THE GOAL: Cause infighting / chaos within antifas ranks with tattoos

THE PROCESS: Create fake antifa social media accounts / put up flyers / create fake ADL posts with pic related and the message in the below greentext / etc.

>in this picture, you can see a tattoo
>the tattoo features two 1’s and a 6
>when added, those numbers form 8
>H is the 8th letter in the alphabet
>H is also the first letter in Hitler’s name
>antifa members with a 161 tattoo are actually alt-right infiltrators who wear the tattoo to signal their true allegiance to eachother, and are trying to convert antifa members into fascists.
Pic related.
Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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Man, who comes up with this.

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An user in this thread came up with the idea. I decided 'fuck it, there's a chance it'll work'

bump seems interesting

Do a large number of them actually have tattoos like that?

I don’t think this is believable enough. What would be better is to try and bait antifa people into attacking relatively “non-violent” leftist protesters
>Pro-Choicers are really white supramacists and the pawns of white supramivists
>They want to exterminate blacks and browns
>Therefore they trick black and brown women into “my body my choice”
This gets them to infight and also redpills normie boomers who don’t like brown people and don’t like abortion, but are smart enough to realize that giving these idiots exactly what they want is the worst thing that can happen to them

>A good post from Canada
Which timeline is this?

Eh, making fake reports on boycottmaga.com is easier

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>that beard
It looks like arse hair wtf or pubes wtf

you retards think these treads are invisible to the rest of the world? they called you out on your last bullshit plans cause you posted them here fucking retards. Go outside life isn't politics

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Operation Tard Stamp


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Convince em that all together it is 8 for H as in Hitler, the 6 stands for the six gorillion and the 1s are maybe two "high ranking" antifa members that stand beside the holocaust and support it or maybe two well known "A" named people that stand beside it

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what's the most you've ever cried?

Don’t forget that the red and black represents “Blood and Soil”

Holy autism. Great idea user. Fuck (((antifa)))

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Causing dissension in the other's ranks isn't new. "Iron Felix" Dzerzhinsky used it to great effect after he formed the NKVD.
It's estimated he netted thousands of counterrevolutionaries with false-flag operations. Of course, he had the power of the Soviet state to back him up.

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Boycottmaga.com is down, and THIS is what they're saying.

Good to know they're part of the left-wing communist conspiracy to spy on every American and use backdoor data to predict our every move and thwart us from the inside.

These scum need to be erased

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>Good to know they're part of the left-wing communist conspiracy to spy on every American and use backdoor data to predict our every move and thwart us from the inside.
why care when no gf :(

Last time I used the site was a few weeks ago. They actually had some businesses near me. I'm tempted to go out of the way to give them business just in case they are 'MAGA owned'.

Also, imagine not reporting every single gun store to their website to antifa simply don't go there to buy guns.