is my brother/sister, we are family.

Shill if I've ever seen one if I dare say.

Nationalism is to human societies what immune systems are to human bodies.
Anti-nationalism is the equivalent of AIDS.

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not surprised in any way that a gooklover would say this

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which ones are real women

Yes, let's compare the smartest species to inhabit the Earth in 4 billion years to fucking African zoo animals.

If you want people to constantly fight each other over racial features and tribalism, then we are might as well just fall back to the paleolithic age where the first homo sapiens were basically walking monkeys with stronger spines, killing other homo sapiens for "ooh ooh dark skin, ooh ooh. kill dark skin ooh ooh". I agree there's plenty of dumb black and brown people on Earth who are retarded tribalists just like neo-nazi white people. But that doesn't mean you should act the same.

It would be ideal if normal white people weren't so gullible to let brown people flood their countries without proper border control. Europe/America were the best in the 1990s. There was indeed a minority population, but it was minimal, kept in check, and mostly composed of higher skilled immigrants still. Too bad you let leftists take over and open the flood gates. But it doesn't help your cause to just scream "All shitskins are tribalist! We should do the same! Fuck everyone but ourselves!!!!!!!!!!".

If you want to reach the stars, then humans must work together as an entire planet to do so. Our separated resources and populations can not do it alone, especially against whatever "things" could be out there. I know you'll just call me some "shitskin civnat apologist". You could easily implement border controls and reinstill white population growth if you didn't go around calling everyone else "shitskin! nigger! white people are the best!!!", allowing easy media attacks on you and your ideas.

Nationalism is only needed as a movement when the people of the nation have become self-centered and focused on their own success over the wellbeing of the nation. That's why its called national-ism. The reason nationalism so often is against Jews is because Jews make their entire living off of people being greedy and selfish. Everything in a Jews brain is designed to manipulate others to become self-centered. So if a nation they live in isn't greedy and selfish and degenerate they promote these ideals.

Another pleasant effect of nationalism is that it unifies the political parties and classes. National socialism IS socialism. Liberals ought to be national socialists, as the party does fullfill their needs for group homogeneity and collectivism. Conservatives need national socialism, because without it, the core conservative values: Family, God, and Country are replaced by: children ruling over men, strong gangs/mafia and weak police, and the whoring out of the country via the unregulated capitalist market. As you can see, the Jews have fractured our country with polarizing and outragous political parties. They get the liberals by pleasing their inner need to be civically responsible, while meanwhile getting them hooked on drugs, sexual debauchery, atheism, and a destroyed family unit. They get the conservatives by playing on their desire to take care of their family, God, and country, but meanwhile getting them to do whatever it takes to get a higher paycheck, getting them hooked on legal drugs and pharmaceuticals, and promoting zionism and lies about the wars in schools, churches, and TV.

All political movements worth their weight are only needed to counter-act an intense and dangerous swing in the wrong direction. And despite the manipulation attempts of the Jews, the nation will fix itself, via nationalism. It is an uncontrollable force and the Jew's greatest fear.

This. It’s why jews hate hitler and anyone who dares fight for their nation and people. It’s why jews want to remove borders and why they want to mutt everyone as why they need whites and Christianity eradicated.

Subhumans with low IQs are easier to control.

>Why would you feel any fraternity with a stranger just because he shares an ancestor 20 generation ago or speaks the same language?
Why would you feel more fraternity towards someone who vaguely resembles you, speaks you language, shares your culture and values, has a stake in the continued welfare of your immediate surroundings, and pays into a system that helps uphold your collective infrastructure over someone who doesn't speak your language, hates your culture, wants to subjugate your surroundings, and is getting handouts from the governing body he's never paid into?
I don't know. Maybe because you don't irrationally hate yourself and want bad things for you and yours.

there might not be an affinity with the other individuals however you may still share the same common culture

Thats right! Open borders for Israel!

Is there anything more retarded than remaking threads?

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Is there anything more retarded than OP? Why would you feel any fraternity with a stranger just because he shares his autism or speaks the same language?

>Why would you feel any fraternity with a stranger just because he shares an ancestor 20 generation ago or speaks the same language?
Tibet should stop complaining about the chinese

>Is there anything more retarded than nationalism?

It has nothing to do with intelligence. Organization > numbers. Religions, secret societies, and nations are each forms of organizations and they prey on outgroups. Inviting a foreign nation inside another leads to predatory behavior, nothing can change that, it can only be mitigated with boundaries.

Tell that to arabs and nigs.

what about it (((Shlomo))), the ((Khazar))) deception in the Holy Land doesn't entitle you to it, right???!!!

Asians girls want my white cockaroo.

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I literally only came for the asian qt. Post more and shut up faggot

Because language and culture form the root of our common morality, which is the source of the social contract.

Outsiders are not part of that social contract; they do not understand it, and they are not protected by it.

This is the same for every nation; a Pinoy knows how to be a Pinoy, and an Englishman knows how to be an Englishman.

There are rules to living in nations, which are drawn from the cultural traditions of the races of those lands.

My people before yours.

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Man, Mark Rippetoe really let himself go. Guess all that milk finally caught up with him

Why are you so antisemitic?

Open borders for attractive asian women