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Fuck off back to discord tranny

Dunno if this is broad enough a topic to get the attention you're looking for. Why not post in /NSG/?

Should I go Nazbol or Strasserism?

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>everyone that doesn't donate to ben shapiro is a libtard

All commies get the rope

Don't support you but I encourage you to post the books you know of. Three isn't very many, know of anymore? Here's 2 rare ones from old 8ch I posted in a Nazbol thread.

They would long knife him in a second

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Hello to my BROTHAS.
How are you all doing in the fight against the JEWISH BOURGEOISIE today?
I am personally doing ok but I am going bald and it is frustrating me

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Nazbol gang is the American_Russian sphere so you know the answer

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Not necessarily a Strasserist by definition but long live the national worker's revolution.

May socialism once again illuminate my land and people and inspire us to noble cause.

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>What is strasserism:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strasserism

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fuck off commie kikes

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If Strasser was the white jew intellectual marxist what the fuck does that make Joseph Goebbels lmao.

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>hitler gets btfo by Strasser, another party member, because hitler refuses to implement true national socialism
>has Strasser murdered for embarassing him like a cowardly nigger

Fuck Hitler.

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shit song, sounds horrible

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This one is my personal favourite



Stalinists and Strasserists Should Unite and Exterminate the Liberal left and Degenerate Fascists

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Exterminate all jews and communism will vanish

Jewish Communist BTFO by Stalinist Communist

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cope harder fashfag

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>hurrrr Hitler didnt want to let plebs pillage the industrial power of his country so fuck him


My favourite "strasserist" song, defs fits here.
Ob B├╝rger, ob Bauer, ob Arbeitsmann,
Sie schwingen das Schwert und den Hammer
If burgher, or farmer or a working man
They swing the sword and the hammer

Joseph Goebbels is literally the definition of a beefsteak nazi aka the left-wing of the NSDAP. Joseph "Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and that the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight." Goebbels

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Who is Ernst Rohm

cope harder

It used to be commonly talked about on this board. Amazing how much this place has changed

Fascists and Marxists BTFO

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p based

Says the kike spammer that cant seem to remember what books the Nazis burned

take from the left socialism and the right nationalism cannot be refuted

Gregor Strasser Should have Reverse Longknifed the Degenerate Homo Ernst Rohm and the Lunatic Hitler

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>no degeneracy

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Did you know that the sexual institute along with its books was burned by the homosexual Degenerate Ernst Rohm and his Stormtroopers?

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cope harder

I've seen no proof Ernst Rohm did anything wrong bar being a faggot. Reichswehr should've 100% been replaced by a national revolutionary army.



Imagine being an anti-semitic communist, knowing that your ideology was created by a Jew.

You was a pedophile and had a taste for young boys.

Did you know Hitler killed them too a year later?

Please Spread and Share the Propaganda Comrade. I am Sick of Homo fascistic Nazis and Degenerate Marxist trash.

Never seen any solid proof for that desu.

I wonder why :)

Sure thing comrade, will do.

You are stupid, do some research, brainlet

Because they weren't degenerate

It was done by the German Student Union lmao this is tankie iq

Other National Socialists thought he was enough of a problem to dispatch him.

me and My Comrades believe that you are enough of a problem to be sent to gulag.

Finally, a interesting thread on Jow Forums

What books do you lads recommend besides Germany Tomorrow, and do you lads have anything on National Syndicalism?

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Absolutely based.

Strasserism is how we truly win as populist national socialists.

Rivera and Falangism is based, sadly I do not have the pdf o Rivera's journal which laid out what Falangism is and his own beliefs

Falangism from what I've heard is pro worker if I am correct, right?

Wrong. Populism does not win. Only the Right of Lead does.

bummer, I'd really like to get a proper understanding on it compared to Corporatism.
I got H.R Morgan's books and one is I think on both but not directly. The only way I think I can get a good grasp is to read the manifestos and policies.
It seems the Mexican Synarchists had a mixture of Corporatist and Syndicalist policies. If not just one, that is.


Dwelling on dead men from a foreign country 80 years ago aside.

Any movement if it is to succeed needs popular support imo, without it you might aswell be the same tier as the current pol larp in the woods types.

national socialism > national bolshevism

Bolshevism is inherently Jewish, and the word itself translates from Russian. Strasserism is a nice idea, but it served as a way for Jews and Communists to infiltrate the NSDAP, so they had to be removed.

"strasser gang" > "nazbol gang"

At least anti-semitism is an inherant principle of strasserism.

And Strasserism doesn't have Jewish and Russian roots/influence.


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The primary incentive is anti-semitism, not left-wing or right-wing politics.
Whether it's left-wing (strasserism) or right-wing (nazism), as long as the Judaic element of society is being completely expunged, then I can support the ideology

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atleast you guys are slightly better than communists. but you should just become eco fascists really or natsoc.

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very very tight Jow Forums worldview you got there lad

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Isn't strasserist fascist? Or is it nationalist stateless communism?

Strasserism is Fascism, err a form of it
Third Position would be the proper term.

Imagine national socialism with the socialism.

We are national socialists, just not hitlerists, we are strasserist national socialists.

That doesn't explain anything, you're just using labels

I couldn't put it more clearly myself, though it is unfortunate strasserism didn't focus on this as much as Hitlerism

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It is fascist, and it is not communism. It's a leftist form of Nazism whose leaders were dumb enough to challenge Hitler and make an enemy of him, for which they died.

I haven't read Karl Marx (and I don't ever plan to) so I can't comprehend the lingo & nuances of that image.

You're using the works of a Jew to argue against an anti-Jewish ideology.

This would have been a lot easier to read with larger font, better formatting and not on a green background.

>the communist argument against strasserism
it's too right-wing!
>the nazi argument against strasserism
it's too left-wing!

based time to RISE UP

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