How to we get NV back to a red state? How do we keep california liberals OUT OF NV?

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You already gave them your water might as well give them the rest of yuh our desert shithole.

The US should seriously adopt internal passports.


They ruin their state; with their political beliefs, just to go to another state and ruin with the same beliefs. They're rodents the lot of them.

>Nevada leading around California

Sorry just this meme is bad, if anything California is like a large dangerous retard and the states around him just want to keep him happy so he doesn’t accidentally kill somebody

>look at the rabbit Lenny

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Just leave. I bailed out of NV 4 years ago. Enjoy being overrun with spices and commiefornia leftist trash

One guy I worked with was from mountain view, said the cost of living was too high so he came to my area and paid twice what a home was worth.

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I plan to move to ORLANDO when my contract is up, or DALLAS, wherever there is work.


Why would you ever do something like that ?

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It's already over user, just focus on surviving for now.

NV went red in 2016, at least that's how the votes were cast. Now how they were counted is a different story. But NV was some of Hillary's most glaring election fraud, after the Lange scandal split the NV Dem party there's no way Hillary won that state.

>make nevada red
user, the best we can do is get out while the californians are coming in.
as you can see, the powers at be dont give a single fuck about the populace.
with that in mind, have you seen lake mead? ive watched that lake level drop for a long time... and if they keep bringing in people, well its not hard to do a distance over time graph.
we are ruled by insane pedophiles and they will overpopulate us to the state of societal collapse and anarchy due to famine and draught.
this is because they are private compounds already built that they will fuck off to with protection of their zog bots that sold out their country for their masters.
start planning on buying land farther northwest, but dont feel bad.
Nevada (primarily las vegas) has always been a "paradise" created and controlled by Jews, if you live there, you dont belong there.

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a 300k home in NV is about 150k in orlando

make the meme the correct way, I just added text because I am no meme sorcerer.

Because Orlando is even less desirable than Vegas

the small mining towns on the outskirts if reno and vegas a filled will coalburning stripper whores all addicted to meth, but the men are respectable

whats the total tax rate tho?
>state + fed?

i meant north east, get out to utah or somewhere white

NV is no income tax....for now I pay about 30%fed income tax

reno property tax is 3.6percent

i meant in orlando

California has more votes in Congress, so it can steal things from neighboring states using the Federal Government.

I'm moving back from CA
What part of the state do you reside in, user?

I hate CA so god damn much
everyone in CA needs the gas prove me wrong!

Just SF, SC, LA, SD, Alameda, and Marin counties, Jamal