How can white women even compete

The real reason why white dudes date asians. Once you hit your 30s this is pretty much the choice you have.

Enjoy your body positivity and your SJW bullshit ladies. I worked too hard to be seen with some seacow. Discuss.

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Im 33 and my aryan girlfriend is 23. Your asian theory has been destroyed.

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more. also white women hit the wall at 25/26 ... enjoy it while it lasts. then get another one.

why is it always the biggest betas that say shit like your last sentence?


I would let Rene fart on my balls.

who said you could speak among men, leaf

Aren't those overqualified chinese girls living in US fucking rich?

Wonder if I can get one of them to be my sugar momma.

Both are degenerate liberals who do drugs

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>Too awkward to attract women his own age
>"Hey little girl, you wanna see a house with an empty bed and all the bills paid for?
Get fucked loser

This girl has contact lenses on to make her eyes look blue

why not both?

or neither?

post bob

>don't like those hips
you might be gay

I've got about 5-10 cute asians I'm going on dates with, I have not me a single white woman because all of the ones my age look like they fell into a bat of fried donuts

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She is a Jew from Russia, retard. She even jokes she forgot Hebraic in a video.

My gf's mom is white, hot as hell and looks 20 years younger than her actual age

My gf looks exactly like her, I'm not worried

date her mom just in case

If i could, I would

My gf is more quiet and tame than her mother, and understands how the world works. I prefer that kind of woman

>posts jungle chink with nigger tier skull shape

That pic is a man

I find these "asian women v white women" threads hilarious. Inevitably they're started by some boob who married a pan face, insecurely trying to convince us he made a right decision. It speaks to their inadequacy, that even after marriage they have to run to their internet club and ask for approval. You never see threads by white men who married a white women begging for approval, we know we made the right decision. Lmao-ing at your life, enjoy never having a beautiful blonde child

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>politically liberal
>politically liberal
They both look brain-damaged to me

Took a whale home once and she did that exact thing. The pressure and warmth on my genitalia along with the rich earthly smell made me cum HARD. She orgasmed as my seed was spent in her and we kissed in our animalistic rut.

Virtually all of human history men have commonly had children with woman much younger than them, often by like a decade.

Imagine actually thinking the slut on the right is a decent woman. She is exactly the type that will divorce rape you the second she can. The other one isn't any better though.

i got a 22 yr old bf im a 33 white female. it seems all the younger guys want me but none my own age its wierd its only white guys that are approaching me

Being thin doesn't make the her a catch. She's a liberal druggie with fake tits. Also Asian-American women are full of themselves and hard to deal with.

>pushing for racemixxing
Kikes, the lot of you, deserve death.

Show tits, faggot.

fuck you and your gooks

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>sometimes does drugs
>politically liberal
>looking for men short term
degenerate whore

what app is that, i just downloaded meet me, badoo and bumble like 2 hours ago all the girls on the first two are complete trash the bumble girls are pretty good though. i already have some fat chick trying to get me to fuck her on badoo shits depressing anons....... im thinking of trying match it seems like one that might have normal girls on it

>obvious low jungle tier asian
We supposed to be impressed bro?

show me your dick first then

>You never see threads by white men who married a white women begging for approval, we know we made the right decision. Lmao-ing at your life, enjoy never having a beautiful blonde child
Fucking burg with the hard-hitting truth bantz. My wife and myself often remind each other how much our children look like us and both sides of our family. Siring a biological child that looks nothing like you is a little odd but whatever.

yeah - the colored contacts, breast implants, shoulders pulled back and behind, 99th percentile jawline... makes you think...

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You know the rules; you said you were a woman, thus show timestamped tits.

Your girlfriend has some great milkers user. Make sure they get put to good use

i got to agree with these two
thats a jungle tier chink, i actually like asian girls but i cant date one i got a duty to my race and that comes first

anyone remember that one thread like a month back where a chick actually did post time stamped knockers that was based

Imagine never getting to say "he has his mother's eyes" or "he has his fathers hair" imagine never getting to wonder if your child will have grey or blue or green or hazel eyes, or if their hair will be black, Auburn, red, brunette, blonde, or platinum. "People of color" my ass. What a boring, colourful existence

I'd take a chubby girl borderline fat over an insectoid anytime.
Consider having to visit china, eat fetuses completely unaware, get your children organs harvested. Get a soulless kid... All of that for a fucking chink? I would never throw away my blond hair for a literal insect.

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What genetics relate to platinum hair genes and blue eyes? Any specific demographic that those originate from the most?

t. 100% N. Euro genes, trying to map out where to find wifey once I'm done with school.

This is sad but fucking true.

why wouldn't you want red hair green eyes
were they white?

I just want to escape this god forsaken shit hole of a country and escape

Whore, show your tits.

I would guess most strongly in the baltics and scandis but it shows up everywhere. For a pop culture reference, look at that brit Gordon Ramsey, a Brit and very light hair. Mostly platinum seems to be a child's trait though, with the hair darkening with puberty.

Post more Rene.
Hips outta control.

small cock, show us your dick

I don't have yellow fever by far, but I will say white women 30 and up are trash. Used up. Either single moms or high body count sluts or both. I will say but Ching Chong bitches at least act much better towards men and in general.

Oh yeah, and from the age of 28 on out white bitches just gain weight.

why don't you just date younger? its pretty common

Fucking based.

>Keeps ignoring rules
>Tries a failed insult
This won't land you any respect by the boss of the internet. You know the rules.

Beautiful kid, user. Raise it well and enjoy your rich, Aryan family life

yup she didnt post her face but she had nice tits and looked like she was probably hot

but its okay for you to have debt and live in a apt right at 30. wtf is wrong with you incels

Because I'm Blonde with Blue Eyes, as has been my lineage thus far. Red hair and green eyes is pretty, but it's just not for this user's posterity :)
interesting. Even so, it's incredible how rare true platinum is. Like a gem among blondes.

is that the strawberry blond one user?


Mine started out husky. She's a little more husky now. Doesn't matter.

Fat bitches cook and take care of kids. Mine is like a linebacker and will put my son on his ass quick.

Waif thin bitches are meme... and usually cunts too.

Good eye user. Photo redeye doesn't have a black border around it.

Thanks, brothers. I love her to death. I cant imagine a more noble calling than being a father.
Dont worry about "pure platinum". Again, it's a desirable trait, but don't purity spiral. Find a good white woman you love, have 7 kids. One or two will look like you, one or two like her, and the rest a blend

I love brown women. Latinas especially

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>smokes marijuana sometimes
>drinks sometimes
>doesn't do drugs
Ooooooh. You're retarded.

He won't. She isn't real.

does anyone fucking know the name of that app in OP?

So you know about the bug people.

Very good Spain. Gold star for you.

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very true user, that's the plan. Just an interesting thought. Have been taking up Norsk at my Uni since the last Spring semester. Hoping to get out and land a job with my comp science degree in Norway since I'll also have the language requirement.
Anyway, that's the end of me for tonight. Goodnight user and everyone else, and good luck!

>"snort and long term dating"
OINK OINK. Spoiler: both are complete shit at the ripe young age of 29

Latinas will be the death of me


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G'night brother. Have a good life don't forget to lift. And only learn Norsk if you're tall. Otherwise theyll laugh at you, I would assume.

there isn't much a guy can do with breast user quit living in a porn fantasy

I would literally fuck the SHIT out of the bitch on the left. Thicc white girls are my bread and butter.

Too bad they all want to fuck niggers. Jesus fucking christ.

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Asian women are the best, fucking hot. I hate fat white women

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Are you kidding, that woman on the right is as much, or bigger of a dumbass SJW thot than the white woman


Yeah the point of OP is when white girls hit 30 they become land whales.

Asians look like shit as they age get ready for your 100yr old shaolin monk looking gf.

Thanks for those words. Blessings upon you and your family, and may you all lead long, rich, fulfilling and powerful lives!

Thanks my low-land brother. I hope to visit your country. To my understanding it is the tallest in Europe, and at 201cm I'd like to feel at home, just once.


>smokes marijuana
>doesn't do drugs

Yep you are definitely a whore, get lost

user you really need to stop posting photos of your children on Jow Forums

That woman is 80% spannish

Based user but get the fuck of the website and provide for her now
Not like we have anything to teach u now


Tinder has been dry for a while now

Not like you can distinguish who she is. Its anonymous
I'm not here for me to be taught but to teach. Shes asleep not like I can read to her

>implying wouldn't slam the slampig

they're both post wall liberal roasties tho

not true

i know many young guys in their early 30s with younger white GFs

just be fit and good looking, and a stable job


Men are more conservative than women.
As women get older they become less liberal and more conservative.
Conservative women have more children than liberal women.
Conservative parents are more likely to bring forth conservative children.

A new dawn of Europe is coming.

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