A 16 year old girl put Trump in his place and got her speech projected on the side of the U.N., this is the best day.

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soros hoe, punch her in face

how much energy does that propaganda take to display?

This. Can you imagine actually falling for this blatant propaganda and thinking you're a triple-digit IQ adult? How embarrassing.

Kikes really pushing this kike huh? We will gas you and her together then.

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Where did she come from? Definitely isn't organic.

How many times was she anally raped on that boat?

>No poverty
>Zero hunger

Huh? Those literally can never be achieved. I won't even bother to go through the rest.

>political plant says the script just like they taught her
So we're just happily gulping bullshit now?

>antifa parents from Sweden
>dad is an actor
>grand daddy is acting coach
>loves to eat bugs
>mum loves to drink while pregnant
>soros funded

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>minors brains arent fully formed
>grenta knows best
Pick one? The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

Why is Jow Forums shilling this bitch so much

They also harm the planet fattening up the all ha predators.

Kill the poor.

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Can you imagine falling for this slide thread and commenting... wait

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>from Sweden
>Meme muslim rape land
>muh climate problem

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>Neanderthals Resorted to Cannibalism in the Face of Climate Change
When they lost their source of food, they took desperate measures to survive.

Are you ready to embrace climate religion, believers? You will be asked to eat children

Can you imagine being a memefag and also contradicting your own toothlesss argument? Faggot.

There will be hunger

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Does this sort of propaganda actually work on lefties? Bad ideas still sound bad when filtered through a child as the mouthpiece. I guess lefties are more prone to emotional manipulation and falling victim to scams than hard science, so maybe that’s a thing.

I'm ready for Sol to blackout the entire planet. Fry everything. I want to see these kids reslly fucking suffer.

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That's my point. Those "goals" are pure utopia idealism and can never, ever be achieved; but, they're good for eternal platforming since you can just repeat them as goals forever.

That look is familiar

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It’s funny that they put up this autismo fetal alcohol syndrome child as the sacrificial lamb for higher taxes and regulation.

How would you see them suffer without power? Checkmate, burger.

Fukin yep. My FB is alight with her. Most of these are health professionals too. None of them actually pinpoint an actual factual argument she has other than -- "young climate girl good"

Nice meme but it's an Orc who requests meat, not an Uruk-hai

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> 16
Jesus I thought she was like 10 tops what's wrong with her aside from fetal alcohol syndrome?

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brah the fkn top kek in all this is she actually got autism srs

She blames us instead of her handlers: "I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean."

Less than how many times your mom's boyfriends raped your ass

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There's zero poverty and no hunger if everyone is dead

Wow. Why dont we let children handle all of the worlds problems...

>Help her up and carry her autistic body to my place.
>Let her sleep in my sleeping pod as I sleep on the futon
>Deal with her borking when she wakes up.
>Ask her if she's carbon neutral.
>"You don't have to tell me what happened, but you do have to eat this." as I hand her a bowl of bugs.
>Ask if she needs a sailboat home.
>Tell her to take care.

Damien actually looks like a human though.


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Reminder that all the Greta threads are being shilled to distract you about three other things.

>Sun is the true cause for this "climate change"


She used more energy in her boat trip than I do in six months.

If anything is ever done with Epstein, FISA, Clinton and her crew, then come talk.

Forgot to add we've been talking about that shit for the past 4 years and it's the same shit over and over.

Nobody gives a fuck about a child's opinion. Much less one from a Soros funded child.

And a tard shall lead them

Jow Forums isnt. It's a small group of freaks from ONE, the Bill Gates foundation collaboration with Bono and Soros.
>its propaganda with a female mascot

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Hows that reframe of Trump ignoring her working out?

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>1960: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1970: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1980: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1990: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2000: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2010: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2019: The world will end in 12 years, and then the civilization will crumble a couple decades later in 2050!

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I just don't get why Soros goes for the potato lolis, he can have any Loli he wants. Why the potato one?

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Her autism and fetal alcohol syndrome provide cover from criticism. You might think I'm attempting to be edgy by saying that, but I'm dead serious.



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This is the group that backs the 16 year old girl

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Watch my video

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One can dream

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>her speech projected on the side of the U.N.,
confirming that this was staged
great job.
Shame on normalfags for not realizing it

She reads from a pre written script. Never takes questions because scripts can't predict every question.

all of her speeches are scripted and the reason why she doesn't give interviews is that she is an aspi.
This entire shit is a great fucking joke

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>a 16 year old girl who is skipping school sperged out like the potato she is in front of the UN and made a fucking ass of herself with the fakeness of it all


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well Anitas shitshow was more lulzy but this shit is very close

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Jewish money can't buy realism.