>Steven T. Johnson, 27, works in social media advertising and lives in Hollywood. He spends most of his days using things he does not own.

>He takes a ride-share service to get to the gym; he does not own a car. At the gym, he rents a locker. He uses the gym's laundry service because he does not own a washing machine.

>Johnson doesn't even have an apartment, actually. He rents a bed in a large room with other people who rent beds, for nights, weeks or months at a time, through a service called PodShare. All the residents share a kitchen and bathrooms. Johnson also rents a desk at WeWork, a coworking space. And he says the only clothes he owns are two versions of the same outfit.

>Johnson says he owns so little that he has even been able to get rid of his backpack. "I gave that up two months ago," he says. He says that for him, this lifestyle isn't cumbersome or confusing. "That's what's great," he says. "When you don't own things, you don't have to keep track of them. You just show up."

This man pays $1,400 a month to rent a bunk and an additional $600 a month to rent a desk to work at.

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Podshare rules:
1: You must be safe, sane and social
2: You cannot bring any non-PodShare members inside with you
3: Quiet time starts at 11:00PM
4: No PodSex

There’s a PodShare employee working at all hours, and members are encouraged to speak up if they see any violations.

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This is really depressing

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>4: No PodSex
What's the point?

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>paying for a jail cell

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that's a really stupid way to spend your money

is this real or a dystopian movie

You made this thread like 15 hours ago, fuck off you autist

pretty stoic desu

if theres ever a real life dayZ this guy has a 300% stat advantage over everyone else

christ dude. the mortgage on my house is 800 per month. his monthly payment for a bunk bed could get him ownership of the entire house in a few years

Go to bed then why have you been on Jow Forums for 15 hours

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simple possession free lifestyle is based and stoic if its cheap. this dude is paying luxury tier prices to live like a hobo

>Not posting the superior version

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I saw this thread when I took a shit before going to work and now I see it taking a shit before going to sleep. You are a pathetic faggot who keeps reposting thread topics because you actually think (you)'s mean something and crave attention. Get a hobby you sick fuck.

imagine the smell

California dreaming....I can’t wait to get there

>muh 5th largest economy


Business idea:

Podshare, but for seniors.

>living in a Cuck Bunk


cool it with the antisemitism, goy

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>works in social media advertising
How is this even "work"? There are a lot of busy work non-jobs out there, but advertising for social media may be the most busy work non-job there is.

This is copy pasted exact from a thread from a memeflaggot. Which he got from reddit. Gas yourself.

>It's like netflix for living!

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>Works in social media advertising and lives in FUCKING HOLLYWOOD

This man gets paid to shit post on Facebook for some fucking brand of course he lives in a fucking commune his entire work experience is posting emojis and forced memes about Wendy's or some shit like that. He lives in the conditions he deserves

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I've done this over the last year. I lived in the podshare in Venica, ca for 2 months and the rest of the time in hostels in mexico, iceland, norway, sweden, denmark, england, thailand, vietnam, indonesia, and Malaysia... infinatly better than renting an apartment. ama

>that feel when you can be middle class in California and still be a literal hobo
Feudalism, here we come.

This faggot pays $100 dollars a month more to own nothing than I do to pay off my $275k home and $56k vehicle......

I've done this over the last year. I lived in the podshare in Venica, ca for 2 months and the rest of the time in hostels in mexico, iceland, norway, sweden, denmark, england, thailand, vietnam, indonesia, and Malaysia... infinitely better than renting an apartment, its like summer camp for adults. All those pods are filled up with 20 y/o rich european girls... ama

How many inches can you fit up your ass now

this is like paying for a homeless shelter

This is literally to dox you

How fucking cucked can a dude be? He's 27, he should have his own place where he fucks women.

This is what happens when we allow ground rents to be privately captured.

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kek theres no rule you have to bathe before bed like at a homeless shelter

Go fuck yourself

Literally an ebola incubator.

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This is literally a recreation of a concentration camp, it’s hilarious liberal capitalists willingly live in them

Holy shit

>be me 27
>sell insurance to companies that Steven works for
>cleared over 6 figures last year
>own my own 3 bedroom house for 1400 bucks a month
>also have a car
>also literally travel around the word multiple times a year

Left wing tech fags are the dumbest niggers on earth I fucking swear

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Jesus christ
I may be a 21 year old who still lives with his parents, jobless and faps happily to hentai
But nothing is more pathetic than paying $2K for this fucking shit

I'd be down for that lifestyle if it was 1/10 of that price and if you could close your pods and make it sound proof.

Yeah well, so should you.

there is no shower

>No podsex

Travel is for faggots.

What do you do to pay for your pod? And do you consider yourself a volcel while living in the pod?

Yeah and I'm sure that they totally fuck you

>This man pays $1,400 a month to rent a bunk and an additional $600 a month to rent a desk to work at.
This nigga pays 2000 dollars a month to live like a homeless person. To do a job that can be done from anywhere.
He could be paying 500 a month for a room and working from home if he was being a normal person. And live with like 4 people instead of 100 smelly hipsters.
This fucking retard is paying 4x as much money to 'borrow' ikea tier shit as he would to just pay rent like anyone else. Which yes, I get is still 'borrowing'.

Idk my dudes. The only problem I see is the economic disparity where these pods are. If they were set up in the burbs by public transit and cost a fraction as much- could be sweet. Imagine getting out of your mom's basement for awhile

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It's a justifiable cost if living in Hollywood made it possible for him to land a 100k+ job. I doubt that's the case though. Dude is probably living paycheck to paycheck.

that website looks like the website for the apartment complex I lived at in college. Also everything looks like it's made out of fucking pallet wood.

>not realizing we've been in dystopia for 15 years

I think this is what the technocrats and social engineers are being hired by the super wealthy to achieve, everybody has nothing and then they die, the whole time feeding more money into the corporations run by the super wealthy.

you coastfags will put up with anything

It's so real it hurts

>No PodSex
I'm "pod"out.

that carbon footprint though

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get outta town

based geofag

Have sex incel

Actually I can think of dozens of much worse pure overhead non-jobs out there. You may question the value of social media advertisement, but at least it delivers some kind of product, like a tweet. It's not much but more than many areas of marketing, controlling, human resources, etc.

>I saw this thread when I took a shit before going to work

so diverse

You live in a shithole a starter house is $600k in California

Holy shit I've never noticed the surveillance video of the room on that TV to the left

I just drove 500 miles today in a vehicle that gets ~10mpg


Wow how is life in your flyover state?

Significantly better than coastie scum who are coping right now

Great. We have internet, guns and drugs.

Living in california is a shithole. Any other state, especially in the midwest, is significantly better.

>have a happy comfy life and own your own things
>yeah well ur state flyover xd
Are you mentally ill?

We live in hell.

Yeah, but you sell insurance. If the day ever comes when I have to resort to sell insurance to make a living, book me a one way ticket to France because I'd rather make a living as a gigolo.

Where do they fuck?

This is like public confirmation that you're an incel.

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Depressing, really.

This is what happens when the left abandons real working man politics, lets corporations take control of everything, and instead dedicates all effort to making sure Claude and Ralph can fuck each other up the ass.

I would rather own my own 3 bed 2 bath home on a huge plot of land in a shithole than pay more money to have momentary access to a bunk bed and own literally nothing in California.

>>He spends most of his days using things he does not own.
>>He takes a ride-share service to get to the gym; he does not own a car. At the gym, he rents a locker. He uses the gym's laundry service because he does not own a washing machine.

Loser existence and approaching his 30s. I bet he thinks better than everyone who doesn’t live Hollywood too. Maybe he could rent a rope to hang himself when he realizes how shit his life is.

Get a private room, go in the shower, or just in the pod if you just dont care about other people.

amazon FBA

Must be nice, especially to own assets in a flyover state. Get in your pod, eat your maggot sausage and wash it down with sòy milk or you will be kicked out.

>no shower
wow, even auschwitz had showers

>Loser existence and approaching his 30s.

thats me and I would at least give this a try if I could, honestly. It would be a step up for me.

>social media advertising
There's the problem

>it's millenials's fault they're not having children!
>hogs up all property so millenials need to live in bunk bedsthat cost 1000$ per month


Just go to Hollywood and overstay your visa. Learn some Spanish and practice your goblino beggar face.

>trying to dox people
Fuck off nigger.

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This looks fucking depressing, there aren't even windows, only monitors stuck to the walls. It looks like a refugee camp in the 2070's. What kind of pointless life is that? Live in a camp so that (((other people))) can extract every single penny they can off your work

I imagine public bathrooms since they don't have cars either


Very good chance that typhus could take hold in these places. How appropriate.

Cmon now, it's not just boomers. Ugly brown invaders are also a big problem.

the worst trips even gotten on Jow Forums

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>doesn't own anything
>rents a $200 desk for $6,000 a year, rents a $100 bike for $2,000 a year, rents a $500 bed for $16,000 a year
>actual value consumed : $700
>value paid : $24,000
>value retained as equity : $0

A Jewish paradise. You let the goy your pocket change and he becomes your committed slave in return. It's not so much the Jews' fault as it is the goy for being too stupid to free himself from such a scam. There was a quote about a sucker and his money, if I recall correctly.

Theres no way that shit costs $1400 a month. I literally live in LA and pay $1200 a month for a studio apartment where I have complete privacy, my own bathroom, kitchen, etc.

>Implying the cost of the house represents its true value

People won't be able to own shit anymore when all disposable income has been sucked by automation into the hands of the 1%. Houses and cars? That's already not possible for the majority of people. Eventually we won't be able to afford even our clothes. Already happened to the wedding gown. It'll be full lease-living. Technocrats are just easing us into this idea and trying to brainwash the new generation into thinking it's cool.

Worker remuneration and job opportunities, all disposable and frankly unecessary to the system, will be optimized to the lowest non-uprising-inducing value. Which means the living standards in the West will never again reach their post-war levels, we'll just see its slow deterioration over our lifetimes.

Funny thing, thats exactly what happened during the industrial revolution in the 19th century.
There were people called "Schlafgeher", basically this people rented just a bad for a few hours to sleep during their shifts.
The bed was the bad used by the home owner when he was at work himself.

The reason are also basically the same, rent and property was so expensive that people who came from rural regions couldn't afford free and also people who had a flat couldn't afford the rent without the "Schlafgeher"

>I literally live in LA
I'm sorry, I thought you meant figuratively