How did he only get 21 years in prison?

how did he only get 21 years in prison?

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prbly this

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I'm kinda amazed at that too.


this. ive always wondered why a zionist would do a roman salute. can someone explain this?

europeans, especially scandinavians, are huge pussies

his arm looks comically short - suits were not made for this

that's only 3 months / kill. He unironically would be out by now had he killed another 43 people.

That's the maximum sentence in Norway. He will get another 21 when he's done. And another. He's never getting out.

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It's like Borat. they dont break character.

what a fucking faggot.

jewish bolshevik communist karl marx - communist revolution type stuff that is.

He reached the level cap. You can't get more in that country.

by the time his sentence is up it'll be more of a punishment to be in the world outside

There are multiple mass murderers and serial killers who have been released by Sweden and Norway. They literally do not believe in punishment for doing evil things. Fuck, they'll probably even argue with you if you suggest that there is such a thing as evil.

Basically, they're a bunch of faggots.

He shouldn't have gotten any years

he'll get a new name, new life, the whole nine yards for a job well done

Probably because that's what's legally defined as a life sentence. They are a set period of time, not actually until you die (though people often do before the time is up).

He also has an xbox. Maybe the better the score you get the better the privileges?

He only killed marxists.

>Portugal, which was the first country in the world to abolish the life sentence, now has a maximum sentence of 25 years for murder with the possibility of parole depending on the sentence, whilst Norway has a maximum of 21 years for murder;

Looks like I was right.

how insidious

He should have gotten a fucking medal and a parade.

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>Two years ago, on July 22nd 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 youngsters at a camp of the Labor government party on the island of Utoya.
>It was then discovered that the youth movement had invited representatives from the Palestinian Popular Front of Palestine to participate in their Utoya’s camp. The PFLP is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, Canada and the U.K.
>Money was collected for the Arab terrorists at the camp. These are the same terrorists who slaughtered the little Fogels in Itamar.
>In 2010 at the Utoya camp, the AUF also established “the State of Palestine”, by fencing off an area and setting up a “separation wall” (youngsters played at being "cruel" Israeli border guards).
>At Utoya’s 2011 camp, students also promoted the boycott of the Jewish State. The Norwegian Prime Minister was also photographed while getting a T-Shirt from the Fatah Youth leader Hassan Faraj with the inscription “Free Palestine”, which means death to Israel.
>A few days ago Norway’s Prime Minister visited again the island of the massacre and Jens Stoltenberg was photographed again with a flag of “Palestine”, a gesture intended to incite the youth to hate the Israeli Jews.

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well we have similar laws in canada. If they deem you insane you are let out in 10 years and able to change your name etc.

Because he only killed hipster brats. No loss.

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He killed white kids. Fuck him.

What percentage of /ourguys/ have shitlib parents?

People who go for the high score with soft targets of old people and kids are faggots. There are better targets...

Norwegian military/intel written all over it.

No, user, he killed traitorous marxists.
They betrayed their race by opening the gates to invaders so their skin colour is irrelevant.

Because deep down, they knew he was right.

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Sounds like yet another comped site

fucking children. He got 21 cuz its the max sentence in norway. he will get more because he is a threat to society and will never be released. He was Pro israel because he know how hard the jew fucks the arabs. its not 4d chess you niggers.

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They have a better criminal justice system that has much better outcomes. Lowest recidivism, lowest crime rates and many many fewer people in prison. That means that they don't have a bunch of public employee prison guard, probation and sheriff's unions bribing politicians to make dumb shit illegal so they can make bigger public employee unions. . .

Although, that said, Epstein only did a few months for raping and pimping out children and he got to run his child prostitution ring from his Palm Beach jail so . . .

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they have a different culture, where people are less violent. Its all about culture and mentality.

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it's the maximum in that country, you morons. at the end of 21 years they adjudicate whether or not he's still a threat to society in order to determine whether to extend his sentence. since he's not only a mass murderer but a completely unrepentant political dissident, they will obviously extend it until he dies.

High trust society combined with leftist insanity

He had a bad lawyer. Scandinavian courts usually just give rampage killers 6 months in prison and 1 year probation.

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white lives aren't worth anything when the killer is a jew

he will never be released. I don't think you understand Scandinavian "justice" systems, it's not bound by law like the Anglo world. They will just make something up to keep him locked up, forever

you're European retard

if he is otherwise rehabilitated then that's basically an EU human rights violation

Well, not really... A prison year here in norway is 9 months, not 12.

Hmmmm. Need retirement plan. Where can I get food and shelter until I die?

what's the logic to this? you get summer break?

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No he won't, it goes against the human rights charter to punish someone twice for the same crime. And also to put people in prison for an indefinite time. Which is why nobody has ever gotten their judgement extended even though the law says that they can.

Would be a human rights violation anyway. I don't like the guy, I am a Muslim convert. But it still is. Should just execute him.

Outcomes is only because our police is shit. Rapists continue to rape, but very few rapes leads to court.

True, but Breivik killed more than most rampage killers. Breivik killed 3 times as much as the whole of norway usually does every year. Would be the same as an American mass murderer that kills like 60,000 people or something.

I am not sure why, might be due to breaks, but 3 month breaks are usually quite a lot more than people usually get.

Stupid fucks that take this at face value with actually reading Anders letters, deserve a hollowpoint right between the eyes.

He is a zionist cuck tho

It’s such a shame. Such a brilliant man. Minecraft is one of my favorite games.

>t. hasn't read any of the letters

>I am a Muslim convert
Fuck off to Albania then.

Ineffectual justice system for a country that has never dealt with a substantial number of real criminals. He'll probably murder 100 more leftist youths once he gets out and at that point every Scandinavian will know that they can do whatever the fuck they want with the only consequence being 3 hots and a cot.

Lmao I have seen this crappy picture posted in so many places of the Internet as soon as a discussion about Breivik pops up.
I wonder (((who)))) is so efficiently monitoring them all.

>Breivik developed and accomplished such an elaborate plan because some blokes were setting pro Palestine projects like hundreds of other youngs similarly do in Europe all the times

Imagine believing this.
Imagine non even knowing how many ruses Breivik prepared in his manifesto to specifically smear zionists and freemasons.

Didn't he get Farvergnugen tho?

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Checked and keked

The best part is his room is like a 4-5 star hotel room. There's PS4, gym outside, etc.
Norway has so much oil and gas money they don't know what to do with it.
But back to your question. It's probably the maximum sentence in Norway.
However, that sentence can be extended again indefinitely if he is deemed a threat.

Breivik also receives lots of mail and has several female admirers.
No wonder he often appears smug.

Damn straight, fellow boomer.

>"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,"
>blows up a bunch of kids

Is this 4d chess?

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Unironically yes.
Kill traitors first.

wasnt his dad a diplomat? he probably grew up around all these lucifarian freemasons. know wonder he was so fucked up

Wait kill the white kids or Brevick?

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He didn't spend much time growing up with his father iirc.

>No he won't, it goes against the human rights charter to punish someone twice for the same crime. And also to put people in prison for an indefinite time. Which is why nobody has ever gotten their judgement extended even though the law says that they can.
see if literally anyone in power gives a shit when the time comes.

bet he won't serve all of it.

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>I am a Muslim convert

He would have a new identity, neetbux, and likely live in the middle of no where.

Maximum sentence in Norway

No he's not. He dodged that bullet thank god.