Was Franco a converso?

Conversos are jewish or muslim converts to catholicism after the reconquista (catholic cucks allowed them to stay as long as they larped as catho as well)

He backstabbed the falange, hitler, and left the country to the commies, so was Franco a crypto jew?

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here is a picture of einstein, a full blooded jew in comparaison

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franco again (if you didnt know who he was would you tell me he is jewish or not)?

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here he is with ethnic spanish people, he looks nothing like them its not just a case of "spaniards look like semitic mutts"

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he has a very high pitched voice like most jews as well

(some jews have really weirdly deeply pitched voices ex bibi, they never seem to have normal pitch)

so what do you guys think?

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help me bump this thread please, its an intresting subject and it would clear up a lot of things

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>"spaniards look like semitic mutts"
fuck off

I just said they didnt because I know amerimutts who have never seen spanish people before will say that can you even read?

Probably, most latino politicians are crypto-kikes too (Vargas, Fernando Henrique Cardoso,...).

Conversos are jewish converts. Moriscos are Muslim converts. Get it right, bitch.

Your english is shit improve

His second last name, Bahamonde, is converso. But he was a pious Catholic and he always reported the judeomason conspiracy

>Your english is shit improve
its sufficient, my french si good shut up mutt lol

>Conversos are jewish converts. Moriscos are Muslim converts.
I asked spanish people in an other thread if they thought he was a converso, and they responded "wtf he never was muslim" so either spaniards dotn know their own language either I m wrong

>His second last name, Bahamonde, is converso.

well then that settles it he was a catholic jew

You had better not have a Spanish or Catalan surname.

>its sufficient, my french si good shut up mutt lol
Youre heading there

This Wikipedia page may help you btw. If you can read Spanish, is alike to written french.


What the fuck is a full blooded jew? Ashkenazi = 40-50% Central Italian 10% Polish 2% nigger 18% Levantine sandnigger

It's hard to say. His last name is Franco which points to France or Germany.

Y-dna? What is it?

He looks greasy and latin there... like a regular Spaniard or Italian. Gabbagoo tier.
Has a similar look to Charles De Gaulle.

Hard to fucking say. Maybe only through his mom?

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nevermind. They don't look alike. Maybe the nose?

NVM, again. Looks more like De Gaulle here. Also similar to Paul Gigot. Hmmm... what is he?

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>left the country to the commies

What are you talking about?

My girlfriend is literally from Galicia and still reps Falange. Her grandfather was a doctor in franco's party. I'm a Jew. Franco was based as fuck, but still below the Jews. But the Jews recognized him as the only legitimate threat to our legacy. We've been instructed to re-breed with the Spaniards to reincorporate core-european culture. Once the Jews and Spanish unite, Rome and Jerusalem will finally joint in glorious union.

It wasn't his plan you retard. Your fucking CIA killed the last hope we had.

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I never said anything was someone's plan. Don't be such an ass.

What was the "last hope"?

how the fuck did he backstab hitler? the head of the abwher came to spain and said don't join the war, germany is destined to fail and hitler will just use you as a pawn to open up another front.
this was the man that hitler sent to convince spain to join the war before it even started


Says the Catalan. Go back to France faggot traitor. Been dealing with you Anti-Carlists for fucking 200 goddamn years now.

Carrero Blanco, Franco's vice-president. He was even more based than Franco. His plan was to continue the dictatorship and turn Spain into a superpower with nuclear weapons, but your country didn't agree and they sent the CIA to collaborate with a famous basque communist terrorist group (ETA) and they killed him by putting a bomb below his car while Franco was on his deathbed. Then the freemasons dismantled the regime, the democracy came and everything went to the trash.

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I am not catalán, is the flag that I use when browsing Jow Forums out of Spain. I am from Andalucía

How safe is to travel by bus as a tourist there?
I was planning to do cheap vacations to Spain some years into the future, I am used to travel up to 300km weekly.
My idea is to stay at cheap places, visit the nice little towns, and travel cheap b bus or train.

Also, Primo de Rivera era la esperanza.

Nigger what are you fucking talking about?

The PLAN was to reinstate the fucking monarchy you dork wad. Falange was in league with the Carlists from the start, and never REALLY betrayed them. HIS OWN FUCKING DAUGHTER IS LITERALLY MARRIED INTO THE BOURBON DYNASTY AND IS THE HEIR TO THE THRONE OF FRANCE.

Like nigger are you this stupid? Francos plan was to reinstall a Spanish Universal Monarchy over europe you fuck tad. You're a traitor. Typical goddamn communist/socialist/nazi catalans.

Es muy seguro, además está tirado de precio. Si tienes algo más de dinero siempre puedes coger el AVE, aunque también hay una buena red de cercanías, al menos por el sur.

>not using the flag tracing it's origin back to the Spanish monarchy, the rightful god given catholic rulers of your nation

Imagine being this fucking stupid and from Southern Spain and thinking anything you say matters in Spanish history, politics, or culture.

Fucking ignorant. The monarchy was expected to have a structural dictatorship supporting it. Eventually, when the democracy came, the king allied with the military to take the power but he betrayed them in the last moment. What happened is that the regime was destroyed from inside, and the king hadn't the power to do it all by his own. Also the king is a freemason french coward.

Qué te parece este trayecto:
Madrid (vuelos más baratos desde BA), viajar hasta Toledo, desde ahí hasta Almería. Seguir por la costa Andaluza hasta Málaga, subir a Granada, de ahí a Sevilla. Luego bajar a Cadiz y terminar en Huelva.

Nigger shut the fuck up and actually do some research into your own Royal Bloodline. The bourbons have been traitors since they let France run their boots over you. Do you just NOT sit around yearly and remember 1808? Jews literally sit around once per year and remember our tragedies. And we have MULTIPLE days for it. Your culture is shit Spaniard and I'm marrying Galicians, your core people. I'm taking your seed and making it my own. Your people are dead. Spain has the highest rate of accepting Jews outside of Scandinavia and Netherlands, and we both know those countries are only faking they "love" of foreigners. Spain doesn't care. They dont care who lives there. Because dirty scummy southerns like you forget Spain is not for Spanish. Spanish is the bastion of europe. SPain is the bastion of Catholicism. Your shitty pedophile church only exists because you stopped controlled the Papacy and all the goddamn Cardinals are pedophile italians and frenchies. Fix your culture. Franco lost because your PHILOSOPHY WAS INFERIOR TO AMERICAS. Get over it. Fix your culture. Stop complaining that it lost. If it was superior, it would have won.

Hombre, te vas a ver Andalucía más que otra cosa, pero no está mal. Madrid para visitas está bien, para vivir debe ser un horror. Toledo siempre he tenido ganas de ir, creo que es de lo mejor de España. Sevilla es una maravilla de ciudad, Granada también, el resto puede resultarte atractivo, especialmente los pueblos de Huelva son muy bonitos y se come de puta madre.

Esa es la idea, ir un año a Andalucía. Otro a la Valencia y Aragón. Otro al norte.
Mejor disfrutar a fondo y despacio que hacer la típica guía del turista degenerado.

Probably got merked by MI6, CIA, and unified Europe for being a hot head.

Franco may have signed off on it.

King of Spain and the UK are cousins. A guy like that would have been obstacle to the German/French idea of the EU.
What are you rambling about? The pope is a Jesuit from Argentina.

he doesn't look jewish

will translate for you in a tldr
>franco started being a filosefardí
>filosefardism says spain was better off with the (spanish) jews, whose expulsion by the catholic monarchs started the spanish debacle
>when he won the spanish civil war, he started being antisemite
>when hitler lost wwii, he got back to filosefardism
>then in his last speech before he died, he became antisemite again

>Was Franco a converso?

Yes. Franco was a crypto jew like ALL the 'fascist' leaders. And like all the other leaders in Europe and America for that matter. The Ruling families don't appoint people that aren't on board with their script, do they? That would be ridiculous.
(pic of (((Adolf Jobab Hitler))) for comparison)

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>Semitic women
>not hot

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>a Jew crushed the Spanish Recucklicans


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God I hate the French sometimes

What a load of bullshit.
After the inquisition failed to control the Jewish conversos they kicked them out nigger.
I bet you are a foreskin sucking kike, faggot.

>"Hi, I'm Luis Carrero Blanco and welcome to Jackass!"

Honestly not a bad way to go. Fuck the ETA though.

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