Vox day?

How does his IQ deviate from the standard by such a large amount? This man is a genius

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that is haircut makes him look like a special needs retard

He's similar to the Sargon fallacy. Not as smart as he thinks he is

>How does his IQ deviate from the standard by such a large amount? This man is a genius
Teddy Spaghetti!
The pied piper for cerebral narcissists

If you think Teddy is a highly intelligent person...
You may want to analyze yourself
Sam Vaknin's work would be something that might help you.

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he's right about a lot of stuff.

Omega male detected!

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>Sargon fallacy. Not as smart as he thinks he is
although it's "not as smart as he pretends to be"

He still uses the title "God Emperor" for Trump and predicts that a "Trumpslide" will take place in November 2020. Is he right, Jow Forums?

>don't trust the cerebral narcissist
>do trust the sadistic narcissist

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I'm 146 IQ, measured by Mensa.
Vox is at least 15 points higher than I am.

I am Omega man. Have I lost my mind? Can I see or am I blind? Can I walk at all? Or do I use a wheel chair

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>I'm 146 IQ, measured by Mensa.
You're just one point away from the genius Big Bear...
147 measured by his Mom!

He is smart and all sure, but not as smart as to warrant his insufferable arrogance and smarmy know-it-all demeanor.
Wish he were more genteel and refined toward his approach toward people less intelligent than himself

>do trust the sadistic narcissist
totally healthy human relationships based on trust, intimacy and honesty are disgusting!

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that picture is at least 20 years old

He's definitely pompous and he ought to stop bragging about how smart he is so much. That said he's a rock solid Nationalist without the sperg or pagan larping, he IS usually right, he's a decent enough person and the blog is a good source for news.

Hey Vox

disgusting secret king spotted

he's mostly like that when he's interacting with the chat and it is often full of very annoying people who are in fact a lot dumber than him. Watch him on alex jones or stefan molyneuxs videos, he's perfectly normal and friendly.

Mensa online tests add 30 points to your score, so they can collect as many dues as possible. You just need 100IQ average to get in.
Furthermore, anything over 140 cannot be strongly measured. This is why ranges of IQ are common at these levels.
You are maybe 115 IQ and got tricked by a fake IQ organization into thinking you were super smart genius.

I find it questionable if his IQ is that high for several reasons but just letting that slide, he's a very dishonest person & surrounds himself with dishonest people. He also often uses motivated reasoning to come to conclusions, he is extremely autistic & emotionally invested in many of his viewpoints to the point he will deny observable reality & throw tantrums when someone challenges him on said topics. His worst sin by far is his no true scotsman bullshit where he'll attack anyone who deviates slightly from his dogmatic view of what the right wing should be, even if they're in almost 1:1 agreement on each point. That's not to say there's no value in what he says or in some of his books but you gotta take anything he says with a grain of salt & think critically about whatever he's pushing.

He's a fun writer. About it. Not a good philosopher or political analysist

Spotted the gamma

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>disgusting secret king spotted
I don't understand

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Is he also iron tough?

Watched a couple vids, wasn’t impressed.

>Is he also iron tough?
I don't understand...
you must be Gamma!

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Vox Day combines wisdom with intelligence and knowledge. He's one of the very few people whose opinion I am interested in.

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He's a miserable mean person.
I don't mean his hurts SJW fee fees by being truthful he is just vitriolic

what's the blog I need more news sources

I liked him better in Psykosonik.

But Paul Sebastian and Daniel Lenz really made the band.

my boi j peterson would fuck him up

Release Spiritual Machine god damn it.

I'm 147 IQ, measured by the Prometheus society.
Vox is at least 20 points lower than me.

He's not going to waste his time talking to retards or people going off topic. If you engage him reasonably and don't say dumb shit he's usually friendly. This is a guy who's actually building alternative platforms instead of just whining like 99% of the right. So I'd say he's earned the right to run his shit the way he wants and if he doesn't want Spergs, SJW's or profanity on his stuff that's fine. As far as attacking other people on the right if you're referring to Anglin and Co. it was wise of him to disassociate himself from them early and purge the pagan larpers from the blog. I enjoy DS as much as the next guy for lulz but those guys are a magnet for Fedposters and the shit they do in general is simply retarded and counter productive.


Here. He links to stuff like Unz as well as academic journals and gives his take on the news of the day. You can also find links to all his projects there.


Sebastian only has 8 inches.

8 inches of what?

200 IQ here. He's smart but not as smart as Langan. I estimate him to be around 125

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Pretty much, although sometimes he thinks outside the box in his analysis though it's admittedly rare for him to do, he is evolving I can't deny that.
The only thing that relates to what I said there is anglin & that's minor in the grand scheme of things compared to the rivalries he's needlessly made over the years. He constantly feels the need to latch onto movements & steer them in the direction that he, and he alone, thinks is best then when that doesn't happen he chimps out. He's best suited to staying in the cultural & literary sphere with the empire he's been steadily building over the years which he ironically does by making enemies & being hostile to basically anyone he disagrees with or feels is less intelligent than him. He has his niche, I just find it regrettable that he lets his confrontational personality limit his exposure so much that he will always stay in a niche. Well, that and his poor judgment of who he makes allies with. But that's his personality & his choice, even though I think he's generally far too big brained for the average person to really connect with I still think he'd have a lot more appeal & exposure if he toned himself down or just worked behind the scenes more & let his work speak for itself. Normal retarded people constantly dismiss him out of hand because of his extreme nature instead of taking a nuanced look at his work & I think that's a shame because he's definitely got some truth to share on a lot of things, especially for the cuckservative & centrist types. I know he doesn't give a shit about about that & he enjoys being confrontational for the sake of it but I just personally find it regrettable that he insists on doing things that keep him in a intellectual niche.

Vox days gamma gang coming in hot

Uncanny resemblance.

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hes wrong about every economic prediction ever

Ugly mind, ugly face, ugly spirit.

the guy is right and insightful about a lot of stuff. He basically showed nassim taleb was wrong about IQ, and went toe to toe with JF over evolution. However, he is wrong about a lot of stuff (he is still an unironic "god-emperor" poster, and still a fucking Q-tard, and thought there would be a red wave in 2018). He's also not as smart as he thinks he is, and way more cringe than he thinks he is.

Mixed bag. Take the good, ditch the rest.

Just like Owen "big bear, my last name is actually Smith" Benjamin

There is no one more actively anti-SJW than Vox Day. He's contributed a lot to good causes.

>he is still an unironic "god-emperor" poster, and still a fucking Q-tard
Oh no.. haven't paid attention to him since he went after juden peterberg but my god lol. I know hes like a half boomer in nature but damn still clinging to that shit, I don't even know what to say to that.