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>Christians, Pagans, mystics, gnostics, atheists, etc welcome. (No muslims or jews obviously.)
>defend Whites
>defend Europe
>defend Europeans
>take back our lands
>fill our coffers
>institute new governments
>leftists put to the sword
>defend rallies from antifa (saal-schutz)
>defend free speech
>promote the attaining and spreading of knowledge
>spread redpills and whitepills
>value nature
>value traditional family
>and more, etc
The ideology will be further defined as more threads are made and more discussion takes place.

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Was gonna get the black sun tatted on my neck the month after Tarrant went and ruined it for everyone.

Imagine you did it before. You'd be fucked

Don't get any ink that can't be covered with a long sleeve shirt.

im a lvl36 wizard am i welcomed?

The black sun is based regardless of whether St. Tarrant wore its imagery.

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Based Tarrant saving degenerates from their own retarded decisions.

Luckily, got my family motto in latin instead on my forearm. At least I still have my Opa's WWII journals.

Ontariofags (and other leafs) in here.
We're forming a fraternity.

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Tarrant was a puppet and you're a nigger lover.

His reasoning was very clearly explained.
Getting guns banned was part of the plan, there isn't a chance in hell Americans will let it happen.

"Christians" "pagans"
[any religion whatsoever]
OP's Roblox cult is retarded

The point is that it's European and that there's no reason to be dividing ourselves based on religion.

can you imagine getting fucked in the ass by
a thousand guys because they were told by
their master it would open the gates of new

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I bought my wife a black sun necklace. She wears it everywhere. No one has any idea what it is. They think it's some wiccan bullshit.

Bump. Please Jow Forums start listening to these threads. This has potential.

>Forming a group on Jow Forums using European symbolism
>"No Jews or Muslims"
>What could go wrong

I'm out, there a better ways to do this shit than to form a neo nazi gang. Start by red pilling your family/friends and support your fellow Europeans

Why are you even here?
Are you just a glowie trying to discourage people?
Why would you come to a site full of people you think are crazy?

The black sun is bad optics. It's creepy, ugly, dark, larpy.

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Optic cuck.

What about redpilled jews who convert to chistianity? Can they join the order?

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What will be the only reality is a critically committed civilization of the master Aryan man. Not Jesuit dick licking god fearing pussies. Fucking warriors I'm talking

What about those people makes you think they'd have any interest in joining an internet LARP about a fascist knightly order?

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What good deeds have you done today?

Guy who inline skates at the halfpipe near me wears a hoodie with a huge black sun on the back.
Every time I see him I smile.
He's pretty good too.


Attempt to create astro-turf branch with assets already in place.

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No centralization.
Autocephalous command structure.
Volunteer for charitable causes.

The first thread was started by a yank.

You were going to get a tattoo?

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bitch please, no one knows who tf Brenton Tarrant is hardly anymore.

Gay as fuck.
Get it anyway you puss.

>won't someone please think of the optics!

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you could get the ancient sonnerad for plausible deniability
if anyone confronts you in the public sphere, and you give a fuck about optics say that you're of German heritage, and that's all it means to you
if they bring up Brenton Tarrant say you had it prior to then. keep in mind, big black tattoos regarding white solidarity are hard to cover up.

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Hows the Muslim horde there?

let's see a pic of yours
don't forget the time stamp faggot

Not much of a problem at the moment, but FUCK ME there are Chinese literally everywhere.

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you again
fuck off discord tranny
and shame on you newfags for not calling this horseshit out
dont join any discords

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Why would I get a tattoo?


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This thread is glowing. Not going to point out how I know, as that's how they learn. But Christ, if you fags can't see it yourself then you deserve to be on a watchlist

ornamentation at the very least

>not order of the 14 rays

>12 rays in the Sun-Wheel
>12 Months in the year
>12 Apostles

Not getting it doesn't mean you know better.

The black sun only has 12, but I agree it's not thee greatest name.

This is gay as fuck. We don't need a larpy dead religion to save europe we need a return to Christ and men to regain their Will. Anyone who preaches this gay ass fucking shit about pagans and Christians uniting is gay. Pagans lost, and in many cases willingly converted. Their cultures were adopted into the church and they gained unity instead of fighting gay tribal wars.

>Christians welcome
>no Jews or Muslims
>Abrahamic logic

I don't think you understand the point.
The idea is to live up to the best ideals of the past.
Irrespective of your metaphysical stance, we can all be good to each-other.
Nobody needs to join a discord, or sign up for online discussion.
You NEED to get into your community, and teach people about the knightly virtues of honour, self-reliance, and pulling together.

Form a cell, call it what you want, don't take commands from any self-proclaimed grand master, but do what you know is right.

That litter-pick at baltimore organized and attended by conservative people is the kind of thing I'm talking about.

Charitable work, positive action.
And decentralization.



Implying Christianity is the same as Judaism and Islam. Nice try faggot.

all the obfuscation
is shit
the black sun
is for the true sun cycles of history
not this made up khazarian BS
about the middle east
history of christ is filled with jewish lies

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the black sun is the REAL history
not the fake christian
BS re-edited by jews and khazars
scaligerian nonsense

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This larpy cringe inducing thread again...

Everything starts as a larp.

I think chivalric ideals are noble and beautiful.
The people of the past had clarity of vision, pulled together in crisis, and weren't a bunch of defanged moral cowards.

Knightly virtues are the making of a Knight, and without a lord to knight you in that formal capacity, the best you can do is cleave to that ideal.
Be strident in your beliefs, but do not persecute those who also act in good faith.
Practice Humility, and prove your cause by doing good deeds.
Be open about your beliefs, and practice self-control.
Moderate your feelings of contempt for your enemies; if they are convinced of their own goodness, show them your common humanity.
Act with mercy and valour, do not invite the wrath of the powers that be.
Acknowledge the good deeds of others, and band together for the betterment of all men.