SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!

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Where my hildawgs at!!!?? Arf arf!!!

i'm gonna coom

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Kek okay this meme is breddy good


ok if they don't remake a Clinton as a crazy elder scrolls character I will be dissapoint

Is this the only play she has left? Temporary immunity for prosecution for running? This is the best sign of desperation. Shes willing to be publicly embarrassed a second time.

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Drumpfies afraid

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No? Are the Dems really throwing away the election again? Just going to let Trump have 8 years?


Your ID and appreciation for that shit coom meme gives you away fuck off you shill

Hilldawg is at her prime. She is stronger than ever before.

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Wow I hated this meme up until now, but this has made me a fan. fucking kek

It's her turn, for reals this time.

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Just had to kill Epstein first

Oh fuck oh fuck it's her turn Hillary 2020 he won't steal it again

Second time? You don't remember 2008.


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The media forgot she already lost 2 times and thrid time is a charm. But for some reason won't talk about the first run.


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Worst yet, she also won the popular vote in the 2008 primary.

Her winning 2020 would be a fit for this clown world timeline.

Wasn’t there a dude who predicted that Hilary would wind up entering late and would wind up winning? Due to trump choosing not to run? (For a reason he (((conveniently))) forgot to remember. It was a prediction of some schizo druggie.

Big Dick user predicted this

You deceived me. This is just about possible impeachment. Go to hell faggot

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Nobody is that hubris


Na... she's a oneBeastpony

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I would unironically vote for her over Trump in 2020. At least if she tried to pass some red flag bullshit, the Republicans in Congress would tell her to fuck off.

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We postin’ Queens in here?

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Then Pence

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It was racist to run against King nigger even a woman doesn't have the privlage of a black man. But if a brown woman runs she is the top like that native American Pocahontas running.

>mfw hes not talking about clinton but actually one of the children that the pedos collected that escaped from the "barn"

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UM, can anyone confirm this? I don’t see anyone talking about this anywhere

Hillary is going to have her revenge. Drumpf is finished.

Eddy dont you have work tomorrow

Hilldawgs assemble

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Cool story FAGGIT

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I would unironically support her because she looks like a fucking bitter old hag who is hungry for power for power's sake and is resentful of not being given the presidency. Probably can't be bought because she's got enough money, and probably secretly racist and thinks all of this shit is retarded. Sick of the orange retard who is the opposite in that he says he's sick of the shit while pushing for degeneracy 24/7

i fucking lost it

It's not just a river in Egypt.

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It's 0bama that better worry
0bama is the one that took it away from her.
If not for 0bama DaBeast woulda been president.
You think she so dumb she doesn't realize that? You think she's going to let 0bama get away with that?
You think she won't extract the blood toll.

Oh you silly

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Get your heads together guise

Punch in your codez n stuff

That's right.
0bama owes and Hillary is going to get her pays. 0bama better not say shit. Hillary is about to destroy 0bama... she won't go down alone.

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Alexis Wilson is free?

The tweet has nothing to do with Clinton running again, it's about IMPEECH BLUMPF!!!1!

I don't get what is meant by this.

Drumpf gets impeached -> Hilldawg becomes President

kek sad but true, they actually stood up to similar legislation pushed by king nig

>former Trump supporter here
lol kill yourself

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Ahahahah, I've been saying that for months and being called crazy.

>and I bumped into Hillary Clinton in the hallway and she said so sweetly
>pardon me, Donald.
>and I said: wait until I'm president


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Please tell me you're only pretending to be this retarded.

So lame

You're only pretending to be President, Donald.

You know... 0bama is doing her dirty.
She's taking all of the insults and humiliation while he just skips off into the sunset.

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As expected of niggers.

> queen
> not cracky


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did he call hillary a horse?

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What happened to boxxy

Okay then, just making sure.

How will we ever recover?
Also, please imagine the smell

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Let me help you out for free... you should just nuke this thread

Thank god. This is going to be a REALLY boring election cycle otherwise. Biden has dimensia and warren is too stupid to understand why people hate her.

She got too old

I'm with --> HER

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The Hangover

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I'm with HER because she's just like US

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Arrested by US Marshalls on stage of debate against Trump. Trump just shrugs and said "remember what I said to you at the debate 4 years ago"

I placed a 100 dollars at 50:1 odds crooked would be the democratic nominee last October

She actually still polls higher than most of the other candidates in the actual campaign internal polls. Public polls are molded and modified to give an impression and send or message, not actually inform anybody.

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>would be fuking epic

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Where's the bloody jokes?

It's going to be like the best election all over again

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If she gets into the race, her polling numbers may go down. What are the internals showing with respect to the top three or four candidates?

Truth dawg!

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kinda hot desu

what's wrong with that dog?

Looks like the Dems are getting desperate.

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Are you bragging about something here?

Michelle is all they have
Maybe that's why 0bama is trying to be silent.
I hope Trump plays the game right.
Color is all they have

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Now you see how incredibly fucked they are, and they hardly even realize it or they at least refuse to acknowledge how absolutely fucked this situation is. That's why the news is falling over itself to attack trump for investigating obvious sketchy activity.

Dude this psychopath is in really bad physical shape. She fainted and shit herself on 9/11 and had to be dragged into a van like Weekend at Bernies in front of a massive crowd of people. Trump will wipe his ass with her hair

She doesn't care. You know how much money she's going to walk away with again? That's all it's about.

She's less cRaZy than the other dems running. I'd vote for her in a primary so I could watch Trump humiliate her one more time.