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4 bucks for a can of soup?
I am get those for $0.50 a can in bulk at Costco

don't understand how there aren't smuggling rings to bring food to canada and return with cheap medications

is the north border patrol that tight?


Send us some cheap food Burger

I can fly to Beijing for cheaper than I can fly to the East Coast of my own nation. We've been screwed so steadily and slowly that most people barely noticed.

At least you have your free rape doctors.

make soup from scratch youll get WAY more

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Don't waste your money on that fuckin' dog food mate. Stop being lazy. Make some wraps, sammies, pasta, or some red meat.


Go beaver hunting with hockey sticks, nigger. Drink syrup from a maple tree.

I think you know what's happening cold venezuela

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Uncle Benis™ rice ?
That's some price gouging shit that's unjust

ORIGINAL Benis FlavorRice :D
when you see it

There are and it is. I remember a few months back where the police busted a guy for smuggling cheese.

Real food is to be expensive. Bugs and human flesh will be sold cheap.

Its over

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Living in a tiny house rent 90% of your wage with 10 mix raced people who love weed and rap music

The fuck? I live in the most isolated capitol city on the planet and that shit's only $1 a can here. $2 at the most if you jew yourself.

Friends and I call it dogfood all the time. And yeah can confirm this is real too, probably from a shoppers drug mart or something stupid, cuz I usually see em for 3 bucks at the grocery store. Price has gone up majorly since Trudeau took over timeline wise

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Buy a 10 KG sack

Costco is a low corporate tax store. They put all the family owned stores out of business

Same as toast and jam.