Question for Ameribros with guns

Are you willing to risk your, and your familiy's life by resisting gun control laws (if they ever get voted in) by force if necessary?

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Wrong question.
>Are you willing to risk your, and your familiy's life by NOT resisting gun control laws (if they ever get voted in) by force if necessary?
Correct question.

lmao no, as long as the police are still getting paid, i ain't dying in a shoot out in my front yard.

I'll probably book it to argentina or some pacfic island the day they come for muh guns

at that point this country would be lost if no mass insurrection was happening. No point in being the one soul to get yourself killed over some ideals that your government threw away

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I sure as shit didn't buy these guns to NOT defend myself.

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kys traitor pussy. you dont deserve rights

I would try to start a civil war
We could end this Jew world overnight

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hey i wont be the one dead or in prison because i decided to throw my life away in a situation where the odds were vastly stacked against me

there is a difference between being brave in situations that uphold your rights and living to see another day versus being reckless and having your ideals die with you

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But I'd either make a stand or hide all my weapons and gear.
Truth is when that day comes it will be the greatest acceleration in history. In fact, it'll be the ignition that detonates it all.
Most gun owners who own the real shit will not give it up. Militias are everywhere here whether people realize it or not the day that happens is the day we throw down with them. Whether we lose or win at least we fought.

you cant kill the ideas. and you cant win a war of attrition.

>you cant kill the ideas
>and you cant win a war of attrition.

They would have to amend the US Constitution and that is not an easy thing to do. They would have to call a constitutional convention and ratify any changes by a 2/3 vote. Congress would not be the ones voting the each state would send a separate. For certain the Midwest won't vote to give up their guns.

Shitty data mining thread is shitty.

I'm hoping it escalates.

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Also I wanna say hello to the cianiggers I hope your having a blessed night

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Yes, but for the most part only a complete idiot would say so on this website. I've already fallen for the Fedposting b8 so no more damage can be done. The time to start boogalooing isn't after the law passes though, it's just before.

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This post glows, but I'll give you the truth anyway, CIA nigger.

If I stand alone without a chance in hell of surviving, then no; that's pointless suicide. But as part of an organized movement (i.e, militia), then 100% yes I'm willing to fight that fight.


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my guns are all off the record and i live in the middle of nowhere so i doubt anyone is ever gonna come for them. but if they do yes i will shoot on sight. i hope the glownigger that made this thread comes for me so i can put him down

Given the general state of things, the lobbyists, the thoroughly corrupt glow in the darks, the massive amounts of money being funneled to Israel, and the various other issues which should prompt response from the largest stock of civilian arms, but still hasn't, makes me think a vast majority likely wouldn't.

America is no France, and they're not quick to riot.

You assume we'll just wait and do nothing until federal gun confiscation becomes a fait accompli. I live in Arizona,
and if any sheriff of police chief went along with this they know they'd get lynched. We have a much stronger skepticism of the state than you EU drones. You think gun owners don't have sympathizers in the military/police? Dream on, schweik.

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I will resist with my every last breath any and all gun control.

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Checked, based, and gun grabbers will be sprayed with Lofentanil-DMSO from commercial drones pilled

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Yep. In a heartbeat.

hello atf

yes, without question.
the better question is whether i will simply hide my guns waiting for the boogaloo to start, or whether i will go innawoods and starting assassinating politicians and judges.
guess the feds will just have to wait and see

I havin a laff because they'll shut my internet and cell service off before the red flag but they can stop Chinese encrypted DMR radios from calling out. There are others on the other side who are waiting for the tyranny to light the powder keg. Get fucked glowniggers.

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Based pic, too realistic. As for the questuion, yeah, definetly. My family is all bluepilled, and I have no reason to live in this sinful clown world. I'm ready to die for our cause, are you?

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I would just say I lost them. I would risk my life to defend my family. If a doctor came to forcibly castrate my son cause he beleived he was a girl expect bullets


Not even a real washington quote. After disciplined, the rest is made up shit.....still love my FN15...

What will you do when she come for your gun?

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Gun owners as a group would make the largest political organization in America. No one is going to enact anything nor enforce anything nor be a key to even put a dent in private gun ownership in America. Ever.

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Shall not be infringed By the Grace of God no man has the right to take away the rights given by God.

Death to the jew
Death to their slaves

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Let her try her best.



check'd also thanks for keeping us so safe

>these levels of cope
I wish this were true senpai but it's fucking laughable, zoomers are all hedonistic degenerates like their millennial bigger brothers and Gen Xer parents

They're just a bunch of lolbertarian redditor hedonists whose answer to everything is "like whatever, just do whatever man as long as ur not hurting anybody"

t. have to interact with actual zoomer retards on a daily basis

don't mistake patience for cowardice

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>Feds start taking away guns
>breaching houses across neighborhood
>minimal pushback, short bursts of gunfire, presumably the feds swiftly stamping out any resistance
>they move on to your house
>you prepare for them to breach
>they break down your door and you open fire
>one gets hit, the rest fall back
>Feds spray bullets in your general direction from outside the house, you get shot because all the walls are soft and you have no real cover
How does one avoid this? I’m not saying “why even try?” But how does one defend your house when you are presumably one person who can’t cover all entry points, your house is made up entirely of soft walls, and you are practically in a choke point, as feds can just surround your house, open fire, and likely hit you inside?


Actually that makes me wonder if you can legally reinforce the walls of your house with tough metal like in R6S, that would be pretty friggin sweet. Not exactly like it but you get what I mean.

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grew up in rural MA. White gun owners are everywhere and I'm sure most won't give up their arms just move there and go indawoods

>government comes after your guns
>first instinct is to flee the country

>you get shot because all the walls are soft and you have no real cover

>not living in a concrete house
A huge chuck of houses in Florida are concrete block for hurricane reasons, but I suppose they're good for drive-by shooting protection too

What good is a constitution you won't die for?

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Checked, also, glowniggers are traitors


Did they do that with the machine gun ban? Because that's what you need to be careful of. If they did with machine guns and assault weapons in the 90s. I'm planning on moving to America soon to buy guns. But I'm concerned those cunts in your government would do a back door approach

Daddy gubment has uhf and vhf jammers too you know

Yeah and we can jam their fancy p25 phase II with spark gap generators. Enjoy serving red flags with no coms